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Of Unknown Origin

By neverdying
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Credits by CULAter-stock by Kristkindl (used with permission)… by Jackie Skeate (used with permission) by saadi-maan (used with permission) by mzacha (used with permission)

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© Daniel Bérard
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© 2011 - 2021 neverdying
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I really love this piece i do. Great ideas, i love the post apocalyptic feel and you really have great continuity throughout your peice.... except for one thing. The one element that turns what i would say is a great photosmash, is the Adobe Lens Flare.

The adobe lens flare is the most overused element in the world. And it is iconic of your first steps with adobe programs, it is the first thing that you thought was cool, when you made a picture and added the 'sun' into it. The problem is that if you look anywhere today, people are just abