Who discover pfizer covid vaccine?

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Now a new study by The Journal of Immunology has found who discover Pfizer's Covid vaccine in the market. The news will be seen by many as an encouraging one, however experts are not so optimistic. This is because they believe the vaccine might have several side effects on children.

This vaccine was first released in South Africa in 1998 and was used to immunize mothers who had babies with chickenpox. A few years later, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found the drug to be effective and approved it for use as an antiviral treatment. It was also found to be safe and healthy and hence was made available to the public. However, some months after it was released, a group called The Association of American Physicians and Deans (AAPSD) petitioned the FDA to ban the vaccine saying there were concerns about its safety and efficiency. They cited reports that the vaccine caused serious skin rashes in some children.

However, the straits times the US FDA has said that the studies conducted by The Association of American Physicians and Deans had found no evidence that the vaccine caused any harm to children. They added that these medicines have been used to treat other diseases and are effective and safe. In fact, they said that the only case where they were concerned was a two-year old boy who had eczema and was vaccinated with the Pfizer antiviral drugs. He developed severe rashes and developed lung infection, but his symptoms subsided within three days and he recovered completely. Since then, Pfizer has consistently maintained that this antiviral drug is safe and effective and no serious side effect has been reported by children who have taken it.

Another problem with the AAPSD's lawsuit is that none of the recalled vaccines were associated with any cases of death or severe illness. So, the question still remains "Who Discovered Pfizer Covid Vaccine?" And the answer could very well be, we don't.

Let's say you have an autistic child, and you suspect that your child may have gotten one of the vaccines called Pneumonia, or some other respiratory infection. You would not immediately take him to see the doctor, and you might even avoid getting your child the vaccines altogether. However, you can find out by who discover who invented Pfizer's antiviral drugs, which is what the CDC found when they looked into the background of one of the scientists who worked on the vaccine. A colleague of Dr. William Cook developed this vaccine, and he worked with Dr. Ted Schettler, who created the Pfizer vaccine. These two men are listed as co-inventors on the patent for the vaccine.

Now, we all know that who discovers something like this is important, especially when it affects our children. Who knew that there were pharmaceutical giants that had the knowledge to come up with a way to save millions of children from common, deadly childhood diseases? Who knew that these companies could get government regulation for their products? Of course, the answer is, they didn't. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will now, and hopefully in the future.

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