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for the Random House mega vault competition based on Brandon Sanderson's prologue to his book, "Steelheart."
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The Reckoners needs way more fan art. Such a good series
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THERE he is. THAT's him. I've been trying to picture him perfectly and I hadn't got it yet. this is perfect - Reckoners deserves to have art like this.
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did they come out with firefight yet?
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As far as I know it's been out for a while (although I haven't gotten to it yet.) and he's working on Calamity right now (which will be book 3)
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Ooh, I'm totally checking it out
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Finally fan art for reckoners! This is really great
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Thanks. This actually won the fanart competition that Random House and Sanderson held at the release of Steelheart. I got a free advance copy of the book. Was very proud of that. Glad to know other people like it too :)
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God this is cool
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WOOOOO Finally some fanart!! I just finished that book in record time and am starting Firefight and I LOVE IT! This art is amazing :D :D :D
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I love this picture and I love the Reckoners! Keep up the good work!
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I just finished Firefight - literally about twenty minutes ago - and this is incredible, great job!
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I have not read firefight yet, no spoilers! and thank you.
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No spoilers but OMG it is incredible
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I like this. One of the few people doing reckoner art on DA.
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This is... Epic. 
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Well played, my friend. Well played. Clap 
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Great book! Amazing drawing!
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From the book Steelheart from Brandon Sanderson. More of a supervillan too
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Wow! Is that a superhero??
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That's Steelheart. He's basically an evil, paranoid Superman knockoff who can turn non living objects to steel by yelling. 

He's an Epic that took over Chicago and the bank was the first thing he hit. However, one bullet managed to scar his cheek, and he's supposed to be invincible. He later came back and buried the bank with any survivors that saw him vulnerable. Only one person lived that saw Steelheart bleed... and his father was the one who made him bleed. You have to read the book to understand the rest. 
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You don't even know how wrong you are.... XD
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