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Welcome everyone, to the Never-ending story of "New Animal Life". Here in this story, humans don't exist, and all of our favorite charaters from anime/manga, cartoons, comics, movies/TV, books, video games, etc. live together as animals (ex. Sora from Kingdom Hearts as an adult lion, Aladdin from Disney as a tiger).






Customize your OC

Character Creation

If you like to enter your own OC into the story, then send a note and explain your OC by the following:

Name: the OC's name

Age: their age (In human years)

Species: What animal is your OC (Lion, Dog, Dinosaur, Alien, etc. Human isn't a option.)

Kind: Are they Anthro, Taur, Feral(Anthro; they have attribution of humanish characteristics, for example they stand like humans. Feral; they stand like an average animal, or they stand with four legs. Taur; they stand like centaurs from greek mythology.)

Occupation: Your OC's usual or principal work or business, for Example: Blossom's occupation is the leader of the Powerpuff girls.

Alignment: Is your OC good, bad, or Neutral?

Likes: What your OC likes.

Dislikes: What your OC hates or not interested into.

Personality: What's the OC's attitude or behavior, for Example: Ranma from Ranma 1/2 is a mixture of nice, clean-cut, frank, energetic, indecisive, stubborn, picky, stingy and sly.

Skills: Your OC's abilities, powers, signature moves, etc.

Weapon: the Name of your OC's weapon (If Optional).

Fighting Style: Your OCs way of fighting (if its a fictional fighting style, then explain what its about, what its focused on, and what kind of techniques it has, but if your OC doesn't fight, then skip this.)

Appearance: Describe your OC's looks, color of their fur/skin, their features, type of clothes or accessories if they have any. (Don't take me as a perv, I'll only say their fur is viewable, not their sexual features.)

Relationships: Your OC's relationship with other characters (Friend, foe, Family, rival, etc. You are welcome to have a relationship with other characters like Sora and the others, but don't make one of them as your love one or anything, just friend or foe, you have to make up your own loved one.)

History: Explain your OC's personal life, their families, their relationships with other OCs, their dreams, how they're treated, and so on.

And other info you want to add in.
(Theme songs, Voice actor/actress, D.O.B., etc.)

I don't know when you will see your OC in my story because I think of ideas while I work on it, but I will promise you that I will put them all in the story.

For more questions, just ask. But do NOT ask me when your OCs will be appear, the story is depended on what comes up in my head.

- thieviusracoonus, the creator/founder


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BlueCenturion421 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2021
Is there an official creation story for the fauna universe?
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forgot to add Raquelia in Original Characters, Fictional Charactes and Micketendo Characters, please.

Raquelia by Mead1992
and forget to add Flambyna in Micktendo Characters and Fictional Characters, please.
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can we be friends 
BlueCenturion421 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2021
Has anyone in this group seeing the Netflix anime series record of Ragnarok, or read the monga?

Might I suggest making Fauna Earth versions of some of the characters from their.

True, you've probably already got some versions of some of the characters on that show already, perhaps even several.

But perhaps you could, I don't know, change some of the names perhaps?
BlueCenturion421 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2021
If I might make another suggestion, perhaps someone should make a timeline for the fauna universe. Just something to think about.
BlueCenturion421 Featured By Owner May 14, 2021
Hi, I'm trying to spread awareness of my new deviant art profile. I'm hoping all of you who work here can help me get the word out. Especially since I'm a huge admirer of all your work.

