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I have a resounding fetish for interesting vanity basin design.
It's 3:44am on a Wednesday, I'm wide awake, and for some reason visiting a website that I've all but abandoned. AMA.
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I guess I can start to call myself an "award-winning photographer" now that I've won 3 in the last month.
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Back and Forth

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I don't mind where we're going, just not back and forth... Long time no, er... whatever this is. I've reached the point where DeviantART enters my mind maybe once in a blue moon, but even then that's probably generous. I honestly don't get time to think about it. But that's to be expected, being that I'm in my thirties and have a career now. Some bits have happened in the intervening years: I started taking my photography properly seriously again. I started taking my photography so seriously that I literally moved to the opposite end of the country to pursue it. I started to get some notoriety locally for my photography. I started selli
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Oi mate, just sending a message from a time long past to say hello. Hope everything is going well for you. It's a long time ago but in case I don't get another chance to say so I still remember all the grouse times shared in the shoutbox in my youth. Some of those were defining moments in my life and it was a pleasure to have shared them with you. Thanks for the memories!

G'day Jules! Long time brother. And clearly like 5 months behind the 8-ball, but eh. Where are you hanging out these days?

I'm back in Sydney again for now just chilling in the suburbs busy working and doing all that fun adult style stuff. How about yourself?

Just came back to this site momentarily for some nostalgia and to visit some familiar faces from back in the day and say hi for old times sake and to see how everyone is going. Many fond memories from back in the shoutbox days and so many things have changed since then, but I'll always have fond memories of talking shit with you in the shoutbox and sharing music and talking about graff. Good times!

Sounds like fun! I moved to Hobart nearly 3 years ago, so life is a very different thing to what it was in Brisbane. Adulthood is a fucking weird thing hey? Being in your thirties is like… pls no. You on any socials or anything mate?

Those were certainly formative years! Good times, definitely good memories :)

Thank you for the favorite!