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For this year´s christmas, I drew a calendar for my best friend, each month featuring one of our OC pairings.
I´m gonna upload each one of the calendar sheets eventually, no special order ahead!


Yeah...well...this one does not really have any relation to September, I know. The tree leaves could be colorful, but how can we ever know for sure? It´s night! XD

Those two are OCs from a Pokémon rpg I´m writing with my friend. The left one is a humanized Scolipede named Peyote (mine <3) und the right one is called Casper (+Gretchen, his Misdreavus).
Oooh the tension! |D...
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Ich werd gar nicht fragen, wieso das Scolipede humanized ist, das Misdreavus aber nicht xD