Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan

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"BLAME!" is what the final sentence in Pakistan's first ever joint operation in Afghanistan implies. The Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda are to be blamed for the October attack on the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, which was claimed by a group calling themselves the Islamic Army. But, as America gears up for its second mission in Iraq against Al Qaeda and Taliban, it appears that the Afghan mission may turn out to be a very different story.

Singapore news: Just days before the attack, American soldiers were reportedly denied access to the Indian consulate in Jalalabad because of concerns that the terrorists may use the site to launch attacks against coalition forces. Al Qaeda in Afghanistan has claimed responsibility for the attack. Now, from reports coming out of Pakistan, it appears that the Haqqani network is involved in the training of new recruits. The group has reportedly sent dozens of men to a secret training camp in the country. This comes at a time when there are rumors that American troops have been dispatched to the area to train new recruits for the Taliban terrorist group.

While many Americans serve time in Afghanistan, their home countries are increasingly worried that terrorists sleeper cells could be formed within the borders of Pakistan. The Pakistani government has been struggling with the infiltration of Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters into its borders. Some analysts believe that the porous borders with Afghanistan provide terrorists easy access to the country. Whether or not this is true, it is clear that both sides are concerned about the training camps.

The Pakistani government has made security threats against the Taliban and the United States. However, if the United States and its allies can get inside these camps, can terrorists be trained there too? There is little doubt that the Taliban and the Taliban would fight to the death to defend their turf. If terrorists have a camp inside Pakistan, how would they be able to get weapons to carry out attacks inside the country?

The Afghan conflict is being fought on two fronts. On one front is the Taliban, which wants to take over all of South Asia. On the other side is the United States, which is trying to defeat the Taliban and keep the Afghanistan safe. Recently, an Afghan official has stated that the Taliban may have sleeper cells within Pakistan. This is the latest in a series of frustrating questions and stories about the international efforts to fight the Taliban.

If the United States and its coalition partners cannot win the hearts and minds of the afghan population, will they be successful in Afghanistan? Some say that additional measures are required. Some suggest bringing in more troops, while others are suggesting increased surveillance of the Taliban and Pakistani populations. These measures have not been implemented so far. What will happen in the future is anyone's guess, but we will continue to update you as the situation progresses.

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