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Draft #1: Fluttershy is a Tree (2017 Do-Over)

Fluttershy dance : Okay, my little friends, are you ready to play "Tree"?

(All the animals squeal with delight)

Fluttershy dance : (giggles) I know how much you love playing it! Okay, let's see how long "Fluttertree" can stay still until my hooves get tired!

Fluttershy is a tree. Okay, she's pretending to be a tree.

All her beloved animals like playing "Tree", in which Flutters sits down holding up tree branches and holds still, like a tree, and the critters nest in her mane or nap at the base. They guess how long Fluttershy stays still until her hooves give out and droop down. At that time her wings stretch out and take over. And once they droop down as well, "Tree" is over.

This is an ink drawing from 2016 that I attempted to live-trace and color in Adobe Flash, but the results were horrendous. So I pulled up the original scanned TIFF drawing and used Photoshop instead to color it. So far this result is much quicker and better.
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