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Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 11
The Agreste manor was burning throughout the night, the old home of Gabriel Agreste, Nathalie and Gabriel's son Adrien was being reduced to nothing but Ash. The former victims of Gabriel all stood outside the gate in shock and disbelief. Despite the fact that Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth, it was heartbreaking to see the house destroyed. However there were those that felt that Gabriel was a criminal, and he deserved to have his house burned down to the ground. By the time there was nothing left of the house, the sun had began to rise and the day of the graduation ceremony had arrived.
Marinette had awakened from her slumber and she looked at the clock to see that it was 7:45 AM and the ceremony was at 10:00 AM. She moved slowly out of bed and went to the restroom to freshen up. As she finished putting on her clothes and leaving her hair loose, she noticed Wayzz was outside her window.
"Wayzz? What are you doing here? What's going on?" Marinette replied as the turtle Kwami entered
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Mature content
Commission for 1Lahar :iconnevillemadan007:Nevillemadan007 1 2
Mature content
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 10 :iconnevillemadan007:Nevillemadan007 7 0
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 9
Sabine was holding the letter in her hand as Spider-man was watching them from afar. Tony then peaked over her shoulder and saw Tom putting away the dishes as he was closing the shop for the day. He stopped midway when he noticed the Goutie faced man with the sweatpants and sweatshirt combo. Tony told Sabine that this letter was from the one who broke her daughter's heart. Sabine then walked away from Tony and proceeded to head upstairs. Tom looked at Sabine and then back and Tony. He then looked at his watch and realized the dress shop was closing and dashed past Tony who moved to the side letting him pass. Tony then let out a sigh and proceeded to walk away from the shop.
Spider-Man then crawled along the wall of Marinnette's place and peaked through her window. He noticed Sabine was upstairs and was holding the letter that said, "To marinette."
"Who's that letter from?" Spidey wondered. He then noticed Sabine walk away from Marinette after handing her the letter and head down
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Revenge kill by @MegS-ILS  by Nevillemadan007 Revenge kill by @MegS-ILS :iconnevillemadan007:Nevillemadan007 67 7
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 8
Outside of the agreste Mansion, Adrien was sitting on the steps holding a Newspaper with the picture of his father in handcuffs. He soon heard the sound of jet engines and looked up to see Iron Man fly down and land in front of him. His suit then opened up revealing Tony Stark in a casual suit. Adrien looks away and gets up to head inside but he stops midway. He then turns to stark and shows him the paper. Despite the fight that happened between them, Stark was determined to make sure he didn't lose Adrien to evil.
"So this was your plan Stark? To put my dad behind bars?" Adrien started as he waves the newspaper in front of the billionaire. "Tell me all of this is a lie...It has to be!"
Tony then bowed his head and breathed a heavy sigh, "What do you want me to say huh? Do you really think I'm happy about your dad in jail? I'm not." Adrien then took the paper and briefly walked away before stark continued, "Look kid, it was only a matter of time before...his criminal activities
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Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 7
Tom,Sabine,Marinette and Peter were gathered around the living room table ready to have a conversation. This day was full of secrets being revealed; Hawkmoth was exposed as Gabriel Agreste, so Sabine and Tom knew that after watching it on TV. But what really bothered them was their daughter was hiding something; was it a secret romance with Spider-Man...or something else? They knew something was up with their daughter, but now it seems it has reached a boiling point, and they've had enough.
"Marinette, your mom and I are really started to get worried. I know it was four months ago that you were Akumatized and you weren't...yourself since then," Tom said. "But C'mon Marinnette this has to stop the secrecy, the excuses...the lies it has to end!" 
Marinette stood motionless at the words her father said to her. She didn't know what to do next. But then she felt a touch on her shoulder and looked to see Peter nodding in agreement. Marinette sighed and turned to face her parents.
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Miraculous Spider-Man Like Father Like son EP 6
Spider-Man and Marinette were standing together alone on the balcony facing each other ready to talk about what happened in the day. With all that has happened in the last few hours, it was understandable that she was feeling upset. Gabriel Agreste the inspiration for Marinette to become a fashion designer and one of the reasons she crushed on Adrien, was her long time enemy Hawkmoth. Then Mayura had escaped and had almost killed her friend Spider-Man. And finally Adrien the boy of her dreams just broke her heart. She wiped the tears from her face and raised her head up to face Spidey.
"What is it?" Spider-Man asked as he noticed the tear stains on her face.
"Why did you do that? You took the Akuma that was intended for me. Then you were poisoned by Mayura and...That's twice in one day you could've died." Marinette replied crossing her arms.
Spider-Man was a little stunned and bowed his head. "I'm sorry Mari, I didn't want to upset you. I was just looking out for you, and we fin
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Miraculous Spider-Man Like Father Like Son EP 5
Moments earlier, Iron Man was flying through the air, firing repulsor blasts at Chat Noir. Despite his attempts to try and reason with him, Chat ignored his warnings and proceeded to attack Stark. While Spider-Man was falling from the moth creature and ladybug was diving towards him, the clones Mayura created had vanished mid fight with the other guardians. As for Chat Noir noir he was about to strike down Tony when his staff was caught by Iron Man. He then deflected Chat's staff sending it flying into the crowd who ducked out of the way. He then struck Chat with a repulsor blast sending him skidding across the floor. 
Iron Man then hits chat in the lower rib cage, then elbows chat in the face. Next he strikes chat with an uppercut before hitting him in the stomach with a light repulsor attack, causing chat to fall on his knees. Chat looks at Iron Man as he slowly walks up to him. Then he turns to look at his unconscious father and bows his head in sadness. 
"Tony, he'
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Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 4
Hawkmoth was standing outside on the front of the Agreste House with the guardians of Paris Spider-Man and Iron Man all ready to fight. As the newschopper was hovering above the Agreste estate capturing it all on camera, Mayura was watching from an alley way and waited patiently for her chance to strike. Meanwhile there was large gathering of people behind the closed gate, they were each previous victims of Hawkmoth's Akuma's. They all wanted Justice for what Hawkmoth did to them. As for Chat Noir he was still hesitant unsure what was going to happen. The victim's of Hawkmoth were mumbling at the sight of the upcoming battle.
"You know Gabriel, if you'd chosen a different path I would've helped you save emille," Iron man started, which prompted Chat to turn his head in shock towards Iron Man and began to think in his head, "He wanted my miraculous to bring my mom back?"
"Come now stark, You mistake for someone..." Hawkmoth replied but was interrupted by Chat noir.
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Miraculous Spider-Man Like father Like son Ep 3
Flashback One Year ago the collector incident. Ladybug calls Chat Noir to meet up with her to discuss the identity of Hawkmoth. When she tells him that his father Gabriel Agreste is a suspect, he is left shook and overwhelmed with anger. When he asks for proof Ladybug says that she can't but offers a clue, a black butterfly. Once they return to the Agreste estate, The Collector is waiting for them. After a long and hard fought battle, Gabriel is freed but the fact that he fooled ladybug and Chat Noir, only made things tougher for the heroes, leading up to the Miss Fortune incident. End of flashback
Present day
The TV screens all over Paris were transmitting the same feed, Gabriel Agreste was revealed as the infamous supercriminal known as Hawkmoth. While some viewers were in shock, others were skeptical that footage was fake. At the school Marinette and Chloe were helping Spider-Man to the school's health center, while Adrien was still glued to his phone watching the footage in
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Miraculous Spider-man like father like son EP 2
The bell to the school was ringing and the second half of final exams were underway at Françoise Dupont High School. Frantically running through the wall in her civillian attire, Marinette was huffing and puffing so much she almost passed out as she opened the door to Miss Bustier's class. The final exam was an essay which was about what defines a hero. As Marinette studied what Miss Bustier was writing the choices on the board, a light flickered inside of Marinette's head. "Oh I know I can write about Ladybug and Spider-Man. I know a lot about Ladybug of course I am her. But Spider-man...It's gonna be hard to relate to him. But I'll try."
While Marinette was writing her essay for her final grade, Spider-Man landed feet first on the roof of Francoise Dupont looking throughout the courtyard. He scoured the floor and climbed towards the ceiling and crawled. Then he fired a webline from the ceiling and carefully slid down from his web.
"Okay, everything looks clear here,"
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Miraculous Spider-Man Like Father Like son EP 1
Previously..."Miss Fortune was my most powerful Akuma yet. I was so close. But the result is still the same; another failure." He snarled in anger and stares at the window. "You may have gained another Alley ladybug, but he is now a new enemy of mine;Spider-Man. You may have escaped this time Ladybug, but I swear to you the next time will be different!" 
Mayura: "How can you be so sure?" 
Hawkmoth:"I don't know Mayura. What else can I do? I've used every possible Akuma that I could create but all of them have failed. It also doesn't help that Iron Man now has evidence to expose me!"
Mayura:"Perhaps the evidence can be useful, I believe you should take the fall for Adrien."
But the city of Paris will turn against me and my son!"
Mayura: "I'm Counting on it!"
Four Months have passed since the Miss Fortune incident rocked the city of Paris. But now ordered has been restored and Ladybug has returned to save the city from
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Update batman collection  by Nevillemadan007 Update batman collection :iconnevillemadan007:Nevillemadan007 8 6
TT Arkham Knight Ep 16 The End Part 1
Lightning flashed as Raven was flying alone towards the location of the now unmasked Arkham Knight. As she was flying along, she felt her eyes water as tears began to build up. All those years she thought he was dead, Beast Boy was back, but it was so much for her to process, all the criminals he killed, the Arkham Knight persona, always being a step ahead of the titans, and the death of Terra. But the worst of them all was her demon father had used him for a vessel to give him enhanced abilities, to finish off Raven. Raven gritted her teeth in anger as the thought of the one she loved was another puppet of Trigon. The two would settle their battle once and for all in Jump city outside their old pizza hangout place from their early days.
As she landed feet first on the ground, she felt her body lit up. She clenched her arms and groaned. "It hurts doesn't it?" A voice echoed. She looked over her should and saw the Arkham Knight but he was without his mask and the persona was none
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Spiderman/Ladybug the ultimate enemy finale p2
The next morning, Adrien Chloe Nino and Alya arrived back at the hospital where Marinette was staying. Chloe has now since become a new part of the group while Everything was back to normal, but even they knew deep down, it was only a matter of time before Hawkmoth could strike again. As they were stepping off the elevator, they noticed the door to Marrinette's room was slightly open. The kids then looked side to side for the doctors that were walking by. Then Adrien peaked through the corner and saw Marinette was awake and was staring down at Peter parker who was out of his costume.
"Marinette are you..." Adrien started as he walked in the room but was interrupted at the sight of Peter who was still asleep. "Um is he alright?"
Marinette then blushed in embarrassment but looked back at him and the others and said, "He was exhausted and needed a place to crash." She then heard peter groan and look up to see that she was staring back at him.
"Hey sleepy head, we got company." Pete
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A retake on the critique. So Tree-ink actually had done a really good job on his first attempt on Venom. For both Venom and his opponen...

