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Remembering September 11th, 2001 by Nevturrex Remembering September 11th, 2001 :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 5 0 Dark by Nevturrex Dark :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 0 0 140,033 I've been marked by Nevturrex 140,033 I've been marked :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 0 0
Silver light Ch 3
The silver dragon began to come to but as he did so, something was amiss. He could no longer feel Arin pressed up against his side so he prompted to open his eyes. What poured into his vision confused and startled him. He was no longer beneath the forested canopy with high branches and green leaves but under something much more sinister. The sky was eclipsed in black and the ground was not grassy nor was it covered in freshly fallen leaves. Instead, hard tiny rocks that had been ground down into grains the size smaller than a flea by the wind. "Sand?" He thought bewildered and this strange environment. "Why is there sand?”
Getting up, the silver dragons paws sank into the tan substance. Taking a step forward to free himself from its rocky grip, he looked around at his surroundings only to become even more confused. He spotted trees to his left but when his vision cleared entirely, he realized something was wrong with them. The leaves were not green but
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WIP House (Updated) by Nevturrex WIP House (Updated) :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 1 4 Embarrassment and Farming Equipment... what? by Nevturrex Embarrassment and Farming Equipment... what? :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 0 1
Silver Light Chap 2
If you do not wish to read my story then don't, I'm not stopping you. But if you do, then please leave a comment. Enjoy
A gentle breeze rustled leaves and made grass blades sway by its feather light touch. A groan came from somewhere beneath the rocking branches of one of the trees. Little pinpricks of light made their way through the leaves and onto the ground beneath the tree. Some of these rays never made it to the ground; they landed on Conor's face eliciting a groan from him.
Conors first reaction when he started to come too was to turn away from the light; but he didn't expect what happened next to occur.  A wave of pain spiked through his neck as he attempted to shy away from the light. He tried to yell in pain but nothing came out. With fear beginning to course through his mind, his eyes shot open but he instantly regretted it.  The light instantaneously blinded him and he quickly closed them almost as soon as they were opened. Waiting a moment f
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Silver light chap 1
If you do not wish to read my story then don't, I'm not stopping you.  Enjoy
It was early in the in the morning when a young man decided to take a stroll into the pine forest. His previous day's events and lack of sleep had taken their toll on him and he was just happy to finally be able to be alone. The young man had always been slightly different from the others and they made sure it was known. Though, they never messed with him because of what he was capable of. It was generally just insults of this and that but the past few days had been different. One of his classmates had the audacity to try and knock him over; it failed horribly and the one who tried was left with a glare that would never be forgotten.
The young man strode into a clearing with a single large rock dominating the center of it. He strode over to the rock, sat down and shirked off his bag. Letting it tumble towards the edge of the boulder before grabbing it. Moving it next to him, opened it and
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Fullmetal LOL by Nevturrex Fullmetal LOL :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 6 8 1 hr 53 min by Nevturrex 1 hr 53 min :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 0 12 Valued hand by Nevturrex Valued hand :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 0 0 Buni with stars by Nevturrex Buni with stars :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 1 2 sunset by Nevturrex sunset :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 1 0 Halo 4 stamp by Nevturrex Halo 4 stamp :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 3 0 The preamble by Nevturrex The preamble :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 2 0 skyrim stamp by Nevturrex skyrim stamp :iconnevturrex:Nevturrex 8 0


Corruption AU - Pink Diamond Corrupted Form by Tytoquetra Corruption AU - Pink Diamond Corrupted Form :icontytoquetra:Tytoquetra 27 0 [C] A New Friend by Tytoquetra [C] A New Friend :icontytoquetra:Tytoquetra 55 5 Hello There by hibbary Hello There :iconhibbary:hibbary 2,787 277 [C] Extasy by VolVokun [C] Extasy :iconvolvokun:VolVokun 182 40 It's cold by Neytirix It's cold :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,216 54 Deinocheirus family by damir-g-martin Deinocheirus family :icondamir-g-martin:damir-g-martin 404 47
[TWWM] Chupi 24 - Where Clouds Fade into Snow
The two Esk were still busy interacting with the curious kakapos when they felt their senses wash away ever so slowly, just like losing consciousness. They managed to exchange one worried look with each other before they were cloaked in darkness for the fraction of a second and then immediately met with a piercing cold.
Chupi’s fur stood up in bristles and the little golden ball of fluff that he had turned into quickly levitated over to where Krümel was standing to find warmth in the bigger Esks nape fur.
Chupi nestled himself into Krümel’s thick coat right next to the skunk that sniffled at him curiously.
"You don't mind, do you? Where are we?", he poked his head out of Krümel’s fur and examined the surroundings. Around them were the snow-covered peaks of a jagged mountain range. They were almost on the summit of one of them. A harsh breeze picked up the loose snow and swirled it around in the air. The small icy particles reflected the sunlight which m
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Age of Heroes: Shattered Time (Snippet #2)
A rushing sensation surging through her jolted Crona awake. Her breath caught itself in her throat as she shot straight up, eyes wide and darting around her chamber. For just a split-second, it felt like she couldn’t breathe.
It took a moment to register that she was not, in fact, waking up from enemies attacking, and several more to settle down, reminding herself that she was, for the most part, safe in her home.  
Most mornings had been the same since that horrific battle. Had she the ability, she would have expected to wake up in cold sweat with each recurring nightmare – just like the mammals, she had read about. Nights like the last had her wrestling in her sleep, kicking her bed-rocks about the room. Today though, only a few had fled to other places on the earth-packed floor.  
The polished stones shone in the beams of sunlight glinting through the cracks of the closed wooden shutters. The smell of burnt candles still hung heavily in the stale air. She had f
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Solus by DanSyron Solus :icondansyron:DanSyron 730 49 CertoxCrona (AOH Q/A Stream requests) by vonPipkin CertoxCrona (AOH Q/A Stream requests) :iconvonpipkin:vonPipkin 33 15 Old AOH sketches 1 by Spartan-029 Old AOH sketches 1 :iconspartan-029:Spartan-029 53 53 How to become an artist - Tutorial by Syvaender How to become an artist - Tutorial :iconsyvaender:Syvaender 184 98 Home by Akoriel Home :iconakoriel:Akoriel 92 15
TBD Chapter 1 Prologue
The Blue Dragon
Disclaimer: I own nothing except my characters. Other canon characters are owned by their respective companies.
Exclaimer: To people who don't like the story, just don't read it.
Chapter 1
It was a nice day. There was a gentle breeze that rolled up the streets. The trees swayed merrily, following the direction of the wind. There were cars that went down the streets as the mothers and fathers went to their jobs; along with a yellow school bus that stopped at designated houses to pick up the kids.
As the people did their Monday morning routine, a fifteen year old kid was preparing for school inside his room.
"Demex! Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" shouted a voice that came from downstairs.
"Yes mom!" replied Demex Windsor as he fixed his cobalt blue t-shirt and donned on his backpack. He quickly but carefully saved the tabs on his browser (laptop), and turned the power off. He rushed out of his room and went down the staircase. He ran into the kitchen as
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not exactly legal by Syvaender not exactly legal :iconsyvaender:Syvaender 26 17


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