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'Back to the Future'

A custom poster done for Back to the Future, Part 1. The tough thing about these films (which are my all time favorite film series ever) is that there's not a lot of good hi-res material to work with. It forces you to create stuff from scratch, which I guess is a good thing.

A very simple design (something I seem to be liking as of late) and also spawning an idea I have for the other two films in the series.

I have also a "clean" version of this poster without the aged paper and smudges that's very vibrant in it's colors. I haven't decided yet if I will upload it or not. I guess if there's a demand for it...
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Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
Amazing, love this series:)
KIRKparrish's avatar
i love the simplicity. awesome
Q-pon's avatar
This is really well made! I'm a big fan of the movies and I really like the old feel to it. I seriously love the simplicity of it :]
Very nice work!
csuhsux's avatar
saw this cool Back to The Future DeLorean themed public art for an 80s video game arcade yesterday…
NewRandombell's avatar
Thanks for the nice words, my friend. I loved these movies since the first time I saw them as a kid, they're amazing. Keep an eye out because I'm planning on doing the next two in a matching style. :-)
Q-pon's avatar
Definitely! Keep up the good work!

By the way, what program do you use to make your posters??
NewRandombell's avatar
Thanks again! I actually use Photoshop for all my posters these days. When I started out though, I was using Paint Shop Pro but made the transition over a few years back.
GeekTruth64's avatar
One of my fav movies and this is a great poster.
I'm so glad they haven't mentioned a remake.
NewRandombell's avatar
I agree. I think a remake to Back to the Future would get the same response as a remake to the original Star Wars films. There would be many a protesting.
GeekTruth64's avatar
I wouldn't mind them giving a sequel a shot. They've also got that video game coming out. Back to the Future's still alive and kickn'.
fauxster's avatar
Thanks, mighty awesome poster! And a special thanks to filling in for the person who was originally supposed to do this. Merry Christmas to me!
agustin09's avatar
I love all your work!! =D
agustin09's avatar
you're welcome :)
Levtones's avatar
No, dude, stick with the old look. It seems appropriate as it is an old film now. :D

Fantastic work, mate. I absolutely adore it.
NewRandombell's avatar
It's crazy to think how old the film actual is, isn't it? Man, I feel old. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the poster!
NewRandombell's avatar
:bow: I thank you sir, as always.
LordIlpilazzo's avatar
My pleasure - thank you :)
Woody-Lindsey-Film's avatar
Thanks for helping out with the Santa's Poster Exchange. I believe this is the gift? right? Um if so.. please send to email so we can attach to the collab... and to the member :iconfauxster: .. Thanks so much my brother
NewRandombell's avatar
Yes it is. I'm sorry, I hadn't gotten around to email it out but have as of the writing of this message. I'll be sure to let Fauxster know I accomplished the poster! Never a problem, I enjoy helping when I'm needed. :)
nuke-vizard's avatar
Lack of hi-res pictures haunts most of my poster efforts as well. It's tough loving older movies.
Back to the Future is on of the best.
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