Here are some examples of my work.
ApologiesSasha La Fleur stood trembling in her apartment in San Francisco. Only this morning she had made it known to her suitor, Charlie Barkan, that she was only interested in finding a perfect gentleman to be her boyfriend. Not long afterward, Charlie had an accident saving her from a street cleaner and had suffered a severe blow to the head.Oddly enough, Charlie's concussion had seemingly transformed him into the perfect gentleman Sasha had been looking for. At first it had seemed like a dream come true. But it soon turned into a nightmare. While Charlie was more considerate, one could say safely that he had become too considerate.He had smothered Sasha with gifts until she nearly suffocated. And if that wasn't enough, he followed her everywhere she went like some kind of stalker until Sasha was nearly frantic with paranoia. When she had finally gotten home to her apartment, slam the door shut behind her, and triple locked it tighter than the volt at Fort Knox, she had tried to relax by taking a short nap.Unfortunately, her sleep was haunted by dreams of the new and "improved" Charlie. There was even and especially creepy one where she and Charlie were an old married couple and had dozens upon dozens of children and grandchildren who were just as "considerate" as Charlie.Now every footstep she heard, every bird passing her window, Sasha imagined it was Charlie coming to get her and provide her with another "token of affection." Sasha had barricaded her door with everything in her apartment that wasn't nailed down. And, as an extra precaution, she had shut and boarded up all of her windows.But even all that was not enough to relieve her paranoia. She was currently hiding under her bed with the covers pulled over her entire body. She was shivering as if it was 100° below zero, though in her current panicked state she probably wouldn't have noticed if it was. As if in contrary to her shivering, Sasha's entire body was sweating buckets.And her eyes were as wide as saucers, the pupils shrunk to the size of peas, and frantically darting right and left repeatedly as if she expected Charlie to pop out at any minute. All the while she found herself thinking to herself "was I asking too much asking for the perfect dog? Should I have listened to Charlie and accepted him the way he was?"Suddenly, a knock came at Sasha's door, causing her to flinch. "W-W-Who is it?" she stammered timidly. "Telegram for Ms. Sasha La Fleur" came an oddly familiar sounding voice from the other side of the door. "J-J-Just slide it under the d-door thanks" replied Sasha shakily.Slowly, a white envelope was pushed under her door from the outside. It was clearly too small to contain allergy inducing flowers or fattening candy. Gingerly, Sasha picked the envelope up with a pair of tongs and placed it on a table.After inspecting the letter and becoming satisfied that it didn't contain knockout drugs, or worse suffocating perfume, she gently broke the seal and opened it. Inside of it was a simple looking piece of paper neatly folded. Sasha tenderly unfolded the note and read its contents."My dearest Sasha" it began "words cannot express the amount of regret I feel. Still, I shall try my best to convey as much as I can. This wouldn't be the first time one of my cons has gotten me into trouble. But this time, I really screwed up. I thought if I pretended to be the dog you wanted me to be it would drive you back into my arms. Instead, it only succeeded in driving you further away.""I'm sorry. I know that's not saying much but it's all I can say. I know I may not be the perfect dog, but please, allow me to make it up to you for all the grief I put you through. I'm not planning anything big just a simple dinner for two in the park this evening at 7:00. If you don't show up, well, I suppose I'll understand and try my best to get over it.""But please, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, for both our sakes. I may not be the most genteel of dogs, but I can honestly say that you'll never find a more loyal one. Forever yours, Charles B Barkan."Sasha had gone through many phases of emotion while reading the letter. From fear, to confusion, to slightly angry. But now, her eyes were brimming with tears of joy. It was true that Charlie had lied to her, and driven her half insane to boot. But still, he had told her the truth in the end. And on top of that, he even apologized. And that was the most important part.Charlie may not have been perfect, today alone was enough to show that. But even Sasha knew he still had a good heart. Maybe, Sasha thought to herself, she was wrong to want a perfect dog. And not just because of her experience with Charlie today. Charlie may not have been the dog she wanted but perhaps, just perhaps, he was the dog she had needed. And perhaps vice versa.Sasha looked at her clock. It was exactly 6:30. "Well then" Sasha thought to herself "I guess I better get ready. Good thing this is going to be one of those casual dates."A few minutes later in the park, Charlie and his best friend, Itchy Itchaferd, were getting everything set up for Charlie's "date" with Sasha. Charlie was already getting the picnic blanket set up while Itchy was checking their "inventory" in the picnic basket."Roast beef, sausages, French bread, it's all here Charlie" said Itchy. "And fortunately" added Charlie "I remember to bring the tunes." He emphasized this by placing a stereo tape player just outside the edge of the picnic blanket."By the way Itch" Charlie added "remind me to think Bass for the loan of the scented candle." "Well you know Bass" replied Itchy "she loves playing matchmaker." "And Itch" continued Charlie "thanks again for delivering my letter to Sasha. I don't know how she would've reacted if I had shown up at her door myself in her condition.""Hey, no problem Charlie" replied Itchy "anything for a friend." "Yeah, and about that" continued Charlie nervously scratching the back of his head with his four pow "I know this is technically my apology to Sasha but-- I want to apologize to you to. I'm sorry buddy. If I had listened to you earlier maybe all this trouble could've been avoided."Itchy patted his friends back reassuringly. "Don't worry about it Charlie" he said softly "I forgive you. Besides, these things have a way of working themselves out. Who knows, maybe everything will still turn out for the better.""Speaking of which" Charlie suddenly remarked "I think you better make yourself scarce buddy. Cause here comes Sasha now." Immediately taking the hint, Itchy nodded, whispered "good luck" to his best friend, and immediately took off running as fast as his short legs could carry him.As Charlie turned back to look at Sasha, his eyes grew wide with surprise. Sasha looks simply stunning. Her