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Watercolor brushes

ENGLISH: If you use my brushes inserert the credits with link to my profile on DeviantArt and (optional) add in your fav.

Thanks, Neveryph.

ITALIANO: Se usi i miei pennelli inserisci i credits con un link al mio profilo su DeviantArt e aggiungi (opzionale) nei tuoi fav.

Grazie, Neveryph.
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Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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I used your stock here:

Thanks a lot
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Sei italiano? *-*
Grazie dei pennelli, sono bellissimi *^*

- thank you for the brushes, they're amazing!
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Downloaded it! Thank you very much, I'll credit you in my later art!
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wow this really looks cool.^^
If I use your brush I am to insert credits to your linked profile on DeviantArt ???

When you offer a free "anything" and the download file is a PDF zip in which I need to jump through another hoop to convert your file which is a CRC --- MAYBE with your low level degree of intelligence, you should consider another vocation !!!

AND you walk among us ???
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If something is free does not mean you can pretend to be yours, if you do not want to put the credits for the thanks of resource simply does not use what I offer.
They also are not the 'only person using this system, I offer free resources but I would like to be thanked and recognized as an author, it is also about education and appreciation of others' work.
Also on DA there are different ways to license, before commenting on stupid person, take a tour.

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