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Folder list

This is the list of folders on the gallery. Please submit deviations to the correct group.

Different New Mutants teams have their own folder according to the period they were from.

There is also a folder for villains and other teams.

Deviations that include mature content should always go to the "Mature Content" folder. They should follow deviantART's guidelines about what is allowed and what is not. Deviations that fail to comply with deviantART's rules will be deleted from the gallery.

Classic New Mutants: The original group, plus the first new members.
From the time they stayed at Xavier's School.

Graduate New Mutants: The group from the time they left the school (not necessarily "graduated", though). This would include the X-Factor/ X-Terminator kids and the Cable period.

X-Force:The classic X-Force group, consisting of the old New Mutants.

New X-Men: From the 2003 New Mutants series, including the name change to New X-Men.
The phase when the old team became teachers.

Utopia New Mutants: The current team.

Jean Grey School: For the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

New Charles Xavier School: For the students of the New Charles Xavier School.

The Kids on Other Teams: New Mutants characters while being part of other teams (Sam in X-Men, Rahne in X-Factor, Bobby in Fallen Angels). Use this folder for character from similar young hero teams (like Generation X, Hellions or X-Force) when they are part of other teams, like the New Warriors or Avengers.

Hellions: The Hellfire Club Hellions.

Villains: Villains the New Mutants have battled (except the Hellions, they have their own folder).

What If: New Mutants characters from alternate realities. These include Age of Apocalypse, Age of X, House of M and other universes.

Redesigns: New Mutants characters redesigned by you. It can be a costume redesign or even a complete makeover of the concept. Gender changes go in this folder, as well.

Generation X: Not really "New Mutants", but the Generation X kids deserve a place to shine, too.

Mature Content: Any deviation that includes mature content goes here. Deviations must adhere to deviantART's rules at all times.

Original Characters: Deviations containing NM-related original characters should be submitted to this folder.

Gallery Folders

Wolfsbane's Dream by alystraea
Mirage by Sirspamdalot
X-Men: Anole and Rockslide by bernce
Cypher and Warlock by olybear
Classic New Mutants
Daily Sketches Warlock by fedde
Ready to dance by Cesar-Hernandez
Sunspot Commission by LucianoVecchio
Warlock from the New Mutants  by Number1Exile
Graduate New Mutants
Glory of love by Cesar-Hernandez
Boom Boom and Cannonball - Young Love (Color) by Dristin007
Wolfsbane - A Father's Sin (Color) by Dristin007
Cameron Hodge and Wolfesbane - Extinction Agenda by Dristin007
Metltdown Colors by Sketch64
Dazzling New Year by olybear
X-Force Xmas, Circa 1993 by olybear
Warpath - Bear Fight (Color) by Dristin007
New X-Men
Armor by Inspector97
Love is in the air, no, really by Cesar-Hernandez
Hellion [New X-Men] by Wiz-Dan
No One Likes a Prodigy by tapwater86
Utopia New Mutants
M is for Mirage Alphabetical Xmen Inktober by sebcarey
09062018 Karma by guinnessyde
Pixie (X-Men) by FeydRautha81
Pixie (Megan Gwynn) custom action figure by Jedd-the-Jedi
Jean Grey School
Idie by miss-eva-strange
Oya and Broo by BlitheFool
Blud Shot: First issue edition (pt.1) by Ebenaceae
Class Photo by BlitheFool
New Charles Xavier School
Tempus 2019 by MateusPonara
EvaTempusC1 by TULIO19mx
Uncanny X-men by miss-eva-strange
Stepford Cuckoos by miss-eva-strange
The Kids on Other Teams
fighting with you by lesny-totem
Tomorrow, we'll get you some decent clothes by Cesar-Hernandez
Hellion by micahdraws
Wolfsbane by Fpeniche
Manuel et Marie-Ange by Cesar-Hernandez
Greetings, Fellow Furperson! by RMan021
Hellion Cypher by Cesar-Hernandez
Inktober 2018 Day 12: Legion by Atomic-Chinchilla
What If
Domino + Shatterstar by tapwater86
Commission 0021, Sunspot by Cesar-Hernandez
Generation X
Jubilee (90s) by FeydRautha81
Mature Content
Rusty's shared room by Cesar-Hernandez
Original Characters
Los Nuevos Mutantes: El Glifo! By Dreamgate GAD! by Estonius
Non-Marvel Crossovers
Commission 0089, Warlock and Catseye by Cesar-Hernandez







Hello, everyone.

