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'Star Trek' Poster

A custom poster I created for the STAR TREK (2009) film. Based on an idea I had while rewatching the film recently. Nothing fancy and the poster doubles more as a teaser poster for the film than an actual final one sheet.

Logo has 3 different textures placed on it, a star layer in the background, the Enterprise in the foreground and shadows added by me.
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This is so cool! Simple but striking.

I run a little blog where I post custom soundtrack covers and would love to present this awesome design in form of said album art.

Would you mind if i give it a try? I give you credits and referrers of course!
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Thank you.  Sure, go ahead, just let me know when you're done so I can take a look at it!
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Love it!  Nice job.
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Brilliant redesign. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and your poster makes me even happier with the new series. I'm eager for the next movie.
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Thank you very, very much! I'm glad you liked it. I can't wait for the next one myself. And sitting here now, I just had an idea for a poster in the similar style as this one for the sequel. Hmmm...might have to get on that.

Thanks again!
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Really cool, the official posters should be like this.
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Feels like they just squeezed through the title.
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