The details of this artwork is amazing. I wish that I was talented like all these other artists. This describes an original fanfic that...


202 deviations
The Agreste manor was burning throughout the night, the old home of Gabriel Agreste, Nathalie and Gabriel's son Adrien was being reduced to nothing but Ash. The former victims of Gabriel all stood outside the gate in shock and disbelief. Despite the fact that Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth, it was heartbreaking to see the house destroyed. However there were those that felt that Gabriel was a criminal, and he deserved to have his house burned down to the ground. By the time there was nothing left of the house, the sun had began to rise and the day of the graduation ceremony had arrived.

Marinette had awakened from her slumber and she looked at the clock to see that it was 7:45 AM and the ceremony was at 10:00 AM. She moved slowly out of bed and went to the restroom to freshen up. As she finished putting on her clothes and leaving her hair loose, she noticed Wayzz was outside her window.

"Wayzz? What are you doing here? What's going on?" Marinette replied as the turtle Kwami entered her room.

"Master fu needs to see you it's urgent." Wayzz responded as Tikki emerged from Marinette's purse. "He was scared when I went to see him."

"But my graduation is in less than a few hours." Marinette groaned in frustration as she looked at the clock to see it was now 8:10AM

"Don't worry Marinette. I'm sure whatever it is Master fu would understand." Tikki replied. 

"Well there's no time to lose. Let's go!" Marinette replied as she then walked down the stairs and left her parent's shop. As she was running towards Master fu's shop, she stopped briefly and stood in shock of Adrien's house reduced to nothing. "What...what happened?" She frantically pulled out her phone and tried to contact Adrien, but then she stopped. After scrolling through the contacts and finding his name, she moved her thumb and pressed the button to put her phone in sleep mode. She bowed her head and sighed as she remembered her fight with Adrien. "She is not the girl of my dreams. Not anymore. It's time for you to leave!" 

Her chain of thought was interrupted when she had received a phone call. She raised her arm with the phone and saw it was Master fu's number on the screen. "Hello?"

"Marinette where are you? How far are you from my shop?" Master fu said on the other end. The tone in his voice was more somber and it had Marinette

"I'm almost there." She replied as she hung up her phone and ran frantically to Master Fu's shop. She opened the door and noticed it had been cleaned out, with the exception being that suitcases were near the door. "Master fu? Are you here?"

The short old man had appeared with the miraculous box and he had sat down inviting Marinette to sit with her.

"I'm leaving Paris with the remaining miraculous. As for the Fox Turtle and Bee miraculous I will be leaving them with you to give to your friends. I know they will not let Paris down. The one called Mayura will try to find me and even if she does, she won't be able to get all of them."

"Master fu...I know about..." Marinette started but was interrupted.

Master fu then chimed in, "I know Marinette. You and Adrien know about each other's identities. And that his father was Hawkmoth."

Marinette bowed her head and sighed, "Master I was a fool. I thought he was the love of my life. But after his father was unmasked, he turned on me and my friends." Master fu stroked his chin and saw that she was frustrated with herself. "If this was the price of being a hero; keeping secrets and not telling the ones we love who we are...then I'm not sure if I want to love again. I want to be with someone who understands me...who knows the struggle of balancing superhero work with normal lives."

Master fu's eyes widened but he smiled and held her hand. "Marinette Love is not that simple. But I think you are capable of doing whatever it takes for the one you love. Whoever he is he's lucky to have met a girl like you." He then remembered the love of his life, Marianne Lenoir. Then he shifted his attention back to Marinette, "Who is he?"

"Huh?" Marinette asked. "Oh his name is Peter Parker. I know I shouldn't say this but, he also is Spider-Man."

"I see," Master fu replied as he continued to stroke his chin. He then looked at his watch on his cell phone and saw that it was 9:20AM. "Well Marinette, I promised you I wouldn't keep you long. You've got a ceremony to attend." 

Marinette nodded in agreement and stood up but not before Master fu took her hands and replied, "You've come a long way since your first battle with Stoneheart. I'm very proud of you and I know you will continue to do the right thing." Marinette was touched that she knelt down and hugged him goodbye. 

"Thank you master." She slowly stood to her feet and exited the shop. Master fu then picked up his bags and slowly opened the door, before he turned the lights off to his shop one last time. 
Françoise Dupont High School
The parents and friends of the graduating class were all gathered in the courtyard sitting in their chairs waiting for their kids to arrive. The courtyard was decorated with streamers and balloon with a congratulations banner. It was a long journey for each of them but they were all ready for the next chapter of their lives. Everyone was there except Adrien. He had requested to have his diploma delivered to his new address, which was kept hidden except to those that were delivering the package to him. Marinette had arrived just in time to see her classmates all dressed up in their gowns. She looked over her shoulder and saw Peter with her parents taking photos of her and friends.

"Hey so, what happened last night at Adrien's place?" Alya then whispered to her. "Peter told me you went into his house and confronted him as Ladybug?"

"Alya...not now please. I don't want to think about last night. I just want to take my mind off of what happened. Sigh. He...told me he was fool for loving me and I'm no longer the girl of his dreams," Marinette replied. 

"Ouch girl...I'm so sorry." Alya replied placing her hand on her shoulder. 

"It's okay Alya, in fact i'm relieved. This was a wake up call, he only loved me because of the mask, not the person who was behind it. So in a way I actually found someone that loves me for being me," Marinette replied. The principal then told all the graduates and their parents to all be seated and the ceremony was under way. When Marinette had got her diploma she walked down the small ramp and saw Peter take pictures of her. She smiled as the light flashed from Peter's camera. But then she was shoved by Lila who rubbed shoulders with her as they were headed back to their seats.

"Hey watch it Lila," Marinette replied.

"Or what? You may have been saved by that interfering menace Spider-Man, but all I have to do is wait for an Akuma to strike." Lila spat with confidence.

"Hmph, don't bother Lila, Gabriel Agreste was hawkmoth and now he's in Jail. So good luck with that. Oh and BTW Spidey sent me some pretty chilling evidence of you; one that will finally expose you for the fraud you really are, " Marinette replied leaving Lila stunned. She then looked over and saw Peter give her a thumbs up and she blushed as she sat down.

Lila gritted her teeth in anger. "There's no way, how did I get caught?" Her eyes widened as she remembered the hulk like creature that caught her with the scissors in her hand.  "If you do anything to hurt Marinette again, we will find you." "Dammit." She then clenched her hands on her lap. "Damn you Spider-Man." She then shifted her attention as the principal asked the graduating class to rise. After throwing their caps up in the air, the family and friends all met up with the graduates to take photos. Marinette had her photos taken with her parents, A couple of group photos with Alya and her siblings, Nino, Chloe and finally Peter. 

Peter then looked over and saw Lila who shot him a glare and Peter glared back at her. It seems now he's now made another enemy, but he didn't let that bother him. What was more important was that Marinette had graduated and there no more Akuma's to be fought. But he then bowed his head, and knew deep down, there were still loose ends, Mayura the new threat to Marinette and her friends and Adrien was no where to be seen. But he was distracted by Marinette who wanted to take a selfie with him. He smiled and Marinette had raised her camera phone with her After what he and Marinette had been through four months earlier starting out as enemies, this was their moment of happiness so he decided to enjoy his remaining vacation time with Marinette.
After the ceremony had concluded, Peter was invited over by Marinette and her family to pass some time before the ceremony. Once they got back to the house, Marinette actually invited Peter up to her room. After he climbed up the stairs Marinette suddenly wrapped her arms around Peters neck and kissed him, leaving him stunned. After a few seconds she separated from Peter who was still holding Marinette close to him.

"Marinette...What was that?" Peter responded.

"Peter...I...I love you." Marinette replied placing her hands on his cheeks. 

"You...You love me? W..what's going on?" Peter was confused.

"Nothing I just...I thought about what you said last night, about finding someone who loves me not just for the mask. And I realized it was you." 

"Me?!" Peter was flabbergasted by what she was telling him. "I don't know what to say..."

"Do you not love me back?" She replied with a worried tone. But she soon was pulled closer to him her eyes interlocking with his and she felt Peter's lips touch hers gently and she was lost in a trance. 

"So does that answer your question?" Peter then lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed and they continued to make out until Marinette noticed the clock. The dance was at 7:00PM and it was 5:30PM. 

"Hey you have a suit for the dance?" Marinette replied as peter also gazed at the clock.

"Uh yeah, why? Oh right...we need to get ready," Peter replied as he got up from the bed. "I'll see you tonight?"

"Yeah," Marinette replied. But Peter gave her one more kiss on the lips and headed out to get ready. Then he returned back to Marinette's place and saw her in her dress that he saved from Lila. 

"Oh wow," Peter replied. "You look...Amazing"

"Aww thank you. So shall we?" Marinette replied offering her hand.

