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I Never Thought
[An OC/OC kinda short for the rhythm game story I'm working on. Angst ahoy!]
I never thought you were the type of person to sleep on someone's shoulder while riding on the train.
This was how we officially met.
Of course, I had seen you around; we were in a couple of the same classes at the university, but I never imagined this would be how we first interacted.
You were always so energetic and outgoing. Who knew you would fall asleep on my shoulder, of all people?
I should have been annoyed. Upset. Aggravated that I missed my stop because of you.
But all I could wonder about was how much sleep you had gotten the previous night. Did you do sports and just lost all your energy due to playing? Were you eating well enough?
I remember your half-conscious smile as you awoke and realized how you were previously sleeping.
The sound of your voice as you were not even actually as sorry as you tried to tell me you were.
But even with my scowl and short answers, you were willing to talk to me. Get
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Always Smiling For You by newsie-fics Always Smiling For You :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 8 6 Shinju [POP/STARS] by newsie-fics Shinju [POP/STARS] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 2 0 Piece Of Art [shadows] by newsie-fics Piece Of Art [shadows] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 10 0 Piece Of Art [flat] by newsie-fics Piece Of Art [flat] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 7 0 Jouno Saigiku is going to take over my life by newsie-fics Jouno Saigiku is going to take over my life :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 2 0 Havepee Berdai DA by newsie-fics Havepee Berdai DA :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 3 0 Fixer -Real World- [Persona 5] by newsie-fics Fixer -Real World- [Persona 5] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 9 2 Fixer -Metaverse- [Persona 5] by newsie-fics Fixer -Metaverse- [Persona 5] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 9 0 Fixer [Persona 5 Gif] by newsie-fics Fixer [Persona 5 Gif] :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 9 0 How Day 7 in End Roll Was Like For Me by newsie-fics How Day 7 in End Roll Was Like For Me :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 14 2 This Took Pearly 10 Minutes by newsie-fics This Took Pearly 10 Minutes :iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 3 0
Through the Window Pane

~Kunimi Akira X Fem!Reader~
AU where your s/o has gynophobia: the fear of women.
How you ended up with a boyfriend like Akira, you didn't know.
He avoided all contact with women and rarely ever spoke to them.
You were an exception, however. You always were.
Akira was a sweet guy, you could tell that much. You had noticed that he always kept at least a foot's distance from any of the girls in your class and when walking in the halls... And any time he had noticed a girl get within a foot, you'd see all blood drain from his face and he'd hurry to widen that gap.
One afternoon, you were hurrying down the steps to the first floor, late to meet up with your friends after school. In your haste, you tripped over your own feet and would definitely had hurt yourself falling down if a pair of protective arms hadn't slipped around your waist to keep you from falling.
And that's when you smelled it. A soft and pleasant smell. A comforting smell. Was that... Jas
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 26 12

~Unknown X Reader~
Warning: Takes place after one of the bad ends of the Christmas DLC. Contains spoilers for the DLC, as well as his name and allusions to his true identity.
You never expected such a sadistic man to be so gentle with you.
Ever since Unknown kidnapped you, he barely laid a hand on you. And when he did, it was with the utmost care, almost like he felt he'd break you if he were even the slightest bit forceful.
Every day was Christmas to you two.
He showered you with gifts and quietly sang to you, held you close, put ribbons on you...
Maybe he was rewarding you for being so cooperative with him and not telling him a single lie.
You honestly don't know why you had given him all the information he needed to know. You were happy with the RFA. Was it because you had to always be alone at the apartment? Was it because you felt lonely even though you were constantly talking to the members?
You enjoyed going to the event and meeting (almost)
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 40 2

~Edogawa Ranpo X Yosano Akiko~
A/N: I kept looking at gifs of the newest episode of Bungou Stray Dogs, and I thought to myself, "What if we changed this up a bit and omitted some scenes...?" Which led me to wanting to write angst. The following is just a retelling, basically, except for some ending changes. So, spoilers, obviously.
She was the definition of beauty to him. She always stood strong and proud, unwilling to let anything get her down. Not to mention, her smile always seemed to make his heart flutter in ways he never thought was possible.
Edogawa never put together words to explain how he felt; he felt happy enough to simply work at Yosano's side, especially with what was happening right now. They were all too preoccupied with the war that was at hand.
When Edogawa received an invitation from a member of the Guild, he knew he couldn't go alone (despite mentally preparing himself to). 
But his heart rejoiced when Yosano volunteered to
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 10 4