hair and coat were neatly brushed and groomed. Her eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky. And her smile was as charming as ever. To Charlie, she looked as beautiful as any of the Angels he had seen in heaven.Noticing Charlie's expression, Sasha turned around in a full circle so he could see all of her. "So" she said flirtatiously "you like." "I like?" Remarked Charlie "Sasha, your gorgeous. And believe me, that ant no boast." Sasha blushed slightly at Charlie's comment. "Thank you" she said.Charlie then flashed Sasha one of his winning smiles and gestured for her to be seated. "Shall be dine, mulady?" he asked. "Certainly, my cavalier" replied Sasha taking her seat on the picnic blanket opposite Charlie. Charlie then took a match and proceeded to light the scented candle that had been loaned to him from Itchy's girlfriend, Bess.As they ate their meal, the two dogs engaged in some casual conversation. At first they talked about small things, their taste in music, their social lives. But eventually, as was probably inevitable, the conversation gradually steered towards the events of that very day."Sasha" began Charlie hesitantly. "I-I just want to say -I'm sorry for everything I put you through. I let my ego get the better of me, again. I drove you half insane because my own selfish desire to win you over. I guess I'm not the dog for you after all."Sasha smiled a sad smile and laid her paw on Charlie's. "The fact that you're saying that" she said "has just convinced me that you are." Charlie looked up in surprise. That was the nicest thing Sasha had ever said to him. Maybe there was something to this whole humility thing after all."And" Sasha added hesitantly "I'm sorry to." Now Charlie was really surprised. "You're sorry?" he asked "for what? I'm the one who lied to you." "But maybe you wouldn't have had to if I hadn't set my expectations so high" replied Sasha. "You were right Charlie, there is no such thing as the perfect dog.""I guess your little scam did that much good at least. It taught me that when I try to turn someone into somebody they're not I’ll never end up with the kind of person I need." She raised her head, which she had been bowing in shame, and looked Charlie straight in the eyes."Make no mistake" she said gently but firmly "I still think you could do better on your manners and your attitude. But you don't have to be perfect to try and impress me because I like you for who you are." Charlie was stunned to say the least. "You-you really forgive me?" he asked "even after everything that's happened?"Sasha smiled and cupped Charlie's face in her paws. "You may not be perfect" she said "but it doesn't take a psychic to know that you're a good dog at heart. And that's all any girl can ask of any man." Now Charlie smiled and cupped her face in return. "Thank you Sasha" he said, his voice half choked with emotion. "That really means a lot to me. And I promise, from here on out, I'm going to try and be a better dog."Sasha leaned in close, her breath warm against Charlie's muzzle. "I know you will" she whispered softly. And at that point their lips met in a soft but passionate kiss. The kiss didn't last very long, probably half a minute at most. But it felt like hours to the young couple. And when they finally broke their lip lock they spent another hour just staring into each other's eyes.Eventually, Charlie remembered the stereo he had brought. Politely excusing himself for a minute, and placed a cassette inside the stereo and hit play. Immediately, the stereo began to play a slow and soft melody. Charlie then held out his paw to Sasha. "May I have this dance Mlle.?" he asked.Sasha smiled and took Charlie's offered paw. "Certainly, Misyo" she responded. And with that, the pair began a slow and graceful waltz. Soon they were lost in their own little world. There was no picnic, no full moon shining down on them, no Park, not even a San Francisco. It was just them, Charlie, Sasha, and the music.The end. A Broken HeartPrincess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, the two monarchs of the Crystal Empire, Kratos, the ghost of Sparta, and Count Dracula, the Lord of the vampires and Prince of the undead, stood in the middle of the innermost chamber of the Palace of the Crystal Empire.In the center of the room lay the shattered fragments of the Crystal Heart, the source of all magic in the Empire. 24 hours earlier, Dracula had infiltrated the Crystal Palace under the guise of a beautiful young woman named Helen. "Helen" had promptly coned "her" way into the Empire with a sob story about how her village had been destroyed by Dracula's armies.Everyone had been instantly taken in by the "poor young girl", especially Kratos, who had suffered a similar tragedy in his youth. Cadence in Shining Armor had immediately agreed to give "Helen" sanctuary in the Crystal Empire. And Kratos had volunteered to personally take “her” into his custody.Perhaps it was because “she” reminded him so much of his dead wife. But regardless, Kratos had begun to develop feelings of affection for "Helen." That is until “she” had used that affection to trick him into letting her inside the Crystal Palace and leading “her” inside the chamber of the Crystal Heart.Whereupon, she had promptly smashed the Heart to smithereens before Kratos could even draw another breath. Cadence and Shining had promptly rushed into the chamber where, in the midst of a torrent of mocking laughter, "Helen" had promptly transformed into the Prince of darkness himself."Oh what fools you mortals our" laughed Dracula in his thick Romanian accent. "But then how could you turn down a poor maiden in distress." "Oh please help me" he mocked "I'm lost and alone and my poor friends and family have been slaughtered by mean old Dracula."He buried his face in his hands, pretending to sob before throwing his head back and laughing some more. "But-why?" stammered Cadence. "To get inside the Crystal Heart chamber of course" replied Dracula, as if she had just asked him what the weather was like outside. "How else was I going to destroy that cursed artifact that was keeping my armies from invading your precious empire?""This is all my fault" said Kratos sorrowfully, dropping to his hands and knees in anguish. Shining put a comforting hoof on his friend's shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up" he said softly "Dracula fooled us all." "But I was the one he used" replied Kratos."Indeed" laughed the count "you were so easy to manipulate. Where do you think I got the idea for my disguise from? Do you imagine it was a coincidence I resembled your dearly departed wife? Oh no Spartan, I knew you still haven't forgiven yourself for what Aries did to your beloved family.""And like a fish on a hook you took the bait, hook, line, and