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Pibby x Ashley, Prom Night

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Hey guys here’s a new Pibby and Ashley. This story is about Ashley’s school having a homecoming prom, so she decided to ask Pibby on a date.

The first page, Pibby and Ashley in their prom clothes Pibby is in a tuxedo and Ashley’s a pink prom dress. “Hey, Pibby. Thanks for accompanying me on the prom. I hope this isn’t too much.” Ashley said for her opinion. Pibby blushed as her mind was lost in her beauty in her as her nose bleeds a little. ‘ohmygodsheissobeautifulinthatdressquickpibbysaysomethingfastorashleynotices!’ After Pibby gained back control of her mind she responded. “You look perfect.” She said making a wide smiled, holding her thumb up. “Oh, thank you, hun. You look great as well.” Said Ashley, warming Pibby’s heart calling her hun and complementing on her suit.

The second page, the slowly danced each other, not keeping her eyes off of one another. “Pibby?” “Yeah?” “We’ve only known each other for half a year, but…” Ashley stopped for a moment worried of what her friend will say. “Do you think we can make it work?” Pibby was confused of what she meant. “Make it work?” “I mean can we be a permanent couple? My mom and dad broke up long before I got into high school. I just don’t what I’ll do if you leave me… it’s just that make you me so happy and I really hope that we don’t break up.” Ashley looked down with a small tear with a eye. Pibby lifted her friends head back up to look at her with a warm smile. “Ashley. You have nothing to worry about. I’ll never leave you.” Pibby said as she wiped a tear from her eye, making Ashley smile. Pibby and Ashley  gave each a kiss, holding each other tightly as they danced the night away.

Hey guys, hope you guys enjoyed my story illustration. One more thing the first chapter of Betrayal is coming tomorrow, see you then.
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