~Sugawara Koushi X Blind!Reader~
That's all you've grown to know for the past couple of years.
Because of an accident you were in a few years prior (that you still remember vividly), you were rendered completely and utterly blind with no chances for recovery.
You had taken it surprisingly well, though, with only a few concerns.
Your boyfriend, on the other hand, was devastated.
When the accident had happened, he had run to your side in the hospital, apologizing over and over about how he should have been there, how he shouldn't have let you go to work as early as you did, how he should have been more selfish in keeping you home that morning, all the likes.
He tore himself up over what had happened to you.
You constantly told him that no one was at fault- especially him, who took no part in the accident whatsoever.
Over the past few fears, he had been extremely diligent in taking care of you and helping you get used to being blind.
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 61 9
Haikyuu Yahaba Shigeru - Handsome by going-my-way Haikyuu Futakuchi Kenji - Just slam it down by going-my-way
Writing List [Updates and Changes Frequently, Progress Included!]
1. Gosh I don't even know anymore I'm so disorganized rn


Momo Older Pinup by sakimichan
Mature content
Momo Older Pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,218 135
P5 Joker Older.alt vr. by sakimichan
Mature content
P5 Joker Older.alt vr. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,703 0
P5 Joker Older by sakimichan P5 Joker Older :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,606 84 Suit Dante by sakimichan Suit Dante :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,506 114 Dabi by sakimichan Dabi :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,736 50 Kirishima older pinup by sakimichan Kirishima older pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,593 151 Todoroki by sakimichan Todoroki :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,259 157 Tomorrow And Tomorrow by yuumei Tomorrow And Tomorrow :iconyuumei:yuumei 6,126 81 DEKU by Koikii DEKU :iconkoikii:Koikii 279 7 [Witch's Heart] - Noel x Claire [ I ] by Prangty [Witch's Heart] - Noel x Claire [ I ] :iconprangty:Prangty 26 1 Onii chan(s) by chinka90 Onii chan(s) :iconchinka90:chinka90 4 1 Night Sky by chinka90 Night Sky :iconchinka90:chinka90 10 1 Hanahaki desease by chinka90 Hanahaki desease :iconchinka90:chinka90 14 1 sacrifices by chinka90 sacrifices :iconchinka90:chinka90 32 0 21.5.18 by MoenoHimeka 21.5.18 :iconmoenohimeka:MoenoHimeka 65 3 Noel {Witch's Heart} by Kamigarin Noel {Witch's Heart} :iconkamigarin:Kamigarin 55 0
Hey look, favorites and whatnot.

:iconaphdenmarkplz: :iconchibiswedenplz: :iconchibifinlandplz: :iconceilingnorwayplz: :iconiceland--plz:
:iconcuteicelandplz: :icondemonhandsplz:


Also! Friendly reminder that I use Twitter more often for updates, so if you want daily updates about my life, mobile game stuff, retweets about anime and P5, and crying about Silabus half the time, follow me and we can be mutuals maybe
Me: Wow Silabus is my favorite character!
Brain: : ) ????
Me: Don't do it
Brain: Do what : ) ????
Me: Don't make a .hack//G.U. OC I swear to god
Brain: But you like Silabus??? : )
Me: How did you make that connection
Hands: Must draw OC !!
Brain: Make OC !! Flick Reaper sound good !!
Me: N O
Brain: I  M A K E : ))))))
Okay so like?? When my sister went to work in Japan for 5 months a couple years ago, she (of course) had some coworkers. There was this one coworker who learned her English mostly from Broadway musicals, and
She sang the intro theme for Mao Mao!
Her name is Kaho Kidoguchi, and I'm just going to promote a thing she did because it's second-hand pride due to the fact she's associated with my sister
So far I spent 10 hours playing .hack//G.U. Rebirth and 9 hours in I maxed out my affection with Silabus
Honestly Silabus is best boy and anyone who tries to argue with me about it is wrong
Everyone else you think is best boy is actually second best boy material in my heart
Fight me, Silabus is the best boy ever and deserves all the top notch tech
Things I'm looking forward to picking up from my sister near the end of the month after I finish my last work day here:
-Fruits Basket themed Japan Crate
-Persona Q 2 Premium Edition (for the Koro-chan plush)
-2 charms, one being of Chrollo because I have a trash quota to fill

