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I draw stuff for fandoms whenever I have free time. I mostly use pencils and colored pencils. The ones with the CP always come out the crappiest.

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I hate to bring everyone down like this but it's really necessary.
My beautiful friend Otencia lost her friend. I don't know if she's gone yet, but it's really taking it's toll on my friend. I didn't know her personally, but my friend was very fond of her. She sounds amazing. Yes, I understand death is part of the human cycle but this isn't fair. She never got the chance to do a lot of things, even if the world still spins, her mind won't run.
 She's a human life, she has a soul, she's got a heart, and she's losing it all because of some...thing. It's not fair, and I'm sitting here with no idea what to say to my friend but to be there for her when it happens, and I'm afraid. Very afraid. But this isn't about me.
 I can only imagine what my friend is going through because of this and, therefore, I pay my respects to whoever this girl is. She will always be with us and that is all that we, I, need to know.
:iconmakdragon8:Makdragon8 1 4
Technically Not Tagged x'D
Stolen from :iconJmredone:
1. Favorite movies?
Uhm...a couple. Not any in particular, although some I do like and have watched fairly recently are Dear John, This Means War and It's Kind of a Funny Story. (hopeless romantic x'D) 
2. Favorite anime?
I really can't choose just one. I love Death Note, and Fruits Basket, and Shingeki no Kyojin, and Fairy Tale, and Gunslinger Girl...etc.
3. Favorite memory of me?
Hmm...not sure. I guess when you kind of accepted me because I was me rather than just liking me for the person I seemed to be.
4. Have any pets?
Four x'D
5. Read anything good lately?
Divergent. Lots of Divergent. I'm already on Allegiant...halfwaythroughAllegiant,thatis.
6. Do you watch football (say no)?
Gods, no.
7. First game?
What do you mean? Sport or video game? Video game it is.
C.o.D. Definitely C.o.D.
8. Favorite place on Earth?
Vancouver island, B.C
9. Song that reminds you of a great time?
Most of the
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 15
Four (Tobias) Divergent by OtiXenos Four (Tobias) Divergent :iconotixenos:OtiXenos 3 23 Tris (Beatrice) Divergent by OtiXenos Tris (Beatrice) Divergent :iconotixenos:OtiXenos 3 7 A Hopeless Romantic... by LivingAliveCreator A Hopeless Romantic... :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 1,213 236 Let it Go by AlexMCopeman Let it Go :iconalexmcopeman:AlexMCopeman 95 16
Retrying (short story assignment for school)
Marching off to battle, prepared to fight anything threatening that may come our way. At least that’s what I thought. Although, I hadn’t been expecting what had come.
Dragons. Large, frightening creatures with evil glowing eyes and huge wings; strong scales of the night and jagged teeth-filled-mouths that released huge threatening plumes of fire. They flew in with their army’s legionnaires and strongest warriors flying on saddles upon the evil creature’s backs. Below the flying lizards were men on horse-back. Wait, no, not horse-back: They were riding on the backs of demonic unicorns.
Nightmares. Flaming horse-looking things with spiraling horns of obsidian atop their skulls; their empty rib cage was clearly visible through their ghost-fire breath; their thick black skin sagged along their necks and tightened as it trailed down their sleek bodies; absolutely terrifying as they raised over the crest of the hill, thunder clapping in syn
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 2
The Unwanted Hero - Chapter 1 Part 2
Something was burning and it wasn’t something that had been cooking. I coughed and jumped to my feet, heading towards my bedroom door. I flung it open and ran down the carpeted staircase. I arrived downstairs to find my mom and my little brother set aflame by some green fire.
   I forced a blanket on each of them, attempting to smother the fire but it wasn’t working. In a last struggle I searched for water and splashed it on them. That only seemed to make the fire worse. The mysterious flame still licked the life out of their skin.
   I watched in sheer horror as my mom disappeared into the flame, her last expression a contorted screech of pain. I looked around to find my little brother, but he was gone too. I knelt there, next to where they had been, and wept. Gone…just like that?
   It was that face in the darkness, I told myself in my head. It was still your fault though, somewhere near the back of my mind that thought r
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 14
I'm Shaking 0-0
I started watching Supernatural and...woaw. I just-ggggggg My hands are literally shaking and I can't stop sketching creepy creatures. This show is like a very VERY strong drug. I'm not even kidding. I've only watched two episodes. I would say help but I love it too much for it to be taken away. Welp.
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 97
Angry Squid by Neglanash Angry Squid :iconneglanash:Neglanash 5 14
Took Me A Couple Years to Realize This...
