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Wayward Son

"You made an exception for me."
"You were different."

Edit: I redid the wings a bit giving it more detail. it seemed so messy to me.

Hahahah i cant work on this anymore. ive done all i can. Cas pulling dean out of hell.
Commission for a friend (:
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This is so beautifully done 
amandavaldez's avatar
I've been waiting and looking for someone to draw this from moment the series. This is perfect!!
sevenspirals's avatar
This is gorgeous! Can I ask if the process was livestreamed?
I half remember a stream of this, or at least a similar piece, and I've been looking for it for a while.
So glad I [re?] discovered your gallery either way, your work has such amazing vibrant colours and graceful movement ♥
xXFieryPotatoXx's avatar
Okay that was a mistake i was not meant to make a pun
but holy crap
thats beautiful!!!!!
I'm screaming its amazing
Olooriel's avatar
Beautiful job on the wings!
nerdyhufflepuff's avatar
AHHHH! I didn't know you did SPN art! This is really amazing <3
shortiejonas's avatar
I saw this at anime matsuri and almost cried cause i fell in love with it and didn't have enough money for it ;n; 
Newsha-Ghasemi's avatar
omg thank you so much ;____;
juliamoutinho's avatar
OMG! This is amazing!!
Robo-Sushi's avatar
aww, sucha good piece! Poor deannnn
AngelOfDarkness089's avatar
Wow, absolutely gorgeous work!
ThaOnlyMoonchild's avatar
Wow, stunning! I love them both ^_^
CLMine's avatar
Alex-Ghost's avatar
This is beautiful.
Vexcel's avatar
This is some beautiful artwork!
ScheherazadesHorcrux's avatar
Awesome pic! Love the details. :-)
Comigale's avatar
Holy crap man.
hi. i wanted to ask you if it would be okay to use this picture on my tumblr blog sidebar? I would credit you in description (:
i just love this pic so much <3
Newsha-Ghasemi's avatar
Of course I don't mind at all! I'm so flattered you like it enough to share it ;u;
TheDayDreamDragon's avatar
This is so beautiful, christLove 
Newsha-Ghasemi's avatar
thank you so much! <33
xxkultaxx's avatar
Holy crap you're talented...
Newsha-Ghasemi's avatar
youre too sweet!! ;u;
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