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This is a starwars group set in all eras and all fandoms and continuities allowed. Jedi,Sith,Republic,Seperatist,Imperial,Rebel.. its all good here, you can focus on any single character or a entire government. Its all allowed.

It is the clone wars.. While the War rages on other Militant groups rise up to take advantage of the Republics preoccupation with the droid armies. The Republic First Army is pulled off the front lines to deal with these insurgents. The first clones of the republic army. Have been regulated to a Anti-insurgancy/Piracy taskforce. SCC-01 Hunter commands this task force from his Venator cruiser the Defender

But almost 80 years later the Empire and the New Republic have fallen to a new sith empire baring the banners and methods of over 4000 years prior.. the New Sith Empire.. has planted the flag on coruscant and resurrected the dreaded starforge.. The Sith Fleet numbers in the millions..


No Slash/Crack
No inapporpriate pics
No Flaming or calling people unoriginal
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Star Wars

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The original featured folder is now full according to reports from members, I have created a new folder, Featured 2.0 with the same settings (as best I could) as the original Featured folder. Please submit your art to this new folder.
Sorry for my lack of attention lately but here is something for you all to discuss…

You read it right.. Disney owns Star Wars and is now looking to pump out the 7th, 8th and 9th movies.

Thoughts on this development?

Personally unless the 'Sequel Trilogy' as some are calling it, is based on EU Novels.. its not gonna work. Given that the classic actors are too old/have prior commitments/want nothing to do with SW. Disney/Lucasfilm are toying with a potential bomb that will make any disagreement with the Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars cartoon look like nothing..

Why can't they do something based on either Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando or Force Unleashed.. there's settings that many people probably would rather see then a blind jump into a era that is no longer possible.
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Darth Benderous1 by Naarok0fKor  
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I would like to post a Darth Vader/star wars crossover commission I had done for me here its a three piece diorama but I posted it as individual pieces. I just don't know how to submit it? Would anyone be able to help me with that or view my gallery and request to add to group gallery for all members to enjoy it?
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the featured folder seems to have hit it's size limit
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Who of you play Star Wars Commander (it's a app)
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Hello my friends! Thanks for affiliate. I really love Star Wars movies! The Dark Side is of course better. Sith for ever. This group is amazing, 'cause in this gallery we can find beautiful arts. If you're interested you can join my group about many other good movies. Check this out:BestMovies
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Thanks for adding me my fellow Sith. I hope you all enjoy my renderings of our greatest of Lords (imo) Darth Nihilus! Thanks again!
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More Casting Rumors From Star Wars: Episode VII!

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I'm co-founder of your affiliated group #StarWars4Ever
I wondered if you could promote our Sith-contest… ?
Thank you so much in advance!
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Saoirse Ronan Reveals More About Her Audition For Star Wars Episode VII!


Earlier this week, young actress, "Saoirse Ronan" confirmed a report from September that she had auditioned for Disney's greatly anticipated, "Star Wars: Episode VII". The actress recently opened up about her audition in a recent interview, revealing that she isn't sure now if it was a good idea that she talked about the audition to the general public as of yet . . .


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Anyone know of any good Star Wars RPGs like D and D (I already have a swtor account)or a fanfiction that uses original characters?
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