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Halo Reach Wallpaper Kat

By newguy2445
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Features Kat from Halo Reach
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Rip Kat
I love the rain look!! And her pose is amazing!!
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I love this, it looks so amazing!
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UnicornPikachu83's avatar
omg its so beautiful it hurts just...yes! 0.0 !!!!!! <3
Soundwave-Loves-Star's avatar
Such a good character...
HaloArt117's avatar
Ah.....such fond memories of Kat, her coolness, her slickness, her poor-ass driving, her hit-and-run betrayals on me (noble six).
st3amgoat's avatar
When Kat died, I literally paused and just had my hands raised in the air for at least five minutes wondering what the fuck just happened before crying my ass off for the next half hour.
geN8bigfan's avatar
I miss Kat... She died when some grunt shooted her on the head :iconsadplz: I DONT LIKE THE END TO!!! SERVIVE,LIVE,SPARTANS NEVER DIE. TT___TT
HaloArt117's avatar
First thing that popped in my head......................her driving, lol.
Maddyrox14's avatar
This is awsome!!
I love kat she is awsome. I like her espessially cuz when I played reach i felt like me and her were close cuz we were the only girls on the team. When that grunt killed her i literally raged XD
Anyway awsome job ^^
raventwilight14's avatar
cried when she died.. lol
Da3DMan's avatar
sucked at driving........
Sniper0092's avatar
Nice.I have a new drawing! Come see.
GuardianElementWolf's avatar
Kat!! :XD: This sweet! She is one of my favorite characters!!
Kreysherd's avatar
Kat's death is something that surprised the hell out of me and my friend while playing the game. We're nerds like that. But him and I was like, "Ohhhhhhh..." And she was our favourite character D<
chaos-sandwhich's avatar
it was sad, especially the emotional reaction carter has, but i like that i didn't see it coming
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JaneinHell's avatar
I wish it was also in 1280x800. I absolutely love it.
newguy2445's avatar
Well it's 1280x1024 if you downloaded it, so it should fit a 1280x800 desktop right? It'll just be cropped.

Here you go, a 1280x800 version. [link]

JaneinHell's avatar
It looked amazing even in 1280x1024, but thank you very much for a smaller version! :)
Calleahan's avatar
"Wait, what´s that light...OH SHIT!!!" headshot... :headache:
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And this happens in New Alexandria
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