"After you," Peter replied as the went arm and arm to the Eiffel tower.
Later that evening at the dance, Marinette and Peter were meeting up with Alya Nino and Chloe who has now become a permanent member of the miraculous squad. All the classmates were the there including Lila who just shrugged them off. 

"Wow Marinette, you look beautiful," Alya replied in awe of her dress. Even Chloe who always demeaned her and put her down, acknowledged how stunning Marinette looked with her red dress and black Polka dots. She also noticed Peter was wearing a red jacket with a black web pattern and a spider on the collar. 

"Well I didn't think you two lovebugs were serious," Chloe responded as Peter and Marinette noticed their suits were resembling their alter egos.  "You two are serious couple goals."

Peter and Marinette blushed as the other students went to greet them. Even students from West Paris were also at the party, including a girl and her boyfriend who has a mysterious secret. Their names were Hunter shade and Caroline Gates. Caroline watched Marinette and Peter slow dance to a romantic track and were in awe of their chemistry. But she also grew suspicious.

"They look cute, but something about their outfit's seem a little odd," Caroline started.

"What is it babe?" Hunter asked as he took one more look at them before shifting his attention back to Caroline. 

"Why do I have the feeling they're wearing their superhero persona's?" Caroline replied rubbing her chin in curiosity. "Wait...They couldn't be...!"

"C'mon Carebear they're obviously just fans." Hunter chuckled as they continued to watch Peter and Marinette. As they were dancing to the track, Marinette then pulled herself closer to Peter and rested her head on his shoulder. Peter smiled and closed his eyes not wanting the moment to end, At least until Nino took over as DJ and the soft tracks became dance music. Once they were done dancing, Peter and Marinette then walked over to their chairs and sat down at the table. Peter was drinking water and noticed Marinette was bowing her head.

"You okay?" Peter asked in curiosity.

"Uh yeah. Sorry, it's just back at my apartment, I just...I felt silly, blurting out the whole 'I love you thing." Marinette replied her facing turning red.

"No you weren't. You were actually...very brave," Peter said as he held her hand. "Why do you feel silly?"

"Because I was originally going to tell Adrien that I loved him...but then..." Marinette replied as she then felt Peter pull her close to him and her head was resting on her shoulders. 

"Marinette...what happened between you two wasn't your fault. Sometimes the hardest choices of keeping secrets is...I don't know what else to say except, if you truly love someone you have to be honest with them. You were honest with me Marinette. Which is why I wanna tell you this before my vacation ends."

"What is it?"

"I love you too," Peter replied and he saw Marinette's cheeks turn pink. She was then pulled into a kiss by him, unaware that Caroline and Hunter were watching them. Caroline placed her hands on her heart and was deeply moved.

"That was beautiful," Caroline replied wiping a tear from her eye. 

Hunter then placed his hand on shoulder, while a small creature named Orion, peaked from behind his collar and she noticed Tikki peaking from Marinette's purse watching Peter and Marinette kiss. 

On the outskirts of Paris, Mayura was staring out at the nightlife and soon another figure had joined her. The man who was once Adrien Agreste was now donning a costume similar to his father but his mask covered his eyes and also had a retractable helmet that concealed his face. They stared out at the Eiffel tower lights and Mayura lets out a faint laugh. "Look at them...All happy and in their gowns and their suits. They obviously are blind that their downfall is near."

"So why don't we just end them now," Adrien hissed. But he soon felt Mayura touch his shoulder gently.

"Don't worry Adrien. Even if they are our enemies, we have to show some restraint including for Marinette. For now we must disappear. We will come back stronger and they will pay. Your vengeance will come." 

Adrien then clenched his eyes in frustration, but a small grin appeared on face. "As you wish, Mayura." The two figures then vanished into smoke, but this would not be last time. They both knew their war was far from over. It was just the beginning! 

To be continued...
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 11
Finally another update. Sorry it took so long but I've been working on creative writing to get better at my stories. BTW the characters Caroline Orion and Hunter are characters created by MarieJaneWorks. Ive been hitting at their brief cameo for sometime and we know see Adrien as the new Hawkmoth, but we also will now jump five years ahead in the next chapter. Also Foxy-Knight's characters will be playing important roles.

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On a fine morning in the Titans tower gymnasium, Starfire was stretching out her back muscles and leaning forward reaching for her toes. She was unaware that Robin had just walked in the gym and he watched as she was flaunting her thicc ass in the boy wonders eye sight. His face was turning slightly red and he then felt a bulge in his pants. His hard dick was getting turned on and who could blame him? Starfire was a goddess He was secretly crushing on Starfire. As she let out a breath she then stood on her hands and did some splits exposing her pussy which caused Robins bulge to increase even more.

”uh hey star...I uh didn't know you were...uh..." The poor titans face was so red and had a loss for words that Starfire was rather amused. For month's Robin had been playing hard to get, and despite all of her sexual attempts to arrouse him, they did not work. At least until she found a way to flaunt her sexy body in skimpy tight gym clothes.

"Oh hello Robin," Starfire replied as she then did a noodle stretch and her breasts were now in the eye sight of Robin's. "Are you in the mood for some training today?" She moved her legs and stood up back onto her toes.

"Well...uh sort of...Actually it's been pretty quiet around the city and there hasn't been any sightings of slade. So...How about one quick spar? I know I learned a few moves from Blackfire, but I kind of think you're the better fighter."

Starfire gazed at him with a stunned look but secretly had a lustful smile hidden from Robin's view. She knew that deep down she had finally gained a chance for her to arouse with him not just her fighting techniques but to seduce him even more with her body. "Alright Robin one quick spar. First one to KO or submit the opponent wins."

So the two combatants had stood up and facing each other and moved around the mat in a circle. They soon locked up and were in a struggle and were in a test of strength on who could last longer. Robin then tripped Starfire with his leg and flipped her over with the tamaranean goddess falling on her back. Robin then waisted no time and sat on Starfire's pelvis, his hardened private was close to her crotch and it was turning Starfire on.

"C'mon star What are you doing?" Robin's words then caused Star to lift her body up and Push robin off. "Now we're talking." Starfire then lunged at him, but Robin then twisted her arm and stood behind her and grabbed her neck with another one. As they were struggling Starfire was then turned on even more when she felt Robin massage her neck with his lips.

"Robin what are you..?"

"Distraction Star you let you guard down." Robin replied as he then let go of her neck and supplexed her. Her legs spread and Robin counted, "1, 2, 3!" Robin had won the match by a pinfall. While starfire might have been a little disappointed on how the sparring match turned out , she was rather amused on how that despite him being hard to get, he was also a good fighter and didn't realized how turned on he made her. Robin reached for her hand and she accepted it helping her up from the floor.

"That was a good workout, and don't worry Starfire I'm sure you'll get me next time," Robin replied as he then kissed her on the cheek. "I'll see you later." Starfire then touched her cheek and was blushing as he felt the kiss from the boy wonder. She may have lost the sparring battle but she actually gained something more. However her chain of thought was interrupted when she then felt her stomach growl and realized the sparring match had made her hungry.

She then approached the fridge and scoured it, searching for something that would satisfy her hunger. Although she was craving Robin and his, manhood, she needed actual food to fulfil her taste buds. After searching through the fridge she then noticed a neatly packaged box with a bow on it.

"I wonder what the occasion is? But who brought this wrapped box? Was it Beast Boy? Cyborg?" The orange skin girl wondered as she opened the Box. Inside the box was revealed to be a pie. "Who eats pie? Hmmm I suppose there is a first time for everything." She then took a slice of the pie with her bare hands and dug her teeth into the slice of fruity goodness. But soon her eyes widened and she dropped the slice, it's juices spilling all across the floor and she felt her body trembling. "What is...happening to me?"

She then fell to the floor and was out cold. By the time she had opened her eyes, the room around her had changed and she noticed the tower was replaced with gingerbread houses and all kinds of candies and treats.

"What...What is going on?!" Starfire cried out in shock at the sight of what used to be titans tower. "Robin? Raven? Cyborg? Beast Boy? is anyone there?" Suddenly her body was frozen her eyes changing from her normal green into a pinkish purple. "Wha..what is happening me?" She then looked down and noticed her clothes were gone.

"It's alright dear," A small voice echoed from a dark corner. "In fact I think you should be grateful. If you are willing to do what I ask then I can give you anything your lustful heart desires." 

"Anything? even..."

"Yes Twinkle-star, even Robin. But if you want him, you must serve me and you have to survive a tournament." Starfire then looked down at her feet and noticed the floor was a soft crusty and warm one. The mysterious figure emerged and it was revealed to be the villanous Mother May-eye. Despite the fact that Starfire was under the control of her, Starfire wanted to have Robin, hell maybe if she won, she and Robin would have hard core sex in the pie.

The villanous witch raised her wand and soon other combatants entered the Arena. The other combatants that entered the arena were Argent, Kole Pantha, Elasti - girl, Madame Rouge, Bumble Bee, Cheshire, Blackfire, Kitten, Terra, and finally Raven who was just transported after she and Beast Boy were in the middle of a small but sort of hard core make-out session. The other combatants were confused on where they were until they saw Starfire who was now fully under the control of mother may-eye.

"Twinkle star, if you kill all of these combatants then you can have as much pie as you want and Robin."

"With pleasure Mother May-eye," Starfire replied as she licked her lips in amusement. "I'm going to enjoy this." She then looked at Pantha who charged at her and spear tackled her to the floor. During the two's struggle The floor had gushed juices from the pie and they were smearing over the two combatants.

Pantha then grabbed Starfire by the hair and pulled her in between her thighs. She then wrapped her arms around Starfire's waist and lifted her up her legs now in between Pantha's face. She then unleashed a powerbomb on the tameran, leaving behind a shape into the floor of the pie. As Starfire was holding her back in pain, Pantha laughed and taunted her saying, "Is that all you got." That was a mistake as Starfire then punched Pantha in the stomach and uppercutted her on the chin sending her flying. As she was falling down to the floor, Starfire then grabbed Pantha by the throat and slammed her into the floor with more of the pie sauce smearing on their skin.

