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Elites' splatter spree

By newguy2445
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The Warthog drives a lil differently now; but I'm getting the hang of splattering distracted soldiers. =D
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Looks like what my Elite would do :)
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Sweet picture, love the blurring.
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XD this looks like a real picture because of the blur effect and only one area in focus. Awesome.

Lucky you. I haven't gotten the hang of the new one yet.
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:) Thanks! Yeah I needed to spice it up so I figured I may as well add in some more realistic effects.

I haven't fully actually :P I kept flipping over, partly because the camera is further back now? Not sure. Good luck! :P
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Sweet, wel it turned out well. XD

Lol, I wasn't ever very good with driving vehicles to begin with. ^^;
So, not much hope there.
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:( That's no good. In H3 I loved being the driver, especially in rocket race, ah yes, if I make that montage I'm gonna have to include the most awesome mongoose landing ever.

It's rocket race and I'm playing with 5 other friends of mine. I'm with my mate Jono. Anyway these two other guys are racing towards the final goal (we're playing on Valhalla). The goal is in that small mountain canyon? section, the bit on the left when heading to the beach side of the map. Anyway me and Jono are all of the way back at the waterfall base, I'm racing our Mongoose up towards the middle elevated section deciding the only chance we have is to blast ourselves across the map. So as we fit the tip of the middle hill I tell Jono to fire at the ground. He fires. We start flipping through the air, heading towards the goal, we make it over, hit the rock wall and bounce down to land in the goal zone. =D We had made it!

I can't remember if we managed to win though XD

Good memories from driving :3
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OMG. Wow, ha! I can't believe you made that jump!
Great timing too, cuz if your partner had shot too late or too early it would have been a different story.

You should definitely make that video. XD

My brother is the driver. I'm just the gunner, lol. I can't seem to get the hang of the breaks and what not.
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Yeah ^^

I suck at gunning :\ I really can't aim when I'm manning the turret for some reason. :S
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Hahaha, don't think I'm an excellent gunner either. XD
I just happen to be my brother's partner most of the time so I have to gun. ^_^
On, good days though we own, on other days we just blow up because I fail at protecting us, lmao.
Actually I'm only really good when we make quick trips (like when we're playing CTF).
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XD Okay, I would have thought your brother would prefer to gun?
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Win, I love the motion.
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I love the colours and motion! That looks like it hurts a lot :P

I also love how elites man the turret :D
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Yeah it's pretty crazy with them hunched over it XD
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awesome motion.
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Love the motion through this. Haha, I'm even worse at driving this hog, but I'm a lot better with these ghosts. It's hit and miss with things now. (I hate that the scorpion kills the wraith in one shot though, at least when I'm the one in the wraith) But I love riding in the back of one and shooting things up.
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I haven't really gotten used to any of the other vehicles, the thing I don't like about the Ghost is how little the controller vibrates when you boost :P I used to love boosting because of the vibration, ah well XD

one-shot, wow that's a bit over-powered :\
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Vibration is the best! ... That doesn't sound right... haha.

But yeah, that is definitely overpowered.
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lmao, yes, as soon as I read "Vibration is the best!" I was thinking "wtf did my last message say?" XD

Well hopefully things will be perfected when the final game is released :)
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xDDD I'm bad at that.

And yeah, I hope so too. They seem to be really listening to feedback, and that's a good start.
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