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February 28, 2007
In honor of his welcome return to the dA legend, please give a round of applause to :shakefish: by `newklear. Also because if you don't, he'll probably slap you with that thing.
Featured by livius
Suggested by zacthetoad
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... For fun. Just messing around with stupid things for Shakey™ to shake... and a fish was one of them. Uploaded for *camelhijackation to abuse in chatrooms :P

Enjoy it :)

EDIT: Made proper deviation because I felt like it.
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Ankaa-Phoenicis's avatar
I'm in ur fish! Shakin mah post!

Slapperfish's avatar
I approve. >^)))>{

CheroshSeiphar's avatar
I'm in ur post, shaking mah fish!
catluvr2's avatar
Congratulations, you've been featured in this week's edition of Emotional Emoticons! :shakefish:
nihil-yaotl's avatar
Holy shit this is awesome.
I mean... It's a bloody fish! He's waving a bloody fish!
Pixel-777's avatar
When in doubt, shake a fish.:shakefish:
Fishplz's avatar
Why do you abuse my kindred so?!
mbissant's avatar
This is one of my favs :shakefish:
StraightJacketRed's avatar
Eh ha ha ha ha! though you might want to shrink the size of the blank space around it, it makes my comments bigger then the Titanic!
newklear's avatar
I did, $lolly opted to keep the whitespace.
mcculs's avatar
:worship: Worship the fish!
369Arashi963's avatar
CrazyDelmar's avatar
Reminds me of a Monty Python sketch
Up----and----down's avatar
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