sinker." He spoke the last three words one at a time as if punctuating them, deliberately twisting the knife in the wound then laughed some more. "Hahahahaha, Oh Kratos you utter fool" he laughed. "YOU MONSTER!" shouted Cadence in a fury "it's bad enough you took advantage of our sympathy. But using Kratos' memories of his wife against him? That's lower than low!"Dracula whirled on her. "Do not speak to me of monstrosity or cruelty!" he shouted. "I watched on helplessly as an angry mob of humans burned my beloved wife at the stake for a crime she didn't commit." "The Crystal Empire had nothing to do with that event" retorted Cadence."It matters not" shouted Dracula in reply. "You are just as hypocritical as they are. You Equestrians constantly preach about your values of love and friendship and harmony. And yet your own people are constantly torn by hatred and strife.""Your nations wage war with one another and their citizens are constantly caught up in their own vanity, bigotry, and envy. Even your so-called rulers are not immune to the darkness within their own hearts.""No one is perfect" retorted Shining Armor "but that is still no excuse to pass judgment on us like some kind of God." "The powerful always judge the week" retorted Dracula "and like Sodom and Gomorrah, your Empire will burn in the flames of perdition as punishment for your sins.""And after that" the vampire Prince continued "all of Equestria will suffer the same fate as all those who oppose me." As his voice rose in volume, Dracula's snow white hair and black and crimson cape billowed out and flew wildly about as if blown by a strong wind.Soon however, the vampire king regained his composure and his cape and hair fell still. "Well" continued the Prince of darkness, running his hands through his hair to straighten it out again, "while I have enjoyed our little banter, I'm afraid I must take my leave now.""Oh, and Kratos" he added, turning towards the ghost of Sparta, "thank you ever so much for allowing me into the Crystal Heart chamber. It was very chivalrous of you." Amid the Count's terrible mocking laughter, something within Kratos snapped.The demigod's head sprang up like a Jack-in-the-Box, eyes ablaze with fury, teeth gripped tighter than a vice. Without warning, Kratos suddenly sprang towards Dracula, unsheathing his Blades of Exile and roaring like a wounded animal.Momentarily caught off guard, Dracula just barely managed to escape the demigod's wrath by changing into mist just as the Blades of Exile tour his now empty cloak clean in half. The mist soon coalesced again into the shape of a gigantic bat flying just out of reach of the ghost of Sparta."Come down and face me you coward!" demanded Kratos. "Do not worry Spartan" came the count's telepathic reply "we will meet again soon on the battlefield. Until then I suggest you make peace with your beloved father because I have a feeling your family reunion is going to come sooner than expected."With even more mocking laughter, the giant vampire bat that was Dracula flew through the skylight of the Crystal Heart chamber and out into the night sky. With another roar of rage, Kratos beheaded a nearby crystal statue, sending the head rolling into a corner."This is not over Dracula" the ghost of Sparta shouted to the heavens. "Do you hear me? No matter what dark hole you hide in I will find you. And when I do I will drive a stake through your black heart. I swear it by all the Furies of the underworld. Even if it takes the rest of my life, I SHALL BE AVENGED!"Cadence and Shining Armor remained silent. They had no doubt that the ghost of Sparta would live up to his oath even if he had to crawl from the very pits of Tartarus itself. But right now they had more pressing matters to attend to.Dracula had been right about one thing, war was coming to the Crystal Empire. And as her rulers they had to prepare for the inevitable invasion. For without the Crystal Heart protecting them, they were now at their most vulnerable. But they would not be caught unawares.The end. Confronting TemptationThe great and powerful Trixie stood in the middle of the catacombs beneath a Temple in Jerusalem. Behind her, a wall of fire cut off her only escape. Before her stood a figure with the upper body of a human man, the lower body of a goat with black fur and cloven hooves, a pair of raven black wings sprouting from its back, and eyes that glowed a fiery red like burning coals.Trixie had, rather reluctantly it must be admitted, come to Israel, along with her sworn rival, Twilight Sparkle, and her five friends, in order to meet with Simon Belmont, a member of an organization called the Brotherhood of Light that, supposedly, kept the world safe from supernatural forces. According to Simon, the Brotherhood had discovered that the devil himself had come to the earthly plane in order to look for an ancient artifact from the time of Christ. The Crown of Thorns.It was said that said Crown was the very same Crown worn by Jesus when he was crucified. According to the Brotherhood's scholars, there was a vague but verifiable indication that the Crown had been seen in Jerusalem during the time of the third Crusade. According to Simon, Satan intended to use the dark power of the crown to lay siege to the gates of heaven itself. If he succeeded it would mean the end of creation as they knew it.At first, Trixie had thought the whole thing was absurd. Magical crowns. Lord of Hell coming to Earth in a bid to overthrow the Almighty. Ridiculous. And if there was one thing Trixie hated more than going on a wild goose chase, it was going on a wild goose chase with her sworn enemy. Trixie had still not forgiven Twilight for, according to her version of events, showing her up in front of everypony with that Ursa Minor.Trixie had been forced to rethink her perspective on both accounts however. During her journey across the human world she had seen many things that she never would've thought possible. Demons hiding among groups of satanic cults. Monsters that, up until now, she had only seen in her darkest nightmares. Sorcerers that cast spells capable of bringing back the dead. Once, she had even seen a man change into a gargantuan serpent, which she and her companions had then been forced to battle for their own survival.It hadn’t been all bad though. There had been times when Trixie had felt overwhelmed. Terrified even. And yet through it all, the six ponies who she hated more than anything in all of Equestria, and who she thought loathed her just as much in return, had been both her shields and her comforters. They had always been so annoyingly optimistic and had always tried to help keep Trixie's spirits up, even when things looked their blackest.Trixie had at first outright refused any of their hospitality. But