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Nope, not again.

First, made adjustments to Not JJ's Enterprise:

And a DY-ish style ship:

The DY-ish ship is a part of -- lacking a better term -- Space Force group, and I only chose that one to gather up those style ships in my computer's directory, and to mock the Space Force program.  Kinda how the Changelings from DS9 took the name that was intended as an insult and used it in defiance against us solids.  And the NetFlix series starring Steve Carrell, don't bother.  I've written it off, along with the new CG He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

It's obviously not a part of the actual DY family like on here:

As those ships are more known for having their cargo or fuel near the bottom of the ship, command tower on top, and a very convenient artificial gravity that turns on when it's unexpectedly expecting guests.

This ship has the supply pods and modules equidistant from each other to balance out the ship, along with large radio antennas that needs to be aimed to Earth or any Earth colony by adjusting the orientation of the ship to send and receive.  Cuts down on the mechanics and mass of the ship.  I was going to install solar panels that would turn one way, but the ship would orient itself the other way to save on mass, but nixed that idea for the maser dishes.

Forward tanks in orange are for the ship's support systems like oxygen and water -- probably CO2 storage once the tanks are empty -- while the rest are helium-3 and deuterium ready to be used.

And the title, "Nope, not again," remember the last time a ship encountered a DY-100 ship?
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Nice concept, I also think I know what every one on the bridge would be thinking something along the lines of oh $#!t.

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Yeah, turning the DY-100 into something more "realworld" with the design.

That thing was supposed to be in service by 1996, gosh that optimism, a total 180 nowadays.