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Spartan rendered in Vue.

Background etc.. made in Photoshop.


Magnum by Chief_01


Thanks to 'JakeGreen' for the Spartan III model.


The original models / textures belong to Bungie, Microsoft Games Studio and 343 Industries.
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reminds me of the black ops game cover
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Freaking. Epic.

As if you had to ask if I'd Fav this...
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Could you make it without the text?
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despite the guns looking a bit huge, even in the hands of a spartan, i am really blown away by this one.
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Lol, the guns are huge because the model was scaled differently and I had to guess how much to shrink them by. I ended up making them probably too big because I was thinking of the Halo 1 pistol and how oversized it was.
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So I guess this is from "Halo .5"
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"Welcome to reach"
And it fits it too.....
It seem's until the title update I will be playing Black-ops more than reach
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You and me, well if I still had my friend's copy of Black Ops :P
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Awwwwwww.....Still....Should send me a pm with your gamer-tag....So if you ever get it back :P
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I would except for the fact I am rather introverted on the Xbox and only play by myself. :P
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Awesome. Spartan Ops heheh! xP
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That's what I should have named it! Halo: Black Ops felt too obvious. :P
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I love those sort of doomsday hues in this one.
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ooo purdy, even though I'm not a huge fan of halo anymore, your artwork is still amazing : )
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Cheers. Personally I haven't been much of a fan of playing Reach since I started playing Black Ops, it just doesn't feel as fun anymore.
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I don't play black ops, my xbox just broke then i couldn't play, it's been 5 months or so since i last played xbox or any form of halo :P
newguy2445's avatar
Damn that sucks. My xbox works, but I pretty much have nothing good to play on it. XD
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i've got pretty much nothing but pokemon on emulators for this lol, a few steam games, but it could be worse,
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