slowly, reluctantly, she had found herself warming up to the six ponies. She realized that, despite everything she had done to them in the past, they were being nothing but kind to her throughout this whole ordeal. Every time she had asked them why they had merely responded with "friendship is magic." At first, Trixie thought that sounded just plain cheesy. But gradually she came to suspect that maybe, just maybe, there was a bit of magic in friendship after all.And right now it looked like she needed all the magic she could get. Despite what she had told everypony on Equestria, Trixie was not actually very great are very powerful. And she was certainly no match for the Prince of Hell himself. It certainly didn't help that Satan was currently laughing in her face right now. "This is the best the Brotherhood could send against me?" Lucifer mocked. "Pitiful.""S-Stay back devil, the great and powerful Trixie commands you" said Trixie in a voice that would have been intimidating if it hadn't been pitched to so high a register and she hadn't been stammering like a school filly during her first year. As it was, Trixie's outburst only made Lucifer laugh all the more. "Save your breath Equestrian" Satan said. "The air down here is thin enough as it is. And with my little bonfire behind you, you would be wise to conserve as much oxygen as you possibly can.""Not that it will help you much" he added with a sadistic grin "seeing as how I'm going to rip off your horn and stuff it down your throat." Satan spread his wings as if preparing to take flight. Suddenly, Trixie, in a burst of inspiration, took the crown from her saddlebag, using her natural unicorn ability of telekinesis, and held it out in front of her face. "Stay where you are" she commanded in a voice that sounded braver than she felt. "Or I swear by Celestea’s main I'll break it in half."Yes, Trixie had the crown. She had fortunately taken it and stuffed it into her saddlebag before Lucifer had even arrived. If only her plan to distract him by pointless banter while moving around him to escape could have been just as clever. But then again, this was Satan she was thinking about. He was the original deceiver. The Prince of lies. The serpent who had single-handedly, or perhaps no handedly as the case may be, tricked mankind into committing the first sin.Unfortunately, she had gotten separated from her traveling companions in the catacombs. Trixie sighed inwardly, wishing they could be with her now when she felt so scared. She wouldn't exactly call them friends, at least not at that point in time. But they had been unfailingly supportive of her during this whole ordeal. Much to her surprise, and confusion, Satan lowered his wings yet continued to chuckle menacingly."You are indeed a most resourceful unicorn Ms. Lolamoon" Lucifer said in a softer tone. Trixie's eyes widened in shock. "Oh yes" continued Satan, as if reading her thoughts "I know all about you." In his eyes, Trixie could've sworn she saw images flicker. Images of the past. Her past. "I know how you were once the greatest show mare in all of Equestria. How you used to wow and bedazzle audiences far and wide with your wonderful illusions. And how you had it all taken away from you. All because of a simple unicorn who didn't know when she wasn't wanted."Trixie blinked and the images seemed to vanish like a puddle on a hot day. Trixie shook her head as if recovering from a days. "Tell me Trixie" Lucifer said "what would you give to have all that fame back again?" With a wave of Lucifer's hand, Trixie suddenly found herself back in Ponyville, standing on her old stage no less. Dozens of ponies were all around her, cheering her on, though for what Trixie couldn't tell.In the background, Trixie could even see Princess Celestea and Princess Luna, the two rulers of her home world, standing and beaming as brightly as the sun Celestea raised each morning. "Look at them all Trixie" came Lucifer's soft, seductive voice. Though Trixie couldn't see the Prince of darkness she could feel his presence all around her. It was rather creepy actually. "Look how much they adore you. Look how much they love you. I can make all this real. I can make you a star once again. One that shines just as brightly as any in Luna's night sky.""Think about it Trixie. You could have all of Equestria at your hooves. They would worship you as a goddess. And all you have to do in exchange is give me the crown." Trixie looked around at all the assembled ponies. At their eyes shining with admiration. At their smiling faces. Yet she soon realized that among all the ponies in the crowd there were six faces who were absent.Trixie suddenly felt as if there was a hole in the middle of her heart. The faces of the six ponies who she had so recently grown so fond of swam through her mind. Kind Fluttershy, who had looked after her after she had been poisoned by an asp and never left her bedside even when she was delirious with fever. Generous Rarity, who had given Trixie her only blanket when Trixie had discovered she brought none of her own. Loyal Rainbow Dash who had stayed behind to help Trixie get out of a collapsing tomb, even though everypony else had already left. Ever optimistic Pinkie Pie, who had succeeded in making Trixie laugh when she thought she'd never laugh again. Honest Applejack who, even though it had seemed rather harsh at times, was always determined to push Trixie in the right direction because she truly believed that she was much more than a boaster and a braggart.And Twilight, dear Princess Twilight Sparkle, personal student to Princess Celestea herself for 16 years, the living embodiment of the Element of Magic, and the one pony that Trixie hated more than anypony else in all of Equestria. Twilight had been more kind and supportive of Trixie than the other five put together. She had stood by her even when the others doubted her loyalty. She had encouraged Trixie, even when the situation seemed hopeless. And she had even trusted Trixie to do things none of the others did.In Twilight, Trixie had found a more kindred spirit than she had expected to find. Though they had their differences in things like upbringing and lifestyle, the two unicorns found that they actually had a lot in common. Such as a love for knowledge and a natural talent for magic. One might even say that they had even become like sisters. It was ironic really. A couple years ago Trixie would've liked nothing better than to forget Twilight Sparkle ever existed. Now she couldn't imagine life without her.Satan's voice cut in, interrupting Trixie's train of thought. "I don't have all eternity you know" the devil said. "I want your decision Trixie Lolamoon, NOW!" Trixie looked up once more over the crowd of assembled ponies. All of them smiling, cheering, laughing, and