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Hitchhiker's Guide - The Cast

By newvani
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I had just finished listening to the 5th and Final Hitchhiker's radio series (Mostly Harmless) when I had the whim to draw pretty much every character. So I did.

I musta pologise that some of teh interpretations are based purely on their voices from the radio rather than their descriptions in the books, so many characters look NOTHING like they should. Sigh.

See if you can find (from roughly top down) :
The Great Prophet Zarquon
Agrajag (In Bat Form)
A Krikkit Robot
A Dolphin
Prostetnik Vogon Jeltz
Zarniwoop Vanharn (Who in the radio series is a disguised Vogon. Duh)
Eccentica Gallumbitz (The Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon Six)
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Arthur Dent
Two Lintillas
Frankie + Benjie Mouse
Tricia Macmillan (The alternate Earth American Trillian)
Fenchurch (She SHOULD be taller, but I love this design too much)
Colin, the security Robot
Ford Prefect
Wowbagger the Indefinetly Prolonged (Completely wrong but cool)
The Guide
Gag Hellfrunt
Random Frequent-Flyer Dent
The Guide Mark 2 AKA The Bird
Agrajag (Petunias)
Zem (The mattress)
The Lord
Roostah (Best character, ever)

Phew. Hope that's colourful enough for you.
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omg. cricket. the HORROR.

:D I love this muchly!!!
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Jeepers. This sucker must have kept you busy.