She raised her hand at Pantha as she mounted on top of her. Her hand was soon lit in a green aura as she was getting ready to end Pantha. She struggled and begged, "Hey I was just kidding. Please you don't have to do this." Starfire's lit green hand was letting out even a brighter aura. Then she let out a feral yell and the blast had fired her blast, the blast was so powerful that there was nothing left of Pantha's head. Starfire was panting as she was covered in blood and pie juices from the arena. She then stood up from her defeated opponent and looked at the other combatants who were in shock and scared by what they had seen.

Mother May-eye then raised her wand and soon Starfire was even filled with more rage and lust eager to destroy anyone that stood between her and Robin. With no other choice, the other combatants had no choice but to put their differences aside and to try and take down the possessed titan. The next three that had tried to go up against Starfire were Argent, Kole and Bumblee Bee. The three had all stood in each corner and they all tried to charge Starfire. They first tried to restrain her with each of them holding her down. The floor between them was very slippery and Starfire and her captors and slipped and slid in the pie, the cranberry sauce spilling all over their bodies. Starfire then flexed her arms and tossed Bumble Bee into a wall, while Kole and Argent were doing their best to try and keep their hold on her. But Starfire butted her head into Argents and she stepped on her feet, while kole was thrown into a different corner.

Starfire then walked over to Argent and she tried to grab her but Argent replied with a kick to her face and she flipped and kicked Starfire pushing her face into the pie. As starfire grunted and struggled she grabbed a piece of pie and splashed it in Argent's face. She grunted as she then felt the juices of the pie burn her eyes and she then slipped and fell causing more of the pie to spill more juices on her bare skin. Argents situation had given Starfire enough time to scoop up even more pie from the floor. When Argent finally removed the pie that had covered her face, she looked over and saw that Starfire had pulled her arm back with a piece of the floor and had shoved it down Argent's throat.

"No...Wait!" Argent muffled as Starfire then continued her onslaught of shoving the pie down her throat. Despite all the pleading and begging that Argent was trying to do it was not enough and soon she fell down to the floor dead, with her eyes rolled and saliva coming from her throat. Starfire then noticed Bumble bee and Kole look down on their fallen friend and they soon looked back at Starfire who was cracking her neck and her knuckles.

"Is this really the best that all of you can do? If I were any of you, I'd walk away," She taunted them as she stood up, her bare skin exposed, and the juices from the pie all dried up from the struggle with her other opponents. Starfire charged at them and pulled her fist back ready to punch them. Kole and Bumblee then ducked out of the way just in the nick of time, and Kole morphed into a weapon for bumble bee to use. She grabbed Kole and swung her across starfires face sending her skidding across the floor, her skin cut up and bruised. Bumble Bee then charged at her again with the morphed kole and tried to strike her again, but it was blocked when Starfire grabbed kole and she kicked bee sending her across the floor.

The unmorphed Kole then felt her neck being choked and was slammed into the pie floor. Starfire then lit up her laser eyes and fired them onto the floor. Kole then looked around and saw that she was getting cooked alive. Toasty! She then screamed as her skin was falling off, the heat of Starfires laser eyes were so powerful that skin became muscle and soon muscle into bone. When it was nothing but her skeleton, the structure slowly then turned to ash, much like the victims of Thanos's snap but that's in another universe. Starfire then smirked as she then turned her attention to bumblebee.

Bumblebee was slowly getting up to her feet as she felt the juices from the pie smear her bare skin her clothes ripped and torn from the impact of Starfire's throw. She then saw starfire charge at her and bumblebee tried to run but it was too late as she was then spear tackled to the floor by Starfire. As they struggled on the floor, more pie and juices began to soak their skin, finally Starfire was annoyed and kicked bumblee bee off of her. Getting rather annoyed that this was taking too long, she walked up to bee, stood her up kicked her in the crotch and round house kicked her across the face spinning her neck around, and she then fell down on the floor dead. Starfire flexed rather lewdly and flaunted her toned body to the remaining combatants.

"Who's next?" Kitten trembled but Chesire leaped above her and fired her throwing stars at the tamaranean warrior but starfire dodged each one of them and she flew towards Chesire and she hit her with and uppercut. Then she pulled her up and hit her back with her knee and slammed down on her belly with her two fists. Chesire flew down to the floor and it made a crater in the pie. As Chesire tried to get up, Starfire flew down with her feet facing the floor and slammed onto Chesire's back. "Wa..wait!" She begged the warrior princess to stop, but Starfire ignored her pleas and she continued to stomp on Chesire, but not before slipping in the pie and falling on her butt. It didn't matter anyways since Chesire's body was badly broken and Starfire continued the onslaught of stomps with blood oozing from the corpse.

"Pathetic" She then climbed up the crater with more pie juices and crumbs spilling on her bare skin. As she climbed out, she saw kitten who was shaking as starfire smiled in amusement. Before kitten could react, Starfire lifted her up and slammed down kitten's crotch on her knee and Starfire chuckled as Kitten moaned in agony. Then Starfire wrapped her arms around Kitten's waist and she squeezed her causing Kitten to cry out. She gagged and coughed as she was slowly running out of breath, while Starfire just laughed in amusement as Kitten soon felt her face near starfires bare breasts. Her continued gags and mutters of help were all ignored as Starfire ended her opponent with one quick thrust and kitten was broken in two! "Sorry Kitten but Robin is mine you cannot have him," She spat as she tossed kitten aside. 

Madam rogue and Elastigirl then walked up to Starfire as she was cracking her shoulders. Despite the two of them being enemies one being from the brotherhood of evil and the doom patrol they both had one common objective; to try and take down Starfire. Elastigirl then grew in size and Starfire flew towards her to try and take her down, but Elast-girl swatted Starfire like a fly and she flew down to the floor causing the juices of the pie arena to gush up. Starfire got on all fours but she felt herself getting choked by Madame rogue who had stretched her limbs and wrapped herself around Starfire's neck.

"It is over tameranean, you've lost," she added as she tightened her grip and Starfire gasped as she felt her neck in pain and she struggled while Elasti-girl shrunk down to her normal size. Elasti-girl wasted no time as she then grabbed starfires waist and did her best to keep her down. But all it did was make Starfire even more angry as her hair was lit in fire and the embers from her hair burnt madame rouges choking hands. As she released Starfire, she grabbed her hands and noticed smoke was coming from them. She then felt her throat grabbed by Starfire and elasti-girl's grip on the girl had been loose. "I haven't even started yet," As she then grabbed Elast-girl by the throat and she then tossed both of them up in the air. As they were close to falling down, Starfire lit up her eyes and hands. She let out a feral roar as she tossed two star bolts and fired her laser eyes. The star bolts only burnt the two falling women but the laser beams from her eyes burned through them cutting their limbs and the blood spilling from the two corpses fell down onto the floor. At the rate she was going, Blackfire Terra and Raven would need a miracle in order to stop her.

Mother May-eye was rather amused that she managed to take control of Starfire, her sexual desires for Robin fueled her motivation and that's why she was still standing and was able to take down all of the combatants that she had placed before Starfire. Blackfire then approached her sister and grabbed her sisters crotch and began to massage it. Starfire then cried out in pain as her sister continued to taunt her in the process. "Aww what's wrong little sister? Already had enough. It'll be more satisfying when I crush you." She let go of her sisters crotch and sidekicked her in the face sending her flying to the floor. Despite holding on for so long, Blackfire was her toughest opponent, yet. Before she could try to get up Blackfire slammed her knee, into her stomach and trapped her in a reverse headscissor. "I always was the better fighter, here's another example of how I got that title," Blackfire continued as she tightened her grip and massaged her sisters crotch

"You know, Robin would be more satisified with pleasure, from meeewww!" Blackfire then felt a wet sensation in her crotch. While blackfire was distracted, Starfire used this as an advantage and she licked her sisters crotch, causing Blackfire to release her grip. Blackfire growled in anger as she then lunged at her sister and they were rolling around in the pie the juices spilling on their amazonian bodies. Starfire had Blackfire in a full nelson and she flipped her sister and slammed her onto her back. As starfire tried to get on top of her Blackfire grabbed a piece of pie and blinded her with it. As starfire was trying to wipe the pie off of her face, Blackfire spear tackled her and repeated her figure four reverse scissor.

"Honestly dear sister, you should've learned I am the better fighter, and I'm willing to be even better in bed with Robin," Blackfire mocked as Starfire struggled to separate her sisters thighs from her throat. She then felt Blackfire massage her crotch even more and continued, "Although he may have to work harder to try and turn me on." Starfire then lit up her green eyes and Blackfire noticed she was feeling her grip with her legs loosen. "What? this can't be!" Blackfire replied as she felt her feet grabbed by Starfire and was lifted up and slammed into the pie. Blackfire was shocked to see her sister now gaining the upper hand. Before Blackfire could try to escape, she felt her face get stomped in the floor, repeatedly. With each bonecracking stomp, Starfire let out a scream over her broken sisters body. 

"No one...Get's robin...but me." Starfire replied as she then turned to Raven and Terra. Now it was only them. Starfire was getting exhausted, all of those fights had taken a toll on her, but these were the last two. She was so close, now she just needed to finish them.

Terra and Raven both fired Aura blasts at Starfire but she evaded them and hid behind a moved up piece of the pie that resembled a rock. Raven then formed into a Raven and lunged at Starfire after she looked at saw the Raven. She managed to grab Raven by the throat pulled her close. "Star we're friends don't do this!" But Raven's cries were ignored as she snapped Raven's neck like a twig. As for Terra she was on the edge of the pie and Starfire was walking slowly towards her, her naked body covered in pie juice and blood from her victims. Terra tried one last attempt with her geonosis powers but starfire just claw grabbed her scalp and ripped Terra's head clean off. It was over she had won.