Y'know what? I am a warrior. I am a hero. For a true warrior fights for what they believe in without questioning it. And a true hero shows their emotion when they come to face it. And, yeah, I'm pretty rough around the edges. But that only means I'm more unique and fresh than I am fake and polished. I know some people think I haven't been trying, but I have. I've been trying my best. But trying doesn't mean it'll all be fine right away, and I've come to realize that. It takes time and effort and right now I'm in one of those spots that is deeper and murkier but I'm still gonna power through it. So don't you dare tell me I'm not trying. Don't you dare try and say that my best isn't good enough. Don't you dare tell me I'm not worth it. Because, that's your opinion. And, honestly, if you've got nothing good to say, say it to yourself and see how it affects you before you say it anywhere else.
 Warriors and heroes don't face things alone. They face things with their pas
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 2 14
Unexpected Happenings, a Supernatural Ficlet
Dean stared at Kevin’s dead body. He just couldn’t believe it.
Dean had been going with his instincts when he decided to keep Kevin the dark, but he thought he was protecting him. “I wasn’t,” he admitted to himself as he walked over to the body. “I’m sorry, man.”
Dean bowed his head and prayed to the angel he trusted most, Castiel.
Castiel appeared. “Dean,” he said. He then stared at Kevin’s body. “Did the angel do that?”
“Yes,” Dean said. “He took the tablets with him.”
Castile saw the small piece of paper with Kevin’s name on it. He recognized the handwriting immediately. “Metatron,” he said.
“What?” Dean said and then figured out what his angel friend was saying. “Metatron told this angel to kill Kevin? Why?”
Castiel looked up at Dean. “So we don’t have a prophet,” Castiel replied.
“But we do have the next best thing,
:iconjl-miller:JL-Miller 8 9
The Truth of the Matter, a Supernatural Ficlet
Ezekiel watched Dean very closely through Sam’s eyes. He knew Dean was starting to exhibit guilt for not telling his brother what was going on with him, and he already had to stop Dean once from trying to tell Sam what was going on. He knew that would probably happen more than once about the simple truth of the matter. That an angel was using him as a vessel, but he was healing Sam.
It was a slow process. A very slow process, but it couldn’t be helped. Dean had wanted him to heal Charlie and using his other powers those other times hadn’t helped either.
Ezekiel was worried because Sam was already showing signs of breaking down. Of coming apart, but he was doing his very best in order to heal him.
Ezekiel knew Dean couldn’t ever tell Sam until he was done healing him. He really didn’t think it was going to be that much longer.
Ezekiel just really hoped that it was just long enough for what is to be done gets to be done just in time-just in time before Sam r
:iconjl-miller:JL-Miller 4 3
Untitled Sadness
They were smiling together, just walking casually. It was a normal day, but different. Something about the air seemed sweeter, more pleasant. It was nice. She enjoyed it, he seemed to enjoy it too. He was a little older than she was, but they were good friends. They both had a crush on each other; neither of them would admit it, though. A little cliché, obviously, what in the world wasn’t?
  His name was Alex. Her name was Nash. Yup, just two perfectly normal friends walking along the sidewalk together after curfew. They went to the same college; even though he was older than she was they had the same classes. The college was art centered so they took special drawing classes along with special literature classes. They loved it.
  “Hey, Nash,” Alex turned to her after chuckling a bit after her last ridiculously funny joke.
 She lifted her head and turned towards him as well. “Yeah?” she tilted her head slightly, her eyelids flicking to
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 2 6
Kadapotriach Human Version by Neglanash Kadapotriach Human Version :iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 2 Official Kadapotriach Drawing by Neglanash Official Kadapotriach Drawing :iconneglanash:Neglanash 3 16
Yeah. I like a lot of stuff.


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I should probably explain the hiatus, sorry.  sometime in December, I kinda cracked under pressure and had a little bit of a meltdown about high school and all of the work I was getting.  My mom, who was pissed at how late I was staying up and that I was leaving all of my work to the night before it was due, installed some kind of software that blocked any recreational sites, like the iPrism at my school.  Over winter break, the work didn't let up, but I went to France to see my sister (I'll post photos at some point).  Now, I'm on spring break and my grades are at an all time high, so my mom finally agreed to uninstall the software.  I'm currently in the process of readjusting to having the full internet at my disposal, but I'm sure I'll be on my tumblr in no time.   Over the past four months, I've had a lot of time to work on art projects and change up my style, so I'll post those soon.  So for now, I'm gonna go clean out the thousands of notifications in my inbox, reply to all those messages (I'm really sorry) and enjoy my break (as much as I can, at least, with no bread) :D
Talk to you guys soon!


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Here you will find: lots of traditional/fanart, sketches, sarcasm, emoticons and crying.

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