First of all, thanks for keeping the New Mutants alive and remembered by sharing all your art.

Second, I want to write a little reminder about the folder categories.

Some are very clear, but there are some that have brought confusion from time to time.

For pictures of the original group we have two folders: Classic New Mutants and Graduate New Mutants. Those are meant for pics of the NM only during very specific periods. The first one is from the start until right before the X-Terminators joined. The second one is from when the X-Terminators joined until right before the team became X-Force. So pics of Rahne on X-Factor should NOT go into these folders, even if Rahne is an original member.

Another folder is one I just renamed today. Formerly known as "New Mutants - Other Teams", it is now The Kids on Other Teams. This is for members of any of the X-related teen teams we handle, but once they are no longer part of those teams. Take Angelica Jones from the Hellions. Once she is a New Warrior or an Avenger, she can go to this folder. Same for Jubilee on the New Warriors or Rahne on X-Factor.

The What If folder has also brought some mild confusion at times. This is ONLY for official alternate universes, published by Marvel, like the Age of Apocalypse or Age of Ultron. If you have a story where the heroes assembled in different teams and all that, this does not go into this folder. It would more likely fit better on the Redesigns folder.

At the moment, the New Mutants from the upcoming movie would count as an official What If universe, but I think they will merit their own folder so I should be creating one shortly.

As for Generation X, I think a new folder can be created for the more recent team. I have sadly not read it yet, so, do you all think there is something that sets that team apart from the original and that we could use as part of the folder name? If so, please share your thoughts here.

For the Original Characters folder, they have to be clearly related to the New Mutants. Please do not drop any super hero or even mutant character you have in this folder.

And for Non-Marvel Crossovers, this is where you can put Cypher with Mazinger, or Dani, Illyana and Rahne with the Powerpuff Girls.

Thanks for reading all of this. Let's bring this group to new heights together.
People, please read the descriptions of each folder before submitting anything.

Each one specifies which characters can go there, and from what period.

As an example, Rahne can only be in the "Classic New Mutants" folder if she is from the period from the start of the book until before the X-Terminators joined.

Do not submit blindly anymore.

Thanks for helping us get all of this wonderful New Mutants content.
I just found these out this week.

They are two music videos featuring Dazzler and/or Lila Cheney and the New Mutants. It is so evident they were made with love for these characters.

Go to to watch them.
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tigerfangart Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
I feel the need to gripe about X-Men: Blue # 7. What - the crap - was THAT?  The whole "Havok, Wolfsbane, Firestar et al are the bad Guy's minions" crap would be bad enough, but what the hell did they do to Rahne?  What's with her weird hands?  Who thought it was a good idea to give her the power to turn into a bunch of wolves somehow?  How hard can I kick Cullen Bunn?  
Cesar-Hernandez Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't read that, but it sounds bad from what you describe.

One thing is to come up with new ideas, but another is to simply have dumb ideas that should not be approved at all. They are just that bad.
tigerfangart Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017
New ideas are fine, but not just random throw crap at the wall ideas until something sticks.  
tjwing80 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Just want to share the New Mutants Facebook Fan Page:…
Cesar-Hernandez Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, TJ.

I'm just seeing this now, sorry (I spend more time in the gallery than in the front page).

Do you know the managers?

I wonder why they upload files to their own albums when they would be doing a greater service by sending fans to the original sources.

In my case, not only do I upload to DeviantArt, but also to my own Facebook profile, so there is no need to have anyone else upload copies on FB when they could post a link instead.

I am sure there are many other people who would feel the same. Unless explicitly stated by each picture's artist, I do not want to have anyone believe that it is cool to just take pictures from the group to populate a totally unrelated album somewhere else. :(

I wish they could give all of these artists some good increase in visitors, and not just take their art away. :'(
Butzengear Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I've been accepted!  Woot!  :)  Thanks very much!
Cesar-Hernandez Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for not replying before. Thanks for joining and please share your art with us. :D
AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't find the join button, but I am using a tablet 😕
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thanks for adding my art !! ;-)
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