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hello i'm for any animator willing to an animation of a NSFW comic i have if anybody is interested contact me here and we can discos it on dicord 

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Anyone else upset that dA is slowly killing animation? :( Larger gifs don't have preview images anymore, they're just a still image with "gif" in the corner....
Hey Y'all! Char Whaley Here and I need help on my first short film, Nymph, It's going to be toon-shaded CGI, with some 2D animations kinda similar to My college professor, Jesse Cowan's film, Little Wolf- The Night Trail and Roger Allen's film, The Prophet. It might take 6-9 months to produce the film, depending on everyone's time. It will be done using Blender for 3D models, rigging, and animation and Kitra for 2D animation, and backgrounds and Visual Effects. As for music and sound effects, I need a musician, but mostly I'll find the sound effect online and do most of the Pre-Production, myself. It's an unpaid project, so feel free to send your resume and portfolio to my Email
I'm actually requesting a collab for my project. But I'm only doing an unpaid collab because of not not having any money to pay for anyone.   

  Requesting a collab for my projectHello everyone, today I'm requesting a collaboration with other artists and animators for my project that's called Historical Journey of Music and TV. But there's one problem, I can't actually anyone to do this collab so I'm doing this as an unpaid collab. The reason is that I don't have any money to pay them and I didn't lose money because some people assume that i do have money but lost it, while I actually never had any. I hope that you'll understand why I can't pay and are still willing to do this free collab. You can check out my YouTube channel and wiki fandom to know more about my project. Also, I've made a doc of exclusive BTS storyboards for HJOMATV. Fandom wiki of PWM: to the document: in the collaboration: I'll send you sketches of the art\animation framesLine the sketched drawings Use the color picks from a color sheet that I sent to you and fill in the frames Send me the final\colored drawings so that I can composite them in an editing software.Hopefully, you're interested in collaborating with me on this project and you can dm me or leave in the comments if you have questions about this collaboration. You can also audition for a voice role in the CCC link. Sincerely yours, PrettyYandere690