stomping there hooves on the ground in the Equestrian manner of applause. And then, Trixie knew what her answer was. "No" she said firmly.Abruptly, the illusion fell away as if blown away by a strong wind and Trixie suddenly found herself back in the catacombs under the Temple in Jerusalem with Lucifer as her only companion. As for the devil himself, he was staring at the blue unicorn as if she had just buckt him in the jaw. "No?" spoke an astonished Lucifer. "You heard me" retorted Trixie "or are those big ears of yours just for show?""Now see here you arrogant equine" Satan began but was cut off by Trixie. "Don't you take that tone with me you manipulative little snake" she retorted, surprising both Satan and herself with the courage and her voice. "I may be many things but I am certainly not stupid. Do you think I don't know what'll happen if you get the crown? Do you think I don't care that millions, if not billions of people will get hurt?" Trixie chuckled softly. "The funny thing is" she continued "despite knowing all that I might have still given you the crown. Except I found something worth more than fame and fortune.""I found friends. And I'm not talking about a fan base. I mean real friends. Ponies who stood by me despite my past actions. Who have always been there for me even when it was difficult. Ponies who taught me that I don't have to be the great and powerful Trixie to be great or powerful. And I'm not going to sacrifice everything I found just so I can go back to the way I was before. I'm not going to give up a bright and shiny future just so I can cling to the past."Then she glared daggers at Lucifer. "And I'm sure as hey not going to let you bring about the end of creation just to satisfy my own selfish ego." "How dare you" bellowed Lucifer in a voice that shook the very temple to its foundations. Trixie wobbled on her lags slightly but managed to stay upright. "You have my answer Lucifer" Trixie shouted "and, to quote a certain somepony, no means no. So why don't you make like Jonah and take a long walk off a short gangplank you arrogant, loathsome, lying, self-serving, backstabbing Ker.""Insolent nag" Lucifer screamed, his eyes blazing his red as the fires of his own kingdom, "how dare you reject me." With a roar of fury, Satan spread his black wings, like a hawk ready to swoop down on a mouse, and leapt toward Trixie like a lion pouncing on a gazelle. Trixie's eyes widened in shock as the devil descended on her with the ferocity of a fury. Lucifer's strong hand clasped down on Trixie's throat like a vice.With the force of a charging bull, Satan slammed Trixie bodily into the side of a stone wall, his hand still clutching the show mare's windpipe. Trixie gasped, like a literal fish out of water, trying desperately to get even a smidgen of air past Satan's chokehold. "Make it easy on yourself Ms. Lolamoon" hissed Lucifer through clenched teeth. "Give me what is mine."Despite Satan's hold on her throat, Trixie was able to collect enough air in her windpipe to choke out a response. "Go to Tartarus, Red" she rasped. Lucifer's teeth clenched even tighter than his grip on Trixie's throat. But the devil still managed to hiss out "you first." With that, Satan extended his free hand to the side and clenched it into a vice like grip. Immediately, a plume of fire shot out from either end of the fist and soon coalesced into the form of a long, black pitchfork."I offered you a chance to live out your dream" Lucifer said, positioning the pitchfork in his hand so that the three tips were pointed directly at Trixie's face. "Now you shall know only an eternity of nightmares." But even as Lucifer raised the pitchfork over his head ready to strike the life from Trixie and drag her soul to a fiery perdition, after he searched her lifeless husk for the crown of course, he couldn't resist making one final remark."Where are your friends now? ""Right here horn head" came a familiar, cocky, but welcome, voice from above, at least for Trixie. Even as Satan looked up to find where the voice was coming from, a rainbow colored streak of light whizzed past him and landed on the ground, even as Lucifer's hand, the one holding the pitchfork, dropped with it. Rainbow Dash stood there with a smug look on her face, despite the small silver dagger clutched in her mouth."Hey Trixie" said Rainbow Dash, after spitting out the dagger, just as casually as if they were sitting together in the Golden Oaks Library enjoying a Daring Do novel. "I hope I'm not too late to join the party. "Trixie smiled as she massaged her throat with one of her hooves, Lucifer having dropped her after Dash cut off his hand. "Actually Rainbow Dash" said Trixie "Trixie couldn't be more grateful for your timing."Rainbow Dash chuckle at Trixie's age-old habit of referring to herself in the third person. Originally, it had only been a source of annoyance to Rainbow and her friends since it had made Trixie sound conceited. And they wouldn't have been far wrong either. But nowadays, Trixie only refer to herself as such so it would help serve as part of her charm or even just to be humorous. Even Twilight agreed that, while Trixie still had to learn to be more humble, she also had to accept parts of her personality that were just as much a part of her as her own four hooves, or her horn, or her magic.And Twilight was somepony who could speak from experience, having learned that very same lesson herself from both her friends and, surprisingly, Trixie herself, albeit more indirectly. "How did you get past my flames" growled Beelzebub, still clutching the bleeding stump of his left hand. Though demons like Satan were usually intangible spirits they had to take on bodies of flesh and blood in order to interact with the mortal world. While it enabled them to carry out simple day-to-day tasks, such as holding or manipulating objects, examples of which of course being Lucifer's pitchfork, it also came with a heavy price.Though he could not be killed, being an immortal angel of God, or at least a former one, Satan could still be injured and experience pain. Despite the fact that he could endure injuries that would usually kill a mere mortal, or even recover from them altogether, it still left Satan with some sense of vulnerability and it enabled mortals, such as Simon Belmont, or even mere unicorns like Trixie, to battle him on equal footing.Rainbow Dash turned toward Lucifer, her grin never leaving her muzzle. "It really helps when you have an alicorn on your side" she said. Both Satan and Trixie turned towards the entrance to the room that should have been blocked by the unholy fire conjured by Satan. Sure enough, Twilight was standing in the midst of the flames, her eyes and horn glowing with the magical purple aura as the flames on either side of