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Nicktoons - Invader ZIM



One down, three to go! (Well, technically, one DLC down, another to go, and two Unlockable characters.)
Don't forget about my little contest, eh? You have to guess the others before I reveal them all!

I might as well get the most obvious DLC character out of the way first. Believe it or not, I've been sitting on this drawing for weeks!

Now, a few of you might recall me saying that I was going to insert a little satire into this gallery, and I think Zim demonstrates it perfectly. Why?

Think about it. If Nickelodeon had the opportunity to charge for DLC, better believe that ZIM would be their #1 choice. They -know- people like ZIM. They -know- people will pay to have ZIM as a selectable character. And so, this is why ZIM isn't a default member of the cast. I highly suspect that Nickelodeon will bank on a lot of people's nostalgia, and take advantage of it.

Nicktoons Unite Gallery #22
Invader ZIM

From: "Invader ZIM" (Come now. Were you expecting the Muppet Babies?)
First Appearance: "The Nightmare Begins", March 30th, 2001

Bio: ZIM is an Irken, a race of aliens bred for galactic conquest. Extremely brash, irrational and terribly destructive, ZIM was deemed 'defective' by his superiors for staging an all out assault on his own home world that caused damage that would take centuries to rebuild. As a joke, the Tallests assigned ZIM to a far off galaxy, expecting him to get lost. Unbeknownst to them, they've assigned him to Earth, where ZIM constantly tries (and fails) to subdue the human race under his rule. He is accompanied by GIR, his robotic companion and aide in combat.

Upon hearing of the crisis facing the Nicktoons Universe, he leaps into action with his Vooty modified for combat- not because he wants to save it, mind you, but because he sees himself as the only being worthy to rule!

Special Powers:

- Is equipped with a PAK, which provides essential nutrients, spider-like legs for transportation and various tools of survival
- Vooty modified with a variety of weapons to engage pitiful Earth germs in hand to hand combat
- Is accompanied by his GIR unit, which allows the Vooty to perform several attacks which requires his aid as well as distract the opponent


- "Kneel before me, Earth GERM, or face extinction!" (Intro)
- "This world, and all others, shall fall before the might of ZIM!!" (Intro)
- "Chaos will reign supreme once I take over!" (Intro)
- "GIR! Quit slacking off and engage the enemy! This I command!" GIR: Yes, sir! *eyes temporarily flash red* (Intro)
- "GIR! The time has come to rain doom upon our doomed enemies!" GIR: *sings* Doomy doom doom.... (Intro)
- GIR: "HI PUPPY!! Can I play with it???" Zim: "No, GIR! Focus!" (Intro against Dudley Puppy)
- "Pitiful Earth hero! I will SHOW you the superiority of the Irken race!" (Intro against Man-Arctica or Really Really Big Man)
- "A combat droid. A perfect test of my far superior Vooty's skills!" (Intro against Jenny)
- "Once, we fought as allies! But today, I shall have your brain in a cookie jar!" (Intro against Jimmy Neutron)
- "You are yellow....and ANNOYING!" (Intro against Spongebob)
- "Back off, QUEENIE. This planet belongs to ZIM!" (Intro against Vexus)
- "Stop imitating ME, beaver shaped Earthling!" (Intro against Muscular Beaver)
- "These magical mini-humans might prove useful to me! Surrender them, pink man, or face the wrath of ZIM!" (Intro against Timmy Turner)
- "HEY! You will not copy me! There can only be one, and I AM PERFECTION!!!" (Intro if Player 2 also chooses Zim)
- "Shut your noise tube, human!" (Intro if ZIM is second in conversation against a human opponent)
- "YEEEES!!! Victory for ZIIIIIIM!!!" (Win Pose)
- "Mission complete! You've been broken, Earthling SCUM!" (Win Pose)
- "If that's the best mankind has to offer, then this doomed world is already....DOOMED." (Win Pose against superhero opponents)
- "Dumb as a moose. That's what you are. Dumb. As. A. Moose." (Win Pose against Sheen or Dudley)
- "Now you know the price for imitating me. Mwahahahahaha!!" (Win Pose against Muscular Beaver or Zim)
- "Be GONE with your primitive technology, silly Earthling female! This day belongs to ZIM!" (Win Pose against Asami)
- "I'll replace that brilliant mind of yours with a stuffed piggy, Simply because I CAN!" GIR: "Yay, piggies!" (Win Pose against Jimmy Neutron)
- GIR: "Awww. But I wanted to explode!" ZIM: Wait, what- *GIR explodes* (Win Pose on a Perfect)
- "It's not a surprise that you lost. My race was bred for galactic conquest, after all." (Victory Screen)
- "YES, I can taste victory! And it tastes DELICIOUS." (Victory Screen)
- "GIR! Status report! ......GIR, take that out of your mouth! No, that's not a toy, wait, what are you doing.....NOOOOOOO!" (Victory Screen)
- "Gir, a fresh towel, please. Wait....why is there BACON IN THIS TOWEL?!!" (Victory Screen)
- "A pity that big-headed Earth boy didn't follow me here. Then again, I did leave him stranded somewhere near Saturn! HA HA HA HA HA!!!" (Victory Screen)
- "Hammy? Fool! I am not made of BACON!" (Victory Screen)
- "If you were an Irken, you'd be the Grand Sovereign of all Tallests! But you're a stinking vile Earth insect, and that is just a shame." (Victory Screen against Really Really Big Man)
- "There's no talking THIS alien to surrender, Earth sponge! And your vile water bubbles can do me nothing in my Vooty!" (Victory Screen against Spongebob)
- "Your hair looks like one of those disgusting Earth pineapples! WHY?! Why does your hair look like FRUIT!?" (Victory Screen against Kimi)
- "I'm coming for Cluster Prime next!" (Victory Screen against Vega or Vexus)
- "Be not concerned about your pet mini-humans. I'll try to dissect them as painlessly as possible." (Victory Screen against Timmy Turner)
- "I'll be taking that suitcase, human! Though, given how stupid you Earth germs are, I wouldn't be surprised if I find nothing but putrid Earth sausages in there!" (Victory Screen against Mr. Smith)
- "GIR, take notes! This human girl is turning away and consulting some...invisible force! It may be the source of unlimited power! I MUST FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!!" (Victory Screen against Dora)
- "And THAT was for trying to leave me stranded in space before -I- had a chance to do so to you myself!" (Victory Screen against Technus or Beautiful Gorgeous)

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Zim and gir is overrated but this is good

thank God this is before loud house