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Wholesome Chun Li and Dudley tea time by HUNKHANKS Wholesome Chun Li and Dudley tea time :iconhunkhanks:HUNKHANKS 0 0 School tomorrow by yesseniab1 School tomorrow :iconyesseniab1:yesseniab1 0 0
Perspectives 09 by gniewomirart Perspectives 09 :icongniewomirart:gniewomirart 0 0 Vance by Stripedclaw Vance :iconstripedclaw:Stripedclaw 0 0 Pearl and Marina amiibo by FoyerShortPatch Pearl and Marina amiibo :iconfoyershortpatch:FoyerShortPatch 0 0 NorrieXFinbar Equestria Girls by Hubfanlover678 NorrieXFinbar Equestria Girls :iconhubfanlover678:Hubfanlover678 0 0 Requests for tanathebatpony by yukiwolflove Requests for tanathebatpony :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 0 0 Witchy  by Creative-Blossom Witchy :iconcreative-blossom:Creative-Blossom 0 0 5effdea6-e669-470f-ad15-d94c125d6e63 by jchap1975 5effdea6-e669-470f-ad15-d94c125d6e63 :iconjchap1975:jchap1975 0 0 Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus 2 by Gojirafan1994 Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus 2 :icongojirafan1994:Gojirafan1994 0 0 Life Drawings: A sketch of a random woman driving. by EMO-ART-13 Life Drawings: A sketch of a random woman driving. :iconemo-art-13:EMO-ART-13 0 0 Dark Cemetery by ShaunAnarchy Dark Cemetery :iconshaunanarchy:ShaunAnarchy 0 0 Tara ref by TeenyTinyTina1 Tara ref :iconteenytinytina1:TeenyTinyTina1 0 0
Vessel children ch7: Richard and Ra
To be truthful here, Ra was silently VERY grateful he got assigned Richard. He knew Zeke would be much to strong for him to handle, and he had no clue on how to calm Thatch down. Richard was probably the only person he could break though to. Now, he wasn't saying it wouldn't be hard, because Flash knows it wouldn't be easy to the slightest. He just knew he would have the best chance calming Richard.
The only problem was: he had NO idea where the fleshie ran off to. And worse, he was quick. So he'd LONG since lost track of him. Once again, this would be no cake walk, and he was ok with that. He just hoped the human wasn't out doing something stupid. After all, this was a sensitive time for the mortal.
Richard had JUST been told he had a creatures soul sealed inside of him. It would've been bad enough if another CREATURE had been told they had the father of all creatures in their soul, but a human...
' I should probably focus a little better... ' Ra told himself softly, taking a turn and
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The Game Grumps play FNAF: Sister Location, Ep33
It was episode 33 of their Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location playthrough. They'd finally gotten through the game without dying to stuff they wouldn't have died to if they'd paid attention to the tutorials or been trying to play well. It was the last night, and the Game Grumps had defied Baby by running to the Private Room, which had cameras feeds of everything.
And then they got a message from a fan in the stream chat telling them to put in a certain code. They did so, laughing, and when they saw a camera feed of the Bite Of '87 Coma Kid's imaginary bedroom...
"Ohhh... okaaaay... " Dan said.
Arin stomped out.
"Arin, don't leave! Arin, don't-" Dan yelled.
The door slammed.
"No, I'm fucking done! I'm fucking done!" Arin yelled back.
"No, you're not-" dan began.
"This is bullshit! This is fucking bullshit!" Arin yelled.
Dan broke out into hysterical laughter. "The timeline's fucked!"
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OC: Nikolye by Kitkkun OC: Nikolye :iconkitkkun:Kitkkun 0 0 Quinn by JaggiQueen Quinn :iconjaggiqueen:JaggiQueen 1 0 Pacifist Riot by Chaosfive-55 Pacifist Riot :iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 1 0 mama mia by liteaa mama mia :iconliteaa:liteaa 1 0 Gamcheon harbor by MajnoonAlhazred Gamcheon harbor :iconmajnoonalhazred:MajnoonAlhazred 0 0 red leaves breeze by NEWMII red leaves breeze :iconnewmii:NEWMII 1 0 Stevoni by MidnightLisa1996 Stevoni :iconmidnightlisa1996:MidnightLisa1996 1 0 chungo stamp by OctopusSmugglingInc chungo stamp :iconoctopussmugglinginc:OctopusSmugglingInc 0 0 me and neil by CallieHurashi me and neil :iconcalliehurashi:CallieHurashi 1 0