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SDO I - T.C. Chapter 8: Coordination Cup Part 1

Soul Digitalization Online 1 - Team Championship
Chapter 8: Coordination Cup Part 1.
October 24th. The day finally came. The Team Coordination Cup will be starting today. LLENN and I used these few days to grind our levels, and now I'm LV 33 and she's LV 31. Most of our skills are already at proficiency 3, except for the newest one we got, that are at proficiency 2.
"I'm a bit nervous." I said.
"It will be fine! I know we can do it!" LLENN said while smiling. She really believes in our teamwork. Of course I believe in it as well. But the anticipation always makes me feel uneasy... In the real world is the same, I'm always ready for exams and stuff, but always when the day comes, I start feeling nervous all of a sudden. I think it's a bad habit of mine...
We stepped on the event room. I'm still wearing outfit similar to LLENN's, as the rules stated. We saw then some other players. I guess these will be our opponents in this...
"Hey Alex!
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L137: Izune [Kina]
Drunken Tiger
It was half past two in the morning, though it felt more like half past three.  It’d been a long night for the three men sitting around in Sasha’s bedroom.  Sasha, of course, was present and sitting on the bed as Gideon sat in the chair he’d pulled over.  The third member of their trio - an unlikely one for them all things considered - was Izune, seated on the floor and much more drunk than either of the other men.
He’d just wanted to settle in for a quiet night away from responsibility for a while, but when Sasha had found the lock picked and cautiously opened his door to find Izune pawing along his shelf he knew his chances of such a thing were slim.  Apparently,  Izune had been drinking.  Also, apparently,  Izune thought Sasha still drank as well and thus obviously, as he was Russian, would have “the good stuff”.  Despite his insistence otherwise it’d onl
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World of the Giants: Good and Bad News
“They should have been here by now, right?” Billy asked Fritz. Fritz once again tried to call Simmons on the walkie-talkie, to no avail.
“Something must have happened” Fritz replied. Just then, Adam walked back into the apartment.
“Sorry little buddies, I couldn’t find them outside” Adam reported to them as he sat down on the couch next to Billy and Fritz. Annemarie was on the coffee table, coloring on a paper.
“What if they have been caught by another giant?” Billy asked Fritz, concerned. Fritz just sat down to take a break. Billy sat next to him.
“Billy, we are in a whole new world, anything could have happened to them. We probably need to move on” Fritz told Billy as he put his arm around him. Fritz had come so far. Two days ago, he was a normal butler in a mansion, and now he was the size of a gerbil with a torn tuxedo. Billy thought about it. If the others were gone, then he and Fritz would have
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