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6-pack abstract renders

6 renders i had laying around, a few have transparent textures and are all in alpha channel so there is no need for cutting.

Sizes- all are 1500x1500 or larger, about 70 megs unzipped, 9 megs zipped all are targa.

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tnx for sharing
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3Q for sharing this. I love it !! <3<3
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take them with me and favorite it thanks!
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Thank you NeverMindNinpo ^^
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Duster Amaranth©
Used your Renders in this
Deviation thank you
you are in my Description
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Awesome, the 4th one is exelent. Thanks^^

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These are amazing, I've used transparent tech [link] and dragon [link]

Thanks so much!
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What program are these for. I have Photoshop CS, but I dont know it these are for C4D or PSP or what???
lol thay can be used with anything they are a picture
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4th and 5th <3

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Ohhh you used them site says its not there :O
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Hmm... with a few minor tweak, I've used this to create a rather nice frontend for my site. Hope you don't mind. I figured you wouldn't, since these are in the 'resources' section, but I thought I'd ask anyways. I can take 'em down if it bothers you.

[link] <-- See?


[link] <-- Ick. That's what your beautiful renders allowed me to fix.
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They all look great, especially that 4th one. I've never been able to use renders before, simply because I never knew how, so thank you for putting such nice ones up for use.
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not really my cup of tea, but there cool
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@_@ can i just steal the first n last from u?
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