Mother May-eye appeared and honored her request. Robin was then transported to the pie and he was without his shirt and pants. "Starfire?" She said nothing as she approached the boy wonder. "Star what happened?"

"It's not important now. What is important is that we're together." She then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into an exotic kiss. Although the boy wonder was stunned at first, he returned the kiss and they fell down into the pie, completely ignoring the juices and burning from the hot crust, he then started carrassing her neck as she then let out faint moans. This was not a rematch from earlier but she was enjoying it; getting turned on, by the boy of her dreams. As he was slowly moving his tongue across her neck, Robin then moved to her mid section, and his with his tongue was licking off the juices from Starfires midriff, causing her to moan even more. "Robin..." She then flipped over and Starfire was getting kissed and was licked by Robin's tongue as he continued to wipe the blood and pie juices from her back.

Now it was starfire's turn and she saw the juices spilled on Robin and using her alien tongue also wiped down the juices from his bare skin. She then felt robin pounce and pin her and he continued the onslaught of his tongue interlocking with hers while also getting his hard dick pentrated beneathe her skins. "Ready?" Robin replied with lust in his eyes. Both Starfire and Robin were panting but she nodded, "Yes." So they continued with each thrust Starfire and robin continued to moan, she then felt herself turn even more red as she felt her breasts being massaged while she was on her back. She panted as her breasts continued to heave up and down as Robin, then put her nipples in between his fingers and began to twist them. "Oh...Robin...please don't stop." The two continued to keep panting and Starfire was moaning so loud the pie where they were standing on almost collapsed.

Finally after all of that it was over, Robin then fell ontop of Starfire in between her breasts and both continued to pant from exhaustion. "Star...that was great and all but...we probably should head back." He turned to Mother May-eye and she noticed Starfire was no longer under her control. "Bring back Raven," She raised her starbolt at Mother may-eye's head. With no other choice, she agreed and Raven was back and Mother May-eye was eventually banished into the pie.

When everything was restored, Starfire noticed she was still naked and in bed with Robin. Meanwhile after Raven was brought back thanks to Mother May-eye, she was also in bed but with Beast Boy. Raven and Beast Boy greeted each other with a kiss while Starfire was still confused by everything that had supposedly happened. "Was it all a dream?" Starfire wondered as she continued to watch the boy wonder who was snoring and covered with pie juice. She looked down and saw teeth marks on her skin, possibly from Robin. She then shrugged and went back to sleep although it was almost 12:00pm in the afternoon and it was only a matter of time before a new super criminal would strike again.

The end

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Tony Stark had met Fox before, Peter Parker had not in any identity. He was a specialist from SHIELD, an external agent. If you wanted to be nerdy about it he was like Boba Fett in that scene with all the other bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back, Legends Continuity. A hunter whom solved problems before they became the Avengers problems and he was very good at it, some may say the best (Nick Fury certainly would). The man stood at six foot six, with the ears on his helmet he stood above Iron Man. His colors were red and black, armour seemed more anime ninja than anime robot and he had swords just to complete the image. Spider-man suddenly felt all shy, like a four year old with his dad and suddenly they're meeting someone from work, Iron man of course lowered is visor and offered a hand to shake. Fox looked at the hand before taking it, his grip un phased by the metal hand holding his.

" he a friend?" Spider-man asked meekly

"Don't worry he is. Just try not to get on his bad side," Iron man said as he re-focused his attention to Fox. "I take it you saw the news. Well it's official Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth."

Like a child Spider-Man peeked around Tony to gage this new and intimidating sort, almost jumping back when Fox turned his head and locked eyes with him. His eyes were orange and burning like the sun and in that instant it felt as if they were piercing through the lenses of his mask and burning right into his soul. When he offered a timid handshake Fox looked at it before taking it. His grip was firm and threw the young hero off a step.

"Spider-Man" Fox stated

"So cool. So you're an agent of shield huh?" Spider-Man replied as he returned the shake.

Fox shifted his attention from him to Tony hearing Spider-Man's younger sounding voice. Tony could feel the judgement there and didn't have it in him to give a sassy remark and instead went into the mission spiel

"Gabriel's being held in the police station not far from here, under custody and watch of Roger Raincomprix. The news of Gabriel's unmaksing has had all day coverage, just so everyone sees it"

"He almost took control of me but I managed to break free.", Spider-Man chimed in awkwardly

"Where is the butterfly miraculous now?"

Spider-Man almost double taked, Fox knew about the miraculous already? Not only that he knew the miraculous Gabriel would have been using. Tony frowned and gripped the bridge of his nose

"We don't know. Gone; It was taken by someone named Mayura"
"Ladybug and I tried to get it back but she was too much for me and her. She threatened to kill me and make Ladybug watch if she didn't give Mayura her miraculous." Spider-Man then sighed in frustration.

Fox looked from Tony to Spider-Man, his expression barely changing but something in his eyes changed. The fire burned with more intensity, he was angry.

"You should've warned me about this sooner; this has gotten out of control," Fox coldly directed to Tony.

"I know. But while they were trying to get the butterfly miraculous Chat noir attacked me after I knocked out Gabriel." Iron man replied


"Because Chat noir is Adrien Agreste, his son."

Fox visibly bristled, Spider-man's Spider Sense almost tingled because for a moment it looked like he was about to punch Tony right in the face and knock his head off. Instead he turned away and paced away from him before he turned back to Tony, whom was feeling awkward and uneasy now. Spider-Man was beginning to get worried, as he watched Fox march right towards Tony, glaring him in the eyes.

"How long have you had this information?"

Iron man bows his head, unable to meet his gaze

"I’ve known since Ladybug and Chat Noir's first akuma attack, the one called stoneheart."

Fox scoffed, almost smiling but not amused in the slightest

"For someone who goes out of their way to act like the smartest man in the room, you're a massive idiot"

Spider-Man was grateful the mask covered his agape jaw, Tony who had the visor up couldn't conceal the indignation and hot flush that went across his cheeks

"What else could I have done?"

"You could have called me back, appraised me of the situation and let me handle it. Instead you allowed children to fight these demons"

"They're called Akuma's Mr Fox" Spider-man chimed

"Look up the Chinese translation, boy" Fox growled his way

"Hey!" Tony started, "Okay I wish I could’ve brought you in on this but I had my hands full with babysitting and keeping the world from exploding, you may have heard of my other gig: The Avengers. This was Fury's call, so why didn't he call you?"

"Fury has to run shield, he thought you were acting as liason with Spiderman thus any backup or field reports would come from you. He's only as smart as the intelligence he're clearly faulty intelligence"

Spider-Man snickered and then looked away as Tony shot him a glare, he shook his head. Fox had more than a point, he had the entire pointer and a blackboard of facts to go on. The ball was out of his court now, this had become Fox's case.

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I'm taking over this operation, every piece of data you have you will give to me," Fox started. "If the butterfly miraculous hasn't been returned then this war is far from over."


Tony presented his right hand and from his open palm a red and gold USB stick rose out, Fox rolled his eyes and took it without a word and Tony lowered the visor of his helmet and without a word either he took up with a thrust and rocketed away leaving Fox alone with Spider-Man. The young hero looked around sheepishly, was about to say something but looked at the expression on Fox's face and decided he best just get to swinging out of there. There was the Eiffel Tower dance tomorrow and if this guy was taking charge then maybe he would have some time off before everything went to crap again.Fox rolls his eyes, this entire situation would never have happened if he had known. He would have chased the akumas to their source, isolated hawkmoth and of course spoken to Adrien...and Nathalie. He shook his head, he knew about the problems and he had a lot of the answers. His chain of thought was interrupted when he received a call from the director of Shield, Nick Fury. He twitched as the call was directed into his ear (the ones underneath the helmet).

"Did you get what you needed from Stark?" Fury radioed in on his end.

"Affirmative, Kamali is enroute to intercept Gabriel. I will make my rounds to the mansion and do a sweep." Fox replied.

"Good work Fox. Keep me updated on anything else"


She was fully appraised of the target and the situation at hand, Roger Raincomprix was a family man and a good officer so she was not to engage him. In fact if she just made an appearance he would most likely be co-operative, apparently he was an old friend. Seeing Gabriel Agreste in handcuffs brought a wicked smile to her face, watching unseen from the rooftops she felt the urge to leap down and grab him by the neck but with that many witnesses and itchy trigger fingers there would be too much collateral. No she remembered her lessons and her training, this had to be done right and she would not let her Daddeh down.

Roger put Gabriel in the back of his police car, buckled him up and started driving. He was to be interviewed by Interpol at the Bastille, Roger had volunteered to deliver him and it was easy to understand why. This monster had put soul corrupting demons on both him and his daughter, it was frankly impressive the man hadn't shot him right between those cold, dead eyes. Cold and analytical data streaming into the HUD detailing the speed, heat signatures and calculated risk of collateral from the attack. The percentage was 45% and that was too high so it was in red.

She silently followed the car as it moved without the siren on, through the backstreets, away from the crowds. Keeping it covert, smart. With all the coverage everyone would know of the fashion designer's guilt, her thoughts went to his poor son whom she had learned the same time as Daddeh was the hero Chat Noir. She could imagine how that would hurt and mess with your head, but she put it out of her thoughts. The threat anaylsis was in the green, she could act now.

Roger's car stalled as he drove through the back alley divide, wanted to hedge his bets and not take a linear path and also cut the journey down. He threw his hands up in frustration and turned on Gabriel
"Don't get any ideas!" he ordered
Gabriel said nothing and remained unphased, it was only when the door to his right opened and he felt something wrap around his wrists did he take notice. A silver cord connected to his cuffs and with great force he was yanked out of the police car and held against the wall. The cord pulling up towards a device planted above the wall light. Roger went for his gun then felt an impact sound on the top of his car, he turned and double took when he saw who was on the roof.
"Roger Raincomprix, 15 years ago you were a cop on the beat...look at you now" The voice sent a small chill down the veteran cops spine.

