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Farmers in Ladakh

This picture I shot in Likkir/Ladakh - India. This is a typical harvesting scene there. The farmer was actually singing very loud through the whole valley and we came there by following it. He sings for the cattlle which is walking around separating the wheat or barley from the chaff. We sat there and where kindly invited for tea. It was beautiful sitting there just watching and listening.

Behind there is a monastery (called gompa) with a golden Buddha-statue which is approx. 10 meters high where I made this shot little monks in the lama-school (kids learning to be a buddhist monk)
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I must say you sure have done your rounds of india.i have loved some of your work but dont think this is one of your best work.If u say u visited ladakh .there is a lot more that u must have shot.The bare terrain and the land of the monks has a lot more to offer.I suggest you should put up more of ladakh if you have any.Waiting to see..............
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the picture is very good.. I agree on the borders.. especially because they are white which takes attention from the clouds... lovely landscape and cows though.. : )
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this picture looks great... like someone else commented on already, you really should kill those borders, they take you out of the feel of the picture a little...
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I was unsure if I should use those borders ... anyway I took the advice and changed it.
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honestly who really cares about borders, the subject is the focus, as long as they aren't hot pink or something...

I'm really enjoying seeing all these pictures from your trip, it's inspiring enough to get me to make more concrete plans of traveling to that part of the world.