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Gimp Palettes

Some GIMP palettes.

For those new to GIMP.
After downloading the zip file, unzip the contents into any folder. There are 11 files with .gpl (Gimp palette) extension. Copy the ones you want to use into :

C:\Documents and Settings\your user name here\.gimp-version here\palettes (in windows)

Do not copy the folders to GIMP palettes folder. GIMP does not look in sub-folders.

To open the palettes.
1-Use Windows > Disabled dialogs > Pallets.
2-Double click on the ones you intend to use.

To use the palette with Inkscape, copy palette file into appropriate directory. usually ...\inkscape\share\palettes

You can also use the above image as touch palette, used with color picker in any application.

Other GIMP addons by me: [link]

Here is a bit more detailed instructions from ~lily64

I am a Gimp nuvie (I just installed GIMP 2.8.0 and opened it for the first time about 1 hour ago). How's that for new? LOL.

In any case, I am not sure what version of windows are you using but I am assuming is not "Windows 7" which is the version I use and one of the reasons I had a bit of trouble and had to do research to install these palettes. So I wanted to share with you what I learned, in case you want to include this information in you instructions.

first of all the root folder to save the files is:
C:\Users\your user name here\.gimp-version here\palettes (Windows 7 does not have a "C:\Documents and Settings" anymore).

Then, In GIMP, (I don't know if they are the same for any GIMP or other Windows versions) but these are the steps I followed to get the palettes to show.

Open the "Palettes" tool bar
Click "configure this tab" button and select
- Palettes Menu
- Import Palette

In the "Import a New Palette" window

- Select "Palette file" and click the "folder icon"
- double click "your user name"
- double click ".gimp-(your version)"
- double click "palettes"
- select the palette to import
- click "Open"
- click "Import"

Any way, I think this information would be most useful to other "inexperienced" users like me :)

Many thanks go to ~lily64 for instructions.
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Download "Failed-No File" Please re-upload!! :(

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wow, nice! thanks!

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Help? How do I convert a .png to a .gpl?
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Png's are image files.
Gpl's are gimp palette  files.

You can not convert them directly.

1. open your png file.
2. create a new GIMP palette.
3. With color picker, add the colors you like from image to your newly created palette.
4. Save your palette.
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Yeah, that's why I was so confused. gpl's are basically just an open license thingy but GIMP states in their manual to view one and then you'll understand how to convert things from other sources to gpl's. I'm like well...I guess I'm a dumbass because I'm just not seeing how that's freaking possible. Thank you for taking the time, I appreciate it!!
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Thanks for making!
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U R welcome :)
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thank u so much ! c:
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U R welcome :)
Looks very useful and convenient. Scooped the image. Thx. --t
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Thanks! I have tried recently Autodesk Sketchbook Pro -nothing really fancy about it really- the only thing I envy was the cool "copic palettes presets" the program has, now I finally have something like it on Gimp :D Do you have more?
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thank you so much for this, this is exactly what I was looking for. :)
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U R welcome :)
Vry useful, thnx
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U R welcome :)
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A very belated thank-you, I just tried these palettes a little and they're much more comfortable to my eyes than any of the ones I was previously using!
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Very, very nice thank you. Had no trouble with installing..
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I love you. here's a llama!
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Thank you very much for sharing!
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