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Essence Of Happiness

By nevs28
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It can't be defined in words and images alone, even an ounce of it can be greatly felt when it's shared with people around us ....
our families, friends, loved ones .. because, those are the moments that set us free ..

..... in the end, true happiness lies within you.

10 days, working on this piece taught me how to let myself go ....

technical : done using photoshop CS5, mouse

tools : pen tool for character blocking, my custom brushes for waves, smudge brush for shape blendng, adjustment layers for color toning, lots and lots of layer blending modes for subtle color mixing, toning.

original resolution - 7500 x 5115

after hours of searching for a reference image, one in particular caught my attention ... from then on, i knew exactly what i wanted to do ...

with all my love, i thank you for viewing ..

- neville
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Thank you so much! :love:
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Truly a masterpiece!
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thank you buddy! \m/
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made me very happy :love: thanks a lot friend :hugs:
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is this a quote from somewhere? it's beautiful
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thank you so much Joanna ... 
the quote is my own ...

wasn't able to come up with something to bind with the artwork ...
the next morning when i went to church ...  it all came to me .. 
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It's great to have your own inspirational moments instead of always stemming from others' :)

I wrote it down ^^ It means a lot to me
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words are always swimming in my head ... when i travel .. when working ... cooking .. listening to music ...

i think i need to write them down somewhere ... a secret book or something .... 
else they slip away 
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I always imagine stories in my head. Every day I think up different scenarios. I never write them down though, only quotes and questions that I think of. Sometimes I wish I could record all my thoughts, but I am afraid that I will not be able to represent my thoughts well and that it will limit my imagination.

Good for you, though ^^ 
Where is a place you've traveled to that you really love?
And oooo cooking c:

I listen to music that I find soothing and it calms me down, but I really love songs with good lyrics. That's one thing I write down. I categorize songs depending on the meaning of their lyrics.
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don't be afraid .. 

Initially the thought and the painting ( half way through ) may not be at a certain level ... but you can work it out .. or .. make it better than what was imagined.

I went on a trek last year .. it was my first ( high altitude camping .. insanely cold .. ) also, my cel phone was dead throughout the trip. But still, the experience was out of the ordinary and i want to do it again ... 

Music is the heart of it all ... i listen to specific tracks when working on a painting. Helps with the emotion.
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Thank you c: I'll try to take it one step at a time.

Oh wow. I would be very scared if I went through something like that, but it's certainly something completely distant from our everyday lives. Where was this? And did you go with others?

Mhmm. Songs really help set the mood. I was interested in animation at one point because I wanted to make videos for songs where I could draw my representation.
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Thats really good! 

The trek was at Jim Corbett national park, uttarakhand, India. I had gone with two of my friends and there were four others who joined in.
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This image is really conveying the feeling of happiness, I don't think I have ever seen it expressed so accurately!
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God bless you Helene!!your words :love: meant a lot \m/

next piece coming soon! stay tuned!
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You're welcome, I love your style :)
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I found this image perfect to put on my blog. I already have it there, with the link under it off course. I don't know if you like me to have it there, so can you please give me your permission? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Hey Cristina ... sure no problem :)
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Thank you so much. Wish you all the best ;-)
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most welcome! n thank you! :}
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