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Hey, my website is back! :)

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I'm not interested...
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Are you doing a 365 days (or a 52 weeks) project?

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If yes, let me know because I really liked to follow it ;)
And here is how I do it:
And my Day 1 New Year by DorottyaS
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13 min read
mix it up by young-fascination
Red Star by CloverSpyF It's been awhile by CloverSpyF Heart Of The Song by BlackJack0919
two boats by Polin-Sam<da:thumb id="420191810"/> Season's Greetings Snail cards 2 by MichelleRamey
Cityhop - Rona in Berlin by noukka
Baltic Sea I by Inside-my-ART claudia 4 by chillione<da:thumb id="419332926"/> .May all your dreams come true. by Nonnetta Fall by loLO-o
booky by papayasweet take a walk by chillione<da:thumb id="417135992"/>

<da:thumb id="417749285"/> The Happy Couple by Pinkie-Perfect<da:thumb id="420011614"/>
<da:thumb id="420012937"/> hannah by curlytops Peaceful Blue by little-billie
Untitled by eulalievarenne
<da:thumb id="419530914"/> .Love is sharing. by Nonnetta Moments by EbruSidarPortrait
you must know by Writto<da:thumb id="421031941"/> unfulfilled desires, longing admirers by chantal-olivia

will you dance with me by bebefromtheblock in fog we live by Writto The people that walk with their heads downwards... by eulalievarenne
<da:thumb id="406397027"/><da:thumb id="416661569"/> Haze by pqphotography
Autumn fall by Pensieri
<da:thumb id="420368838"/><da:thumb id="419378805"/> It's the imperfections that make things beautiful by BlueColoursOfNature village window by chantal-olivia Drama by halucynowa
hiding place by meyrembulucek my laura girl by chantal-olivia Heart Jump by thesashabell
Come to me by bittersweetvenom
Out, out, brief candle by cloduy That time of year 2 by cloduy<da:thumb id="400968078"/> Addicted to love by wonderland1
Squirrel by cloduy Martha by wonderland1<da:thumb id="412090615"/>
48.52 - Vintage air. by mylittlebluesky
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12 min read
Hey, I haven't done any feature since summer and I really missed it. So here is one, and I want to make one or two more journal entry with beautiful art in the next few days :)
I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

hanging lights II by torobala
<da:thumb id="421710565"/> Circled by Emmatyan love is blind by hazumonster hidden kiss by StopScreamGraphy Christmas Tangles by Sarah-BK
Rivers and Roads by mindreader-x galleries by She-hates-mondays<da:thumb id="352445372"/>
lost in a dream by photoflake
<da:thumb id="421645053"/> sunny december by all17<da:thumb id="421617130"/>
Circled by Emmatyan<da:thumb id="421915294"/> Take Me Away by parvanaphotography

<da:thumb id="421507039"/> White and Brown by paulisa<da:thumb id="385336823"/>
<da:thumb id="421392047"/> Dance Me to the End of Love by mistinesseye Isabelle by EmilySoto<da:thumb id="421159507"/>
 orange autumn by mechtaniya
calm by TanjaMoss Bedroom by AshiMonster<da:thumb id="403333699"/>
A Very Long Distance by ACloudHouse We are Limitless by ACloudHouse Dancer II by MatsHolmberg
Dornroeschen by LisaDenise

<da:thumb id="421233343"/><da:thumb id="421229062"/>
51.52 - The last but one by head-in-the-cloud Sang Bleu by Nariscuss communion* by AlicjaRodzik
L O V E by catchingfyre
<da:thumb id="421159565"/> 51.52 -  The missing piece of love. by mylittlebluesky herbstkinder by riskonelook
<da:thumb id="420067829"/> August and a cup of tea by Dynyasha<da:thumb id="362894895"/>
Memory by Vladimir-Serov
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Big news

2 min read
First, it's very surprising to write this journal with the Writer. When did this happen? I know I'm not writing to much in my journal, but still... Anyway, I hope it will be easier to edit my journal entries :)

But this isn't really important. The important thing is, that my website is working! Yes, I made a website in total secret :) It's not perfect yet, I don't have gallery at the moment, but it is a bigger problem and my boyfriend and I don't really have time to solve it. But if you know a great - and free - gallery for WordPress, don't be shy and share with me :)

Here is a little preview, just click on the picture to see my sweetie :) I was waiting for this place so long. The place, where are all my photoblog stuffs together, and I can write blog posts about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I wan't to share so many thing with YOU! Photography tips, life style tips, opinions, inspiring stuffs and so much more! So please, check my website, and feel free to write comments :) And tell me what you think about it, because I really need help to make it a perfect place :)

So this is the big news! Writer is pretty good.

Have a wonderful day!
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Feature by DorottyaS, journal

Feature by DorottyaS, journal

Big news by DorottyaS, journal

Second DD! :) by DorottyaS, journal

Final exams are over, it's time for FEATURE by DorottyaS, journal