her parted right down the middle, as though a strong breeze was blowing them back, forming a tunnel of sorts just wide enough for the rest of the party to get through.As a matter of fact, they were all already on the other side of the flames and inside the chamber. Twilight then casually stepped into the chamber herself, allowing the flames to flow back into their natural alignment. "Very clever Ms. Sparkle" Lucifer growled. "I daresay Moses couldn't have done it any better."Twilight simply shrugged, her eyes and horn having already stopped glowing. "It was nothing really" she said. "Just a simple repelling spell. I'm sure any capable magic user could have done the same." "Well, it matters not anyway" said Lucifer. "You still shall not keep me from my prize.""Wrong, devil" retorted Twilight. "We may be 6 mere ponies, but our friendship makes us stronger than all of your demonic legions combined. That's what made Trixie resist your temptation. And that's why we're all here now. Because we don't abandon our friends when they need us."Trixie felt hot tears spring to her eyes. They had all braved the flames and were now standing up to Lucifer himself for her? But Lucifer only continued to laugh at Twilight's speech. "So what are you going to do?" Satan asked. "Blast me with your Elements of Harmony? From what I hear the six of you are no longer in possession of the Elements.""Maybe not" replied Twilight, just as calmly as ever. "But during my time among Simon and the Brotherhood I learned of another kind of magic." "And what, pray tell, would that be?" retorted Lucifer. "The magic of faith" replied Twilight. Twilight then closed her eyes and bowed her head, followed almost immediately by her five friends, and began to monotone."Lord God" Twilight began "dear and loving heavenly father, hear our prayer." "What do you think you're doing?" Satan growled in frustration. Twilight continued to pray as if she had not heard the devil Prince's outburst. "We ask of nothing for ourselves. But for the sake of the world, and for all your children, human and equestrian alike, dear Lord. We humbly ask that you grant us the power to overcome your enemy.""STOP" cried Lucifer, finally realizing what the six ponies intended to do. "DO NOT UTTER ANOTHER WORD!" "For the sake of your son Jesus Christ" continued Twilight "and for all those for whom he perished on the cross, we ask that you send your enemy back to the black pit from whence he came." As Twilight finished the exorcism the entire room began to shake as if struck by an earthquake.Then, the wall directly behind Lucifer crumbled in on itself, as if it was pushed over by the hand of God himself. Much to the shock of everyone present, even Lucifer, the only thing that lay beyond the wall was a blazing inferno. The Lord had apparently answered Twilight's prayer, quite literally, and opened a portal to Hell itself.All at once a strong wind began to blow. No, not blow so much as suck. The portal was acting like a black hole, sucking Satan back into it. Lucifer desperately tried to resist the pull of the portal, but to no avail. Desperately, Lucifer clung to the sides of the portal to avoid falling into the blazing whirlpool. "You think you have won?" Satan screamed at his six jailers. "All you’ve succeeded in doing is buying your selves more time. For as long as evil exists I will rise again.""Maybe so" said Twilight. "But just as assuredly there will be those like us and the Brotherhood to see you fall again. Oh, By the way" she added, picking up Lucifer's pitchfork, with his severed hand still clutched to it, with her magic. "I believe this is yours." With one powerful thrust, as if she were tossing a javelin at the Olympic Games, Twilight heaved the pitchfork straight at Lucifer.It struck the Prince of evil square in the chest and the forward momentum pushed him all the way back into the fiery portal. Out of the abyss came Lucifer's cry of "NOOOOOO!" And then the portal sealed itself as if someone had hit the rewind button on a TV remote.A long tense moment passed, as each of the assembled ponies, including Trixie, allowed comprehension of what had just happened to sink into their brains. Then, everypony burst out laughing. "Noooo, seriously?" chuckled Rainbow Dash. "That's the best he could come up with? I mean the guy supposed to be the most evil being in all of creation. You’d think he could come up with something a little more creative for a parting line.""I can't say much for his taste in fashion either" added Rarity "I mean, black is so last year." "Hey" cried Pinkie Pie all of a sudden. "Do you know what this calls for?" "A preventin the apocalypse party?" remarked Applejack. Pinkie Pie’s eyes suddenly became as wide as saucers. "How did you know?" she squeaked. Applejack shrugged. "Just a wild guess" she said nonchalantly. In truth, it probably wasn't that hard to guess as Pinkie Pie could turn just about any situation into an excuse to throw a party."We can throw a party later" said Twilight all of a sudden. "Right now" she added meaningfully, turning towards Trixie "I think we’ve got a friend in need of medical attention." Trixie smiled as she looked around at the smiling, relieved faces of the six ponies she had come to love so dearly despite all the trouble she had caused them in the past. "Thank you" she said graciously as she leaned against Fluttershy. And she meant it. "Don't thank us yet" said Fluttershy in her soft gentle voice, though she continued to smile kindly. "Not at any rate till were out of these horrid catacombs." "Speaking of which" interjected Rainbow Dash "anypony know which way is out?"After many hours of navigating the labyrinth of catacombs under Jerusalem, the seven ponies managed to make their way to the private jet provided for them by the Brotherhood and soon arrived at the Brotherhood's headquarters in Vatican City. After delivering the Crown to the Brotherhood for safekeeping it was time for the victory party Pinkie Pie had proposed.As it just so happened the Brotherhood of Light, in gratitude for not only saving the world from Satan but also retrieving a lost holy relic for the Vatican's private museum, managed to pull some strings and got them all reservations at the best nightclub in Rome. Pinkie Pie was ecstatic, as she had never gotten a chance to throw a party outside of Ponyville before, let alone in a world other than Equestria. So as you can imagine, she went all out for this party.She made sure to mix in the best qualities that Equestrian and Italian parties had to offer. There was a buffet with lots of Italian food, chiefly vegetarian stuff as Equestrian ponies, much like Earth equines, were herbivores by nature. A dance floor for people, and ponies, to dance to remixes of classical Italian folksongs, performed of course