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The Shuttle

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Credits by desrever
distorteddoll-stock.deviantart… by DistortedDoll-Stock
mind-illusi0nz-stock.deviantar… by Mind-Illusi0nZ-Stock by asifthebes
glamourousacid-stock.deviantar… by GlamourousAcid by Scully7491 by spekulator

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© Daniel Bérard
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<img src=""> 
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The astronaut didn't even have time to scream as a massive hole ripped through his e.v.a. suit, his bloody body tumbling backwards from the open hatch, droplets of crimson liquid floated and coalesced into each other in the exposed zero g environment
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Woah. Freaky. 😮
neverdying's avatar
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Log 74.9 - Last Log : "I--it's.... l-l-loose...."
InfiniteRespect's avatar
Wow, what happened here?
Killer746's avatar
OW, where did there chest go
neverdying's avatar
everywhere I guess ;)
FlashOsamuFox's avatar
Dammit, stop releasing my pet rock crabs from their cage! That's how apollo 18 went wrong.
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Thehaloguy3222's avatar
I meant my god I love how u make the drawings look different from the far but when u look closely it changes ur ausome
neverdying's avatar
thank you very much I appreciate your comment :)
Thehaloguy3222's avatar
Ur welcome just keep putting amazing masterpieces:D
neverdying's avatar
hehe I will thanks again :D
Thehaloguy3222's avatar
Later I have to go to school
Thehaloguy3222's avatar
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Columbia II.

I think it fits.
neverdying's avatar
TheZenGuy's avatar
and i think someone let the moonrock aliens from apollo 18 on board.
neverdying's avatar
that would be me :P
TheZenGuy's avatar
lolz. NASA must have remebered the lost of Apollo 18, so they send the Columbia II and then the delirict Command module crashes into the shuttle then spreads about 1000 moon rock aliens out.
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