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aSoIaF Cartoonimen- Davos Seaworth

This guy might be as high as my second favorite character in the series. He's like Eddard but a little less dead.
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One of my fave characters as well, along with Bran and Tyrion. Actually, after 4th book, Sansa kinda grew on me, whereas my fave from the beginning, Dany, lost her appeal after the 5th book.
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Yeah, Sansa did get better. What's wrong with Dany though? Everyone seems to hate her and I don't get it.
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Honestly, after the 5th book I started to think that she's not going to Westeros and someone else will probably sit on the Iron throne. I don't know, just my little biased theory of what might happen. But then again, I don't really care for any of the characters, as long as my fave, Bran, survives :)
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I can sort of relate to that. After Eddard you sort of half expect everyone to die and everything to change. Still, it's a Hell of a ride.