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Welcome to NAL

If you want to be recognized and spread the joy of your artwork this is the group for you!

:damphyr: What we do...

:bulletpurple: We try to have at least one contest or optional assignments.
:bulletpurple: We allow 2 submissions per week. Adding to faves folder is unlimited!
:bulletpurple: We advertise a no decline policy for the artistic level of the piece or ability of the artist.
:bulletpurple: If you ask us, we will tell you why we declined your work.
:bulletpurple: The Feature Folder has its own rules. Read more here.
:bulletpurple: All art is accepted here: fanart, oc, photography, written, cosplay, code/journal, pixel... If you don't see a folder for your work, let us know so we can fix the problem or direct to and existing folder.

:damphyr: Basic Rules

:bulletblue: Your piece may be declined if it is submitted to the wrong folder, submitted multiple times, already in the group, breaking DA rules, hardcore ecchi or tasteless, possible theft/copyright infringement, too violent, or pornography. We reserve the right to use our discresion as well as to add/remove/modify submission guidelines as necessary.
:bulletblue: Anything you submit for a contest or for the group to use should include our icon and what it is for in the artist comments.
:bulletblue: The rules are subject to change as always, so make sure you watch our journals to make sure you are up to date. ^^

If you have any issues with the group, an admin, a member, or anything else group related, please note one of the great admins here on staff. If they cant fix, it message our great founder, KizunaYui-Studios, or chaos-azrael immediately!

That’s all folks! Have fun in the group and happy submitting!!! Any questions or need for clarifications, just comment on this journal. :heart:

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