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I don't update this nearly as regularly as I should, but I started the new chapter of my web comic. the first two sections are out now. Check it out here… and here is the chapter 2 link… I've gotten a lot of positive reactions so far, and the new chapter is off to a great start.
  • Listening to: MSTRKRFT
  • Reading: Alias (just finished)
  • Watching: Lost
  • Drinking: water
I've finished Chapter 1 of my web series Northpark Underground. Check out the whole thing from beginning to end over here:… I'm going to be taking a break for a little while now, before starting it back up again.
  • Listening to: Miniature Tigers
  • Drinking: water
New sections of Northpark Underground are up. Sections 1.7 and 1.8 Check those out…
  • Listening to: Boys Noize
  • Watching: Comedians of Comedy
  • Playing: Braid
The new section (1.6) of Northpark Underground is out now.Check it out here… or check it out from the begining here…. This section was a lot of fun. It's four pages this time, and it's a lot different than the last few sections, so enjoy.
  • Listening to: ifanboy podcast
  • Reading: 1984
  • Watching: True Blood
  • Playing: Eduardo The Samuri Toaster
  • Drinking: Water
This is pretty late as usual, but Section 1.5 of Northpark Underground is up. You can check it out here:…
  • Listening to: Les Petits Pilous
  • Reading: I Love You Beth Cooper
  • Watching: The Inbetweeners
  • Playing: Halo 3
  • Drinking: Water
I was trying to update this everytime a new section came out. But I haven't really been doing that. Just a reminder. I put out two new sections of my web comic. Check it out here:
  • Listening to: Simian Mobile Disco
  • Reading: Pygmy
  • Watching: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Playing: Castle Crashers
  • Drinking: Water
Second section of Northpark Underground is up now. Check it out… also remember, to check the blog for all the updates about the comic, and the happenings around the Neworld U. Next section is up May 11th.
  • Listening to: TRVS DJAM
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Party Down
  • Playing: Blue Dragon
  • Drinking: Water
Section 1.1 of my new web series is up. It's called Northpark Underground, and it's a bi-weekly series. Check it out over here:…
  • Listening to: MSTRKRFT
  • Reading: Harry Potter
So in case you haven't seen yet. I'm in the Zuda competetion for this month, and I really need your votes. My comic is called Maladroits. Go check it out if you get a chance And Please give it a vote if you like it. The comic is not doing so well at the moment.
  • Listening to: Tobacco
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Psych
  • Playing: Super Mario Sunshine
  • Drinking: Water
So I don't usually use this thing, but I thought I'd post that a sneak peak of my new comic SAM is going to be appearing daily at my blog Basically I post a new page every day for seven days, and it tells a short story. Plus every day I give a little DVDesque commentary on the pages. Page 1 went up today. Go check it out it's going to be cool. For a cool teaser image of the series check out my featured Deviation on my page.

I've been working on this thing for a couple days now. I want to keep working on it for a long time. I've got a lot of art work up on their that i haven't put up on here. I try to update it almost every day.