"Hello?" Roger looked up and gasped

Crouching on the roof of his car. It was a woman, she was wearing full body armour that looks light weight, Tron-esque, dark rougue and...wait a minute he recognized that armour scheme. It was just like Fox's, only her colors were pink and black, and she had no helmet but a pair of goggles which ear guards which poked up like Fox ears and her mouth was covered with a bandana.

"My name is recognize my armour"

"Wow...I guess it has been a while. So is he here?"

"He is...he wants gabriel" Kamali leered at the prone and defenceless villain

Gabriel's eyes were wide like saucers, of all the opponents he expected to face; Tony Stark, Spider-Man, Ladybug...he never thought he'd come face to face with Fox again.

"My daddeh wants to see you, Hawkmoth" She said sending a small chin down Gabriel's spine.

"You..You're his child?!"

Gabriel's blood ran cold in his veins, Kamali showed Roger a badge from SHIELD. He could thus honestly say he handed over the criminal to the higher authorities, sure interpol would be pissed but SHIELD would no doubt smooth it over.

"He’s all yours" Roger nodded

Kamali jumped off the hood of the car and approached Gabriel with animalistic speed and cupped Gabriel's cheek with her claws, dragging the nail across the flesh, watching him writhe in her grip. Her vicious smile...she claimed Fox was her father, and whilst he doubted if he was the real one...she certainly acted like a child of his. This was not according to...wait

"where is he?" Gabriel spoke at last

"you'll find out soon enough. But first"

Kamali released him from the cord and then got the man in an arm lock, presenting him to Roger. The cop blinked in surprise.

"no cameras, no witnesses, no reports...go wanna hit him"

Gabriel growled, Roger shook his head but then stopped in thought. He was an unarmed prisoner, he wasn't resisting arrest...but the man had hurt his daughter. And as soon as he gave thought to that notion he slugged the man right in the chest, knocking the wind out of him as he gagged on his breathe.

"Get him outta here" Roger moved back as he calmed down

Kamali grinned, he earned that punch. And Gabriel had earned so much worse, fortunately they were going somewhere he could get so much worse. She kept him in an arm lock, and her heels thrust her up and using her rocket boots launched herself and her hapless victim away.


Gabriel was tied to a chair, the sting from where Roger had hit him had mostly passed. He was in the dark except for the glow of a static television place a foot in front of him. The only other person with him was that Kamali brat who had taken off her bandana so he could see her smile, bearing her teeth as if she was ready to sink them into his neck and rip off the flesh.

"you know who I am?"

"yes" she didn't hesitate, "You're scum"

"maybe...but I had my reasons-"

"Let me tell you something ya bonnie loon, they all have their reasons. They all have the little lies they tell themselves, some noble cause, justification they give to make their heinous actions seem acceptable. But at the end of the day, you sent soul devouring demons after children just so you could get the powers of creation and destruction to recreate the world as you saw fit", her smile shifted into a snarl, "You're only a hero in your own story, in reality: you're a monster"

Gabriel then scoffs, his confidence and self assurance unshaken.
"I may be a monster in your eyes but to my son, I was all he had and despite my harsh execution...I was doing everything for him. He shouldn’t have found out the way he did, but he will understand why I did whatever was necessary"

"You mean bringing back Emelie?"

Kamali snickers, Gabriel blinked but it wasn't really a surprise. If she was who she claimed to be then she'd be well informed. For what little good it would do her.

"Yes. Right now he’s probably grieving because he now knows who I am and is not only frustrated with me but also because he knows that deep down he was on the wrong side."

Kamali snickers some more, trying not to laugh

"What's so funny?"

"you're either so full of shit or so fucking stupid. It's funny because the truth is gonna rip you to pieces...and I'm gonna enjoy watching my daddeh rip you apart. But I guess I can give you one spoiler...we know how to save Emelie"

Gabriel started, she had to be lying. There was no way a mere not mere, if she was working with Fox then perhaps she would be privvy to some magical knowledge he had missed, the avengers had contact with sorcerors so could it be? He had to know.


"Emelie's condition, life in death? You made notes comparing the state to the Ancient Mariner before you started crying on the paper", Kamali grins, ""

"How?" he growled with more urgency and insistence

"maybe you should ask daddeh when he gets here...or maybe you should ask yourself...why you didn't ask him to help in the first place?",Kamali suddenly snarled, "we know"

The urgency in Gabriel's voice suddenly retracted and he felt that cold chill once more.

"where...where is he now?"

"That's a good question, here's a better one: where is nooroo?"

"he’s...he’s gone. Mayura took him away. she’s probably taken Adrien as well, but adrien...was probably willing to go with her"

Kamali spat at his feet, looking away from him in evidentual disgust.

"Then you don't get to ask anymore questions"

"Adrien probably found Emelie and Mayura must’ve told him everything and now", Gabriel smirked as he regained his aloof confidence, "He will be very hard for you and your father to reach now"

"I've heard enough out of you for now" she growled pointedly

"I don’t know for sure but they must’ve known that someone would try to stop them.And they are smart, so I'll wager they probably have already left town with everything including emelie. My son...I’ve never been proud"

Gabriel's aloof calm faded when he felt a heavy hand land on his shoulder and Kamali's smile stretched from long ear to long ear. They were not alone

"Pride always was your fatal flaw"

Gabriel gulped, then he saw Fox's helmet fall into his lap. His eyes widened and his blood ran cold as he slowly turned his head and saw him behind him, illuminated in the dim light from the television and the glow in his armour. He remembered those eyes, and he knew that face.

"It...It can't be!"

Fox dropped something else at Gabriel's feet, he looked down. It was a photo album, the cover was sky blue but he didn't pay attention to the cover but the photos that slipped out. Emelie, a teenager wearing a pretty blue summer dress and her arms linked with a young boy, just a little older than her. Dark skin, shaved hair and those intense orage eyes

"they missed a spot" Fox growled

"I...I don’t believe it where did you get all this?"

"Emelie's room"

"Emelie", Gabriel gulped and tried to think before he spoke, " and emelie were together?"

"Let's not play coy anymore, you call me Dom and I will call you Gabe"

That tone left no room for doubt, the feral child hadn't been lying. This meant he really would know about the cure for Emelie, so maybe he could turn this to his advantage

"What do you want, Fox?"

"I want to save Emelie"

"Good, then we have a common goal. If we combined our forces we can bring her back, I can send out a secret message for Adrien and Mayura-"

"Like the secret one you sent my father? The Mercenary King?"

Gabriel's mind stopped dead in it's tracks, Dom's warm smile barely concealed the rage dripping from his words

"You remember don't you? Fifteen years ago, you sent a message to the Mercenary King to come and take me away"

"Dom I-"

"Only it didn't go quite as smoothly as you planned did it? Or do you consider the death of a mutual friend a win?"

"...that wasn't my fault"

"As a direct of your action, a squad of psychopaths attacked Paris, killed our friend, and took me away. Emelie tried her best of course, she used all the power of her miraculous...could have killed her there and then if I hadn't bartered for her life"


"Why?" Dom leered at him, "Come on Gabe, we've got so much catching up to do. It's been fifteen years, a lot has happened. I was sent back into child soldiery, you married Emelie, had a child toegther. You've met Kamali haven't you?"

Kamali waved and Dom waved back before returning with venom to the bound villain

"Come on Gabe, we're chatting. I mean by your accounts you probably thought I was dead...I mean what do you expect when you told a psychopathic zealot where to pick up his best child soldier? Were you hoping I'd get a happily ever after or did the thoughts of me in an unmarked grave, alone and forgotten fill you with glee?"

Gabriel said nothing, he hung his head. Had he just come to gloat? No this wasn't gloating, this was tormenting...he had no doubt someone as smart as Fox had indeed worked out how to save Emelie but he would not be afforded any chance to use it to his advantage. Dom knew too much, he couldn't pretend he was still his friend.

"Where is Adrien?"

"I don't know" his response was hollow

"He's lying Daddegh!" Kamali rose claws out, ready to pounce.

"No, he's telling the truth. He can't reveal what he doesn't know and that was the plan wasn't it Gabe? Waste SHIELD and interpol resources to give your successors a head start?"

Gabriel said nothing, Kamali walked to the television and placed something on top of it. A pellet, he couldn't tell but then his eyes locked to the picture as it changed from static to a camera view of his home. The Agreste Manor

"You were right, there was nothing of value there. Nothing to suggest where Nathalie took Adrien or Nooro...or Plagg"

"So it’s true they’re already gone...", Gabriel allowed himself a small smile

"Yes, you take pride in what you've done to your son. You take pride in what you have done to this city, you take in everything you do Gabriel because you believe it's the only way to do things. You're way or nothing, well here's something for you to stew on Gabe. I forgive you"

Gabriel blinked, actually mustering the courage to look him in the eyes but the moment he did Dom seized his face by the cheeks in a vice like grip. Not letting him look away from those burning orange eyes

"Oh yes, I forgive you for calling Orion. It was his men who killed Dario, it was him who sent me back into hell. It was me who didn't save my friend...I do not begrudge you for that, but what I cannot forgive is what you did to this city. In your blind arrogance and monumental ego you laid seige to men, women, many children in effort to control a power you were never meant to control. If you had asked for help you would have gotten it readily, because I would not hesitate to do anything in my power to save Emelie. I would have been by your side in a moment, but instead you became Hawkmoth...and you drove your child, someone who needed his father more than anything, into madness"

Dom then turned his head to face the television, the picture had changed. The manor was on fire, the image was live and the entire building was engulfed in flames. Gabriel shook in Dom's grasp trying to look away but wasn't allowed to move.

