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I'm wanting to check here on something. I have someone who is interested in adopting one of my Guumi that I'm selling on Does the new owner need to contact you in regards to transferring ownership or do I need to once the transfer is done on

I plan check the new owner has a deviant art account (if they don't I'll tell them to go ahead and make one cause it will help with keeping track of the ownership for the Guumi) and link the them to this group and mention the discord channel to them as well.

The new owner doesn't need to do anything, but you should comment on here following the format

Is there a link to the full masterlist for me to try and find it? the new owner has put the profile on as private or something, I can't see it to get the masterlist link from it. I did message them asking them to send the masterlist link for me to update the transfer on here but Idk when they will respond.

Hi, I’m the user that’s getting the Guumi! My TH is kikos

Just replying for proof~

Hi, how do I update the ownership log on a Gummi?

The gummi masterlist number is: Guumi #1985

I got them in a trade from @/Whixy in April and have just traded them to a TH user who doesn't have a deviantart account. Here is a copy of Guumi’s TH ownership log as proof of the ownership changes ->

Guumi #1985

Please let me know what I need to do.

Could you please send me link to the ML entry and the toyhouse entry? I'll go ahead and update the ownership for you for this one since I know Whixy is a legitimate owner C: