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~Manamaraya ( : Hey guys, what's happening? We've been uber busy with work and school--and thus haven't had any time to really post anything here for a while! Forgive us ; w; But with the holidays just around the corner, work--at least for me (can't say the same for poor Sean) is starting to simmer down as the semester starts to near its' end. Anyways, I figured it was about time to show some form of life. Unfortunately, I can't show you much more than this, but as always, there's the promise that more will soon come! Larger size: Hopefully that finished first panel is enou
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:thumb64057093: ~Manamaraya ( Suckas! First panel on it's way to colordom! Now lets pray Mana doesn't completely KILL eet. D: NO MO UPDATES UNTILL WHOLE PAGE IS DONE. Enjoy :] Tip from the Inner City: When traveling around the downtown city center, be sure to keep an eye out for any insignias that may be easily passed off as graffiti. These may be symbols reminding you of who's territory you're crossing into. Different things can happen in different territories, so keep on your toes. Any of you lucids and dreamers would be wise to respect the rules held by the Matriarch/Patriarch watching over the sidewalk you may be standing on.
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~Manamaraya ( Hai guys! :thumb63703447: this it is! These are the actuall blue lines to be inked for the first panel. "But Maaannaaaaa, after so long waiting, we only get the first paaanel!?" YES >:U just have a look, and see the kind of detail that will be put into our work. Like I said before, we really want to do a good job of this comic. No small detail will be left out. ...Unless it looks better without. Watching Sean doing the blue lines alone for this makes me squirm. I don't know how a man can have such patience with a pencil and a ruler. Watching him start to ink even worse D: srsly. I'm so glad he's doing the linear
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beautiful gallery <3
Lemme get a sneak peek, i won't tell anyone, i pinky promise ^.^;
Ah well I know it was you again Mana but still thanks for the :+fav:

Seriously looking forward to seeing the completion this project.
love the concept and the design...kudos!
Oh wow. That's amazing. We live in the exact same city. Although I moved to Didsbury just a few months ago, still really damn close.

Anyways, love the stuff here.
i'm sorry (and lazy) but where can i read Nevers? it looks interesting and i definatly want to at least LOOK at it.