"please...stop...." he begged pathetically, tears oozing from his eyes

"No Gabe, not yet. Not until I find Adrien and Emelie, not until I have rescued them both from your insanity. Not until I have reunited your wayward son with his lost mother only then will I stop. And I promise you this, you will not get to see that. Because until then you belong to me, no other prison will hold you, until you've suffered my judgement you don't get to take the mercy of the world's"

"I'm sorry" he whispered in a cold sob

"Too late, take heart...this is how it feels to lose everything. This is exactly how it felt when I was cradling my best friend's lifeless body and was dragged away from the girl I loved as she screamed through tears trying to reach out to me. Hawkmoth has burned this city, so he too must burn. No more akumas, no more lies. All you have ahead of you is a prison cell, and you have no one to blame but yourself"

Gabriel finally closed his eyes, the tears streaming more freely now. Dom finally released his face, slowly slipping back into the darkness along with his daughter. They were not finished with him, not by a long shot but for now they had more important things to focus on. For now, his suffering was enough.

To be continued.
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 10
Oh man this one was a long one. Anyways for those wondering if you read Warriors of the Miraculous the characters in this chapter are based on the ones in the comic. They belong to Foxy-Knight and will play important roles in the later chapters including the five year time jump I've got planned. This was a combination of our efforts and we're planning on having them play more important roles in the future. 
Sabine was holding the letter in her hand as Spider-man was watching them from afar. Tony then peaked over her shoulder and saw Tom putting away the dishes as he was closing the shop for the day. He stopped midway when he noticed the Goutie faced man with the sweatpants and sweatshirt combo. Tony told Sabine that this letter was from the one who broke her daughter's heart. Sabine then walked away from Tony and proceeded to head upstairs. Tom looked at Sabine and then back and Tony. He then looked at his watch and realized the dress shop was closing and dashed past Tony who moved to the side letting him pass. Tony then let out a sigh and proceeded to walk away from the shop.

Spider-Man then crawled along the wall of Marinnette's place and peaked through her window. He noticed Sabine was upstairs and was holding the letter that said, "To marinette."

"Who's that letter from?" Spidey wondered. He then noticed Sabine walk away from Marinette after handing her the letter and head downstairs. Marinette was about to open the letter when she saw Spidey peaking through her window. She then put the letter on her desk and walked to the window let him in.

"What are you doing here?" Marinette asked as he stepped inside.

"I followed Lila into a dress shop," Spidey said rubbing his head in embarassment.

"Huh?" Marinette replied raising her eyebrows in confusion.

"Okay so Lila was about to ruin your dress that your dad ordered but I managed to stop her, even catch her in the act," Spidey said but soon the symbiote emerged from the shard, startling Marinette.

"What is that thing doing here?" Marinette said as she clenched her eyes in anger. "Peter...don't tell me..."

"It's not what it seems..." he replied raising his hands in defense.

"That's right in fact I did most of the work. Parker was just along for the ride. Although he recorded the evil girl on his phone," The symbiote chimed in. Peter then handed his phone over and Marinette grabbed it to watch the video. She handed the phone back to him and sat down on her bed. The symbiote then returned to the shard and Peter followed Marinette to sit with her on the bed.

"I'm not mad at you Peter. I'm actually happy you told me the truth. Thank you for being honest with me. Since you're here, I don't want to be alone when I read this letter," Marinette replied holding up the envelope. She took a deep breath as she opened it and begins to read:

"Marinette, If you're reading this, I want you to know that I'm sorry. Please know that what I did was just. My behavior towards you have been extreme; But recent events including the truth about my father, have shed a new light on how I've seen things. That's not taking away that there was some good we did. When we started out we had a rough beginning, but overtime we grew and developed with and without our masks. As the superhero duo Ladybug and Chat Noir, I always thought that we were an unstoppable duo, beating akuma's and saving Paris. But my attempts to show my love for you have often ended in rejection, even excuses. Then when Mayura exposed Hawkmoth to the world, everything I believed in turned out to be nothing more than a lie. It also made me rethink my duties as Chat Noir. I'm leaving Paris and cutting off all communication with you and my friends. I just need time to...rethink everything. I'm not expecting you to forgive me; but the loss of our friendship and possibly love for each other will pain me the most, maybe even more for you. I hope that if ever we meet again it will not be on opposite sides."


As she finished reading it, she lowers her head and a small tear drips down her cheek, "So, it's really over. He's...he's gone." She then felt  Peter's hand on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry," Peter then felt Marinette hug him and heard her continued sobs. She continued to stain his suit with her tears. Peter then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. He then looked over to see Sabine who opened the door to Marinette's room. Peter looked over and nodded letting Sabine know he's keeping his promise to not break her heart. She saw Peter holding Marinette, and briefly smiled as Peter continued to hug Marinette close to him. As she closed the door, Marinette looked up with tears still in her eyes at Peter.

"Is love really just a cruel game? And i'm just a pawn?" Marinette replied. "Why can't I ever catch a break?" Peter then shifted his body and placed his hands on her cheeks.

"Maybe, it just depends on if he really DID love you and not just the mask." Peter said. "I know it's bad now but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give up on love. In fact I believe you should find someone who loves you with or without the mask." 

"Peter..." Marinette's eyes widened as he leaned in closer with her hands on her face. But then he soon heard his phone ring causing Peter to let go while Marinette was still in a trance from the almost kiss. She looked over and saw Peter on his phone. He hung up and turned to Marinette. 

"I gotta go. It's Iron Man he says it's urgent." Peter replied with a disappointed look. He sighed and approached Marinette and kissed her on the cheek. "See you tomorrow?"

"Uh...yeah," Marinette replied. She walked with Spider-Man who had his mask on to the balcony and as he climbed on the railing, Marinette thought to herself, "You told me to find someone that would love me with or without the mask. Silly peter, you were talking about yourself. You're the one that loves me. I just...I can't imagine my life without you. I think I'm in love with you Peter Parker." Spider-Man then felt himself be turned around and was pulled into a hug by Marinette.

"Thank you," Marinette replied as he returned the hug. Soon he heard the sounds of jet engines come over and they both turned to see Iron Man hovering outside the balcony.

"Let's go kid." Marinette and Spider-man turned to face each other and Marinette had to let go of his hand. Spider-Man climbed on the railing and jumped off firing a webline swinging across Paris until he saw Iron Man waiting for him.

"What's going on Tony?"

"I know I said to hold onto the symbiote and only use it as a last but, SHIELD has sent one of their top soldiers from their covert black ops unit. He's gonna be here soon and he's not gonna be, I need the shard." Tony replies raising his hand. As he takes the shard, tony looks over and sees a man with long brown hair with advanced weaponry and body armor.

"Whoa! Is that him?" Spider-Man replied as his eyes lenses widened in awe.

"Spider-Man, this is special agent fox from SHIELD," Tony replies as the figure emerged from the shadow.

To Be continued...
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 9
Poor Marinette, she and Adrien weren't even dating but it still doesn't hurt any less. So the Fox belongs to Foxy-Knight and will play a bigger role including the five year time jump happening either in chapter 10 or 11. Also we may see more spider-bug romance in the future.
Revenge kill by @MegS-ILS
Thanks to MegS-ILS for making this brutal pic. I had permission to repost because she made this for me and I paid her to make it. I know there are terra fans that aren’t gonna be happy but, I still can’t forgive her not just for betraying beast boy but the rest of the titans as well.
Outside of the agreste Mansion, Adrien was sitting on the steps holding a Newspaper with the picture of his father in handcuffs. He soon heard the sound of jet engines and looked up to see Iron Man fly down and land in front of him. His suit then opened up revealing Tony Stark in a casual suit. Adrien looks away and gets up to head inside but he stops midway. He then turns to stark and shows him the paper. Despite the fight that happened between them, Stark was determined to make sure he didn't lose Adrien to evil.

"So this was your plan Stark? To put my dad behind bars?" Adrien started as he waves the newspaper in front of the billionaire. "Tell me all of this is a lie...It has to be!"

Tony then bowed his head and breathed a heavy sigh, "What do you want me to say huh? Do you really think I'm happy about your dad in jail? I'm not." Adrien then took the paper and briefly walked away before stark continued, "Look kid, it was only a matter of time before...his criminal activities caught up to him."

"Forget the papers! I wanna know from you! How long have you known?" Adrien asked.

Tony then breathed another heavy sigh and looked him in the eyes and replied, "The day you became Cat Noir and Marinette became Ladybug. I found out about your dad, with the help of Doctor Strange."

Adriens eyes widened in shock, "You mean you've known since Stoneheart?!"
4 years ago The Stoneheart incident, Tony Starks POV

"When I was in New York, I was meeting with Doctor Strange and he was showing me what the eye of Agamotto was capable of. He also was studying the jewels of the miraculous; he became more interested in knowing what they were capable of...So he went forward in time and and Marinette getting them and defeating your first Akuma." 

"These kids are young and just starting out, but with practice, they'll be what Paris needs. I think whoever gave the cat miraculous to Adrien he made a smart move," Strange said after he closes the eye of agamotto.

"Yeah that is true but whoever is creating these devil butterflies, he won't stop until he gets what he wants," Tony chimed in. "So do you know who he is...?"

Strange then bowed his head and looked away from Tony. "You're not gonna like what I'm about to tell's Gabriel Agreste...the boy's father."


"It only gets worse...After witnessing Ladybug defeat that stone creature...I went forward in time and traveled through 15 million possible outcomes of what happened if Gabriel accomplished his mission."

"What does he do?" Tony asked with a worried look on his face.

"He fulfills a wish to bring back his sick wife, but at a cost...His son Adrien dies." End of flashback

Adrien was soon left speechless and he lowered his head in sadness but scoffed, "I guess this is the final nail in the coffin, Now it seems even you weren't completely honest with me either."

"I'm trying to make you understand..."

"Enough!" Adrien snappped leaving Tony stunned. He sighed and then moved his hand towards his pocket and pulled out an letter wrapped in an envelope. "Tony...give this to Marinette, tell her that...I'm sorry." Tony looks down at the envelope and reluctantly takes it from him.
Adrien then turns to walk inside his house. "You do your thing Tony, and I'll do mine."

