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Tangle by Mark Lauthier

Pencils: :iconmerrk: Mark Lauthier
Inks: :iconnewerastudios: Izaak Wilson

Original Pencils: [link]

:iconseane: Sean Ellery put out the call for inkers to ink this page in by Mark Lauthier. I said I would do it and then got swamped under a huge work load of things. So now I finally got it done for all of you to see.

Also I did a different method with this piece which the results were cleaner this time and easier to clean up the lines. I tried the more professional approach to doing this piece of using blue lines on the paper and inking it in and then scanning it black and white. The result was that no blue lines showed up. I got this method from :icondevgear: who helped get me on the right track so that I can do more professional level work since I still enjoy doing traditional lines over the digital lines.
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Looks good man! Always nice to see other people's work over my pencils.
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thanks and you did a great job with balancing the black and white on this particular piece.
devgear's avatar
Really nice and clean:) I do scan as a color document tho...but how you scanned seems to work for you. Keep up the great work!
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thanks and the same too you since you are doing great work as well. ;)
Jaws-is-Solo's avatar
The dark Knight in heavy blacks is always a treat and looks like Ivy got a trap planned for him
NewEraStudios's avatar
Yeah it looked like she was going to trap him up but instead got tangled up with him and her own messy vines. ;)
Jaws-is-Solo's avatar
clumsy really neat on her part
NewEraStudios's avatar
LOL too true on that
CameronArt's avatar
really clean work, i used this for practice with my coloring. had no issues, one of the best i used. great piece!
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thanks and this is my piece so far because of the changes I did in how I used my tools. This time I went with blue lines, a better printer and better scanner. Glad that it helped you out.
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thanks I appreciate it
DeanNClark's avatar
You're welcome
Wastelander7's avatar
Very cool work by all of you! :D
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thank you for the comment on my part and I think Mark would also say thank you as well ;)
Wastelander7's avatar
You're welcome, and if he were here he'd be welcome too ;)
NewEraStudios's avatar
Yeah I think he would too
infrafan's avatar
Still delivering attention grabbing work.
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thanks and I try to get the great work out there so everybody can see my style and see the style of the other artist as well.
Hellspider-101's avatar
Very very very nicely done.
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thank you for the kind comment
valorsminion's avatar
wowww well DONE sir!
NewEraStudios's avatar
Thank you for the kind comment on this piece
orabich's avatar
great work!

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