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Caution! Supply boxes! 
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Every one talks about "hot" videogame girls, but no one mentions her or Bayonetta, which I think are the best.

MGS V looks realistic enough that I don't have to feel too weird about that.
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Well she's just straight up modeled off of a real life actress/model so
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the box, perhaps the most dangerous weapon in Snake/Bog Boss/Venom Snake's Aresenal, beware the box!
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Happy to see i'm not the only one that fights her this way!
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:iconquietmgsplz::iconthoughtbubbleplz: OW....! That was dirty....
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Turns out you can't do this when you fight here in the [EXTREME] version of the mission.
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Haven't tried it on that version but I had a feeling. Serves us right.
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Yeah she doesn't stay in the same place long enough for the supply drop to get to her. She jumps out of the way just as it drops off. Also she has a one hit kill on you.
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I figured as much too. been on the receiving end of that so many times it ain't funny.
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Just wait till you get to [EXTREME] Sahelanthropus. I'm having tons of "fun" on this one.
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Awesome work! Really Really awesome! Fighting with Her is the best boss battle I ever saw in video games. Fantastic battle!
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This is the most lively version of this character I've seen until now. Genreally she's always depicting in a calm stance. I find her far more appealling in an action shot like. Good job!
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Nice light and composition.
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Great job. Really lovely :)
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Wonderful work !!
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wow this is very cool!
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I love the idea of this piece! And the execution is sweet! Awesome Victory!!
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yep, dropping supply boxes on her head gives you S-RANK!!!!!
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