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HALO FAITH Poster Entry

By newguy2445
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Chances are you haven't heard of HALO: FAITH so I'll fill you in. Supposedly it's an in-development fan-made short film set in the HALO universe. There isn't too much information on it that has been released yet, but there is a facebook page with some details. [link]

Currently they're running a contest to create a poster for the movie. I figured, what the hell I may as well have a shot. Yes, I ended up using the background from my previous wallpaper, but I did that because I felt the background suited this piece as well.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the piece.
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i think the Movie comes out Novamber 20 ( i think) but the poster looks so cool
phantom116's avatar
you're the best, man
phantom116's avatar
WHAT?, OTHER FILM? definitelly i'll see it
Insert42's avatar
Spartans... The finest warriors in all of Greece.

I can totally hear that being said with this poster.
OrangeClover's avatar
WOOT! Can not freakin wait for this man.
newguy2445's avatar
Yeah me too. I've been talking to the project lead via email a bit and it sounds pretty epic.
TW-Inkognito's avatar
Your's is easily the best.
newguy2445's avatar
It'll be interesting to see the top 20 though, I doubt everybody who has entered has publicly posted it on their wall.
TW-Inkognito's avatar
Well I was talking about those that I saw in the gallery. I don't know if there are more, so my statement was based off of the information available to me. ^.^

The top 20 are always fun to look at :)
2900d4u's avatar
I like! Would look awesome with ODSTs as well :)
newguy2445's avatar
You're right it would, perhaps I should do an H3:ODST version in a similar style. Thanks. :)
bobdd0's avatar
... :|

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Skyward-Dreamer's avatar
Looking good. It has a certain sense of doom about it, probably because the Spartans aren't big and shiny with golden visors for once. They look a bit more human this way.
newguy2445's avatar
Well it does have the old GoW desaturated look to it :P Originally it was gonna have vivid colour, but it was too hard to match up the colour differences between the three renders. Thanks.
Skyward-Dreamer's avatar
Oh, I see. I think this is better though. People always complained about Halo 3 being too cheerful and colourful. I suspect you'd want a certain feelng of doom for this poster anyway.
Kaito07's avatar
Awesome. Hope it's legit, and if it is, and most likely it will be, I hope they have the ways to making it.
newguy2445's avatar
I was skeptical at first but I've contacted the project lead a few times over email and it seems very legit.
Kaito07's avatar
Well, here we are hoping for a great outcome! :]
Ferd1nand's avatar
Looks awesome.. Though, I would have maybe put the "Halo: FAITH" logo a little bit higher.. But thats just me! But yeah good work
newguy2445's avatar
I should probably have another go, but earlier when I put it higher it didn't contrast as well. But then again I could probably increase the explosion on the bg so that it'll still contrast at a higher level in the image. Might do that later. Thanks.
Quarion-Design's avatar
I feel like its missing something..I dunno what, it feels kinda empty though..hmmmmmm
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