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Starbase Cornwell - 3DS, OBJ and DWG meshes


Length - 784.3m
Width - 863.5m
Height - 789.4m
Diameter - 434.7m

Here it is, Starbase Cornwell.  Named after Katrina Cornwell who was killed on the Star Trek: Discovery episode, "Such Sweet Sorrow; pt2."

By the way, the drydocks that are attached to the station, they can be replaced with the hydroponic saucers from Starbase Echo One:

Might cut down on the render time, though you may have to convert the 3DS into OBJ for that which you can do on

But the breakdown, 3 drydocks with the optional lights and docking arms.  Upper and lower lighthouses, 6 fuel containers, a hydroponics section above the fuel containers, an upper habitat section, and a central shuttle section.

The booms that hold the drydocks double as additional hydroponics to match Xyrillian hydroponics where they grow food on their walls.  Here, they have shelves with potted plants.  The 2 level boom has the upper having a central turbolift, the lower having Jeffries tubes.

The upper lighthouse has the Command and Control -- CnC like on Babylon 5 -- or Operations if you prefer:

The habitat section normally houses the senior and junior officers with guest quarters and so forth.

The structure between the habitat and shuttle sections has an observation gallery going around the section.  I had thought of a restaurant where real food is cooked instead of coming out of a food synthesizer -- real as in protein resequenced eggs, ham, bacon, hamburger meat, etc.  But not sure if there's enough room.

The upper part of the shuttle section has the station's engineering section with 6 high power cold fusion reactors that uses dilithium crystals as a catalyst to reduce the fusion ignition temperature of helium-3 and deuterium from 400 million Kelvin down to less than a quarter million.  Above and below the actual shuttle sections has the crew quarters -- lower decks.  Instead of bunks on the walls in the corridors like on the USS Cerritos or barracks like on the Enterprise-A, they're more like the staterooms of the starliner from Franz Joseph's Starfleet technical manual, but with bunkbeds:

The central structure below the shuttle bay section has the transporters, fabrications centres and facilities, water and waste recycling where we hope Scotty didn't beam into, etc.

In one month, I'm going to have to purchase the new Corel Paintshop Pro 2022 because when I reinstalled 2019, plugins like Glitterato and LunarCell that I used to make the background refused to work.  With the donation thing on PayPal ending tomorrow, I have to figure out how to send a link to my PayPal directly.
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