And here's what I'm planning on cosplaying:
1. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
2. 9S (NieR:Automata)
3. Shizuku Murasaki (Hunter x Hunter)
-EDIT: I might replace Shizuku with casual Deku because I miss him already omg?? Or I might actually do Scanner Unit Deku, just maybe, it all depends on how everything looks with my red shoes-- since they're casual shoes and not Deku's actual shoes-

I'm also going to bring my Deku (BNHA) wig and backup cosplay just in case.
I also have 2 different cosplays for 9S, and one of them is a fancy as all heckie suit with a bowtie and everything:…

Tickets have already been bought, and if there's someone who's going to NDK as well, keep an eye out for not only me, but KC too, who's going to be the 2B to my 9S!
Not to mention, our coworker friend is also coming with us, and he's going to be Prompto! I'm styling his wig for him, but yeah!

I canNOT forget to bring my HERO hat too! And I swear I will get a picture of every Akechi cosplayer I see because I love and adore a boy

I just needed to get the negativity off my immediate page and put on some update stuff! So there's that.
I want to keep things looking up, and I need to take care of my mental state.

But on another note, Ray Chase and Jerry Jewell are also coming to NDK, which means if I can get a picture with Ray while I'm 9S, that'd be AWESOME. And I need Jerry Jewell to sign my Collector's Edition copy of the final Fruits Basket manga volume because HECK if y'all didn't know Kyo was my favorite Sohma (along with Momiji), then you do now.
It would also be great if more seiyuu came this year. Last year Megumi Han came with Keiko Han and I feel bad because Megumi wasn't REALLY IMPORTANT to me until I started watching Hunter x Hunter in December and then she got cast as Momiji and
I feel death
(If Mariya Ise could be invited, that would be awesome ritgsknj I would LOVE to meet her while I was Killua ;o; )

This was supposed to be a more detailed update, but I started rambling, oops.


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212 / 1,200
So like, I'm trying to get a Premium Membership.
I'm willing to do stuff, yo.

However many points you want to give for one shots, drabbles, drawings...
But more work for a piece means more points.

But please, it would mean so much to me if you guys helped out!
And remember, donations that don't ask for anything in return are welcomed with open arms (though I'll feel kinda bad for not doing anything in return, so I'd do something nice in return anyway).

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Attack On Titan Stamp Request: Bertolt by wow1076 Haha, hi.
(Stamp by :iconwow1076:)

I love music, art, writing, and a variety of other trashy interests, mainly anime.
Also, rugby is awesome.

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I aspire to travel the world and work with sweets!

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Step into my Shipyard. If you don't like some of my glorious ships, that's fine, I'm cool with that. :)
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I don't do the "watch-for-watch" thing, but if I watch you, and you feel obliged to watch me back, I won't stop you. ^^
If I give you a llama, I don't expect one back, but if you give me a llama first, I give you a llama back. :)
And on another note, sorry, I don't do chain letters. :/

In my dA family:
I am :iconawesomeperson26:'s 2nd cousin- twice removed! XD
:iconamberthealchemist:'s sister-in-law two different ways because life is just that awesome
I am :icontricksterkitty:'s ever-so-friendly every day stalker!
(Want to be in my family? Let me know! ^^)

Devil Survivor 2 STAMP by Iwonn Full Moons... by AnimaliaKingdom Stamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxX Samurai Warriors Stamp by Hemuvel Hanbei Takenaka User by BeforeIDecay1996 Nagamasa Azai User by BeforeIDecay1996 Oichi User by BeforeIDecay1996 Kunoichi User by BeforeIDecay1996

Bias List:
(Platonic Biases)
I Love Denmark - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping P3: Akihiko by Leukomenes Haikyuu!! Stamp: [Innocence] V2 by Riazey Stamp Aoyama 2 by MiharuyYoite :thumb684147874: Stamp The Big 3 by MiharuyYoite
(Romantic Biases)
I Love Iceland - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping Strider by SOULlol Armin Arlert Stamp by Kijiree P3: Ken by Leukomenes Stamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxX Kuroko Fan Stamp 2 by eki-kei Kuroko Stamp by Janoneee Stamp: Shun Izuki by SunforJanuary kageyama stamp by Janoneee Todoroki Shouto - Stamp by Replica-sensei 707 II | Mystic Messenger by JustYoungHeroes unknown / saeran choi stamp by goredoq Ballroom e youkoso by clio-mokona

Also I cosplay- one of my preferred cosplays being Akiko Yosano from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Does Jumin Han Is Gay? Stamp by Cat-Memes


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