by Pinkie Pie herself. And even a bar where folks could sample some of the finest wines, imported directly from Sicily no less.During the festivities however, Twilight notice Trixie sitting in a corner all by herself sipping a small wine glass. Taking a glass of her own in her aura, Twilight walked over to Trixie's location. "What's wrong Trixie?" Twilight asked meekly. Trixie looked up suddenly as if startled by Twilight's presence. Upon seeing who it was however she seemed to calm down and said calmly "nothing. I was just thinking."Twilight smiled at Trixie’s foregoing referring to herself in the third person. To Twilight, that usually seemed to be a sign that Trixie was being totally honest and speaking straight from her heart. "About what?" Twilight asked. Trixie simply turned away as if ashamed to look at Twilight and shook her head. "It's nothing" she said. "You probably wouldn't understand anyway."Twilight arched one eyebrow and grinned knowingly. "Trixie" she said "I completed a spell that even Starswirl the Bearded himself couldn't finish. I think there's actually very little I can’t understand." Trixie looked up timidly at Twilight as if she were a filly about to be lectured by her mother. Gradually however the cyan unicorn smiled. "Well" she began "it's just that throughout this whole ordeal, despite everything I've done to you in the past, you and your friends were always there for me. No matter how hard the situation, you always came through for me in the end."Twilight smile became more friendly at that point. "Maybe I just think everypony deserves a second chance" she said. Trixie took a sip of her wine glass to cover-up her hesitation before speaking again. "Do you think" she began "that it’s too late for us to be friends?" Twilight placed a comforting whoofe on Trixie's shoulder. "A certain somepony once taught me it's never too late to make friends." It felt kind of fullish to say it but Trixie said it anyway. "Are you sure?" Twilight gave a joyous laugh. "Positively. You've already started. You could have just as easily taken Satan up on his offer. But you didn't. And I think that more than shows that you're a good pony at heart."Without warning, Trixie suddenly flung her forelegs around Twilight's neck and began sobbing into it. Through Trixie's sobs, Twilight caught a faint whisper of Trixie saying "thank you." Twilight smiled and wrapped her forelegs around Trixie in return. "That's quite alright" she whispered back.Just then the door to the club opened and the music and dancing stopped as if someone had hit the pause button on a game controller. Standing in the doorway was Simon himself. Most surprising of all, rather than wearing his traditional vampire hunter uniform, which was usually the only thing he ever wore when he was outside the Brotherhood's headquarters and consisted of a brown sleeveless shirt trimmed in brown fir, brown short pants, a golden belt, upon which hung his deadly arsenal of vampire hunting tools and his famous Vampire Killer whip, brown leather boots also trimmed in fir and a brown headband, the legendary vampire hunter instead wore a brown overcoat over a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes."What?" said Simon in his Scottish accent, looking around at the assembly of partygoers who were as silent as if they had just seen a ghost. "Am I too late to join the party?" "Simon?" exclaimed Rainbow Dash "what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back at the church praying or something?" Simon arched an eyebrow at the pegasus' query. "The Bible doesn't say anything about a servant of God not enjoying a good party once in a while" said Simon with a smile and a laugh."Even our Lord Jesus Christ indulged in a bit of revelry. Or have yu ner seen the Last Supper? " "Ant that the faeast he attended before he diyd?" Applejack remarked in her Appaloosaian drawl. "Well you know what they say, love" shrugged Simon. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow yu may die. Besides, he came back again didn't he?" For a split second there was silence and then Rainbow Dash burst out laughing."And they say priests have no sense of humor" she laughed. "Technically I'm a paladin" corrected Simon. "Whatever" drawled Dash. At that very second, Pinkie Pie came out of the kitchen carrying an oven tray on her head. "Oh, Simon, you're here, good" cried Pinkie excitedly. "You're just in time to try my new cookie recipe." With that, Pinkie placed the cookie tray on a nearby table and cried out "come and get it."Everyone immediately rushed to the table and saw that all of the cookies were in the shape of little crucifixes. "Do you like them?" asked Pinkie with her familiar wide grin plastered on her muzzle. "I thought they would be appropriate in case Simon decided to join us." "Wait" inquired Trixie "you knew Simon would be joining us? " "No" said Pinkie "I didn't KNOW Simon would be coming. But I HOPED he would. So I took the liberty of making these cookies just in case he did decide to come. Of course I couldn’t be certain he would come because he might have had to attend mass or something. But "always be prepared" Granny Pie used to teach me. And I thought it would be cool to try baking cookies in the shape of crosses just for fun. Because you know fun is my middle name. Well, actually my middle name is Diane. But if it were up to me I'd certainly like to be called Pinkamine Fun Pie. Oh, not that I mind having Diane is a middle name. I think it's a very pretty name. I think almost everything should be named Diane. Oh, but thin we probably wouldn't be able to tell one pony from another. And that would just be so confusing."Pinkie rambled on leaving the rest of the assembled guests to feel as breathless as if her constant jabbering was sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Simon, Twilight and her other four friends however decided to ignore their hyperactive compatriot and just dig into the cookies. When Trixie recovered from Pinkie Pie's long tirade of commentary she managed to find breath enough to ask Twilight "is she always that energetic?" "You have no idea" remarked Twilight with a mouth full of cookie."I still don't understand how she could have anticipated the possibility of Simon showing up at this little fiasco" Trixie remarked. "Beats me" said Applejack nonchalantly. "That pony is au mystery wrapped in an enigma with au side of conundrum." "But hay" shrugged Rainbow Dash "we love her all the more because of it." "Yeah" said Pinkie, appearing so suddenly at Trixie sighed that the young show pony nearly jumped out of her skin. "And without a Pony like me live would just be too dull." "Amen to that Pinkie" laughed Simon. Then everyone else laughed, even Trixie.The End.
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