"Adrien..." Tony started causing Adrien to stop and look over his right shoulder. "If you choose to go down this path...I'll have no choice but to stop you...and I won't hesitate to take you down." Adrien then looks forward and continues to walk away from him and proceed to go inside the house. 

"Nathalie, Prepare to have all my fathers inheritance transferred to my name...We're leaving Paris...tonight." Adrien said as he walked up to Nathalie.

Nathalie then bows in agreement as she closes the door. As for Tony, he gazes at the letter one more time before he suits up and flies towards Marinette's house.
The Dress shop
Spider-Man had bonded with the symbiote and his costume was changed into the black suit with the white spider. He then looked over the balcony. He wanted to settle the score with Lila but not brutally "Okay so, we're not going to eat her, we just want to warn her."

"But..."The symbiote replied in his head.

"No...eating...people...." SPider-Man responded.

"Fine...but we need to sneak in undetected. There's a ventilation shaft on the roof," The symbiote replied as Spider-Man also configured his suit to activate his Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode on his parker suit. He swung up to the roof of the shop and climbed quietly though the vents. As he peaked through the vent he noticed a red and black poka dot dress on the display and Lila was walking up to the counter.

"Excuse me is that dress still available?" Lila asked the woman behind the counter.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm afraid we actually sold our last one...I believe a Dupain-cheng's father was the one who bought it," The clerk replied. Lila then frowned in disappointment and turned to walk away. However as the clerk walked away to answer a call, Lila decided to use it to her advantage. She saw the door to the back to where employees would keep orders on hold and crawled around the desk before she stood up and walked in the back.

"Not on my watch," Spider-Man replied as he closed his eyes and the symbiote helped Spidey camouflage his suit. He exited the vent, dropped down to the floor, and web zipped towards the back door. Lila looked over her shoulder as she took a pair of scissors and found the box with Marinette's dress. Spider-Man was hiding in the shadows but he took out his phone and began to record Lila as she opened the box.

"Time for a makeover Marinette," Lila replied with an evil smirk. As she picked up the dress and was about to cut it with the scissors, a tendrill spun around his wrist with the scissors dropping them to the floor. Lila then gasped as the figure emerged from the shadows was Spider-Man but he was hulked up and the white spider was missing. The symbiote then grabbed Lila by the throat.

"You try doing that again, in fact you do anything to hurt Marinette and we will find you...And eat both your arms and then both of your legs and then we will eat your face right off your head do you understand?" The symbiote then realized it wasn't going to eat her and then cleared it's throat. "Marinette is the finest jewel in all of Paris, when the moon shines on her hair it lets out an aura that leaves you breathless. Her blue eyes sparkle so bright, you can gaze into them all night. You on the other hand are a turd in the feel me?"

Peter was trying so hard to control his laughter, while Lila was was turning red and getting a little angry. But then then symbiote tightened it's grip. "Your first and final warning, leave her alone...otherwise," The symbiote then hears the door to the shop open and he places Lila on the ceiling and webs her up along with her mouth. The symbiote then webs up Lila's eyes blocking her vision so that it gave Spider-Man time to repack the box and the dress so that Tom was ready to pick it up. Spider-Man placed the box next to the door and crawled up the ceiling into the vents. Once Spider-Man was outside on the opposite roof the symbiote dispersed and returned to the shard.

"The finest jewel in Paris huh?" Spider-Man thought to himself. "Didn't think symbiotes would be romantic." His chain of thought was interrupted when he saw Iron Man fly towards the Dupain-Cheng residence. Spider-Man then followed close behind and landed on a rooftop after trailing him. He peaked over and saw Tony out of his Iron Man suit handing Sabine the letter.

To be continued...
Miraculous Spider-Man like father like son EP 8
I know what some of your are thinking...nooo! Adrien can't end it like this...not with a letter. Also I was inspired by the movie venom as a way for spidey to get payback against Lila.
Tom,Sabine,Marinette and Peter were gathered around the living room table ready to have a conversation. This day was full of secrets being revealed; Hawkmoth was exposed as Gabriel Agreste, so Sabine and Tom knew that after watching it on TV. But what really bothered them was their daughter was hiding something; was it a secret romance with Spider-Man...or something else? They knew something was up with their daughter, but now it seems it has reached a boiling point, and they've had enough.

"Marinette, your mom and I are really started to get worried. I know it was four months ago that you were Akumatized and you weren't...yourself since then," Tom said. "But C'mon Marinnette this has to stop the secrecy, the excuses...the lies it has to end!" 

Marinette stood motionless at the words her father said to her. She didn't know what to do next. But then she felt a touch on her shoulder and looked to see Peter nodding in agreement. Marinette sighed and turned to face her parents. She then took out her purse and pulled out a magic box.

"Marinette, what is that?" Sabine asked.

"The answers you're looking for. Tikki, come out." Marinette replied and soon the little bug Kwami appeared and she gasped when she saw Sabine and Tom with their jaws open.

"Marinette What are you doing? Your identity needs to be kept..." Tikki begged her. 

"Please Tikki...let me do this..." 


"Mom...Dad...I'm Ladybug," Marinette replied turning to face them. "I've Ladybug for the last few years...the same time Peter has been Spider-Man."

"I don't know what to say..." Sabine said in shock.

" could..." Tom replied in disbelief. “Do you have any idea how worried you’ve made me and your...”

"Don't you see?! I didn't ask for this! Becoming Ladybug...all those excuses and secrecy! I never wanted it! But Tikki said I was the chosen one...Said I was destined to save the world. I mean sure I've done some good, but that doesn't mean I was always happy, especially not telling you about her." Marinette replied her voice cracking. "There are days I just didn't want to do it anymore." 

Peter bowed his head and turned to face her parents who were left stunned by what Marinette had said. He then raised his head and chimed in "Your daughter is the bravest and kindest person I've ever known, in fact...she's a lot like me. I know what she's going through. She's a hero and a hero is someone who never gives up, even when things are bad. I'm not gonna give up, and neither should you Marinette."

Sabine and tom were so touched by what Peter had said they all stood up from the couch and went to embrace Marinette while Peter stood to the side. Soon Tom Sabine and Marinette were all crying because of the emotional baggage. 

"Marinette...We're so proud of you!" Tom chimed in. 

"We always knew you were special. Please...don't stop fighting for Paris." Sabine said as the three continued their group hug. Peter was also touched that even small tears appeared underneath his eyes. He then saw Tikki float next to him as they continued to watch Marinette and her family finally back together. Soon Tom and Sabine separated from Marinette and saw Peter and Tikki. Tom then walked up to Peter and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you peter, for believing in my daughter," Tom said leaving Peter stunned. He then turned to Marinette and waved his hand telling her to come to him. "You two...are really good friends. Marinette is lucky to have you in her life."

"Um, thanks" Peter said rubbing his head in embarassment. "If it's not too much it alright that I ask Marinette to be my date for the post graduation dance at the Eiffel tower?"

Sabine Tom and Marinette were take aback. But Marinette smiled and replied, "How about you stay for dinner? We can talk more with them."

"Uh..." Then he felt his stomach growl and soon Tom and Sabine dashed to kitchen and pulled out random ingredients leaving peter dumbfounded. "I guess that’s a yes..."

Marinette giggled and grabbed peter by the arm as they walked to the table while her parents were preparing a French dish...steak and frites. Once they sat down, Tom had placed two plates and forks on the table while also shooting a glare at Peter.

"Now listen here Peter, you seem like a nice guy, but if you break my daughter's heart..." He warned, causing peter to sink in his chair.

"Dad!" Marinette chimed in, causing Tom to stare at his daughter. 

Tom then cleared his throat and said, "Did I say that? I meant to say...I know you won't break her heart."

Peter smiled and said, "You have my word tom. I won't break her heart that I promise you." Then Tom and Sabine sat down and they all began to eat their dinner. Once they finished eating, Peter got up and proceeded to walk towards the window. He then felt his Spider sense tingle.

"Heads up!" Tom said as he ‘accidentally’ pushed Marinette towards Peter. In a swift action, he turned and caught Marinette. But Tom and Sabine's jaw dropped not because of Peter's fast reflexes, but where Peter was placing his hand as he caught her.

"You okay Marinette?" Peter asked. She didn't say anything as her face turned red, and she looked down to see his hand accidentally holding her breast. 

"Uh Peter?" Marinette said, clearing her throat. 

"What?" Peter asked raising his eyebrows in confusion. But soon he looked down and saw where his hand was and turned bright red in. "Oh boy...uh help?"

Marinette then cried out, "Ow my ankle, I think I twisted it," she then winked at Peter who let out an awkward smile.

"Do you have a first aid kit?" Peter asked looking over Marinette.

"I think there's one in my room. Mom dad don't worry Peter will carry me." Marinette replied as Tom rubbed his head in embarrassment when Sabine stared up at him. They soon saw Peter carry Marinette up the stairs and soon they both smiled as Peter looked his shoulder and winked back at them.

"Alright sweet pea, let's get that ankle looked at," He said looking back at Marinette.

"Sweet pea?" Tom and Sabine said in confusion.

"Really?" Marinette groaned.

"What? Too dad-like? How about sugar bug?" Peter added.

"You have to earn the right to call me sugar bug," Marinette replied facing her head up.

"Oh C'mon!" Peter responded with a groan. He opened the door to Marinettes room, walked up and closed it behind them.

Once Peter helped Marinette up to her room her laid her down on the bed and sat down next to her.

"Well that was..."

"Akward? Maybe...but I think you convinced my dad that you won't break my heart. " She replied feeling her ankle and twitching in pain. "I think I might need that first aid kit." Marinette then gasped in surprise as Peter then spun a web and wrapped her ankle in a web-brace for her foot. 

"There. All better," He said as he finishing wrapping her ankle. "Listen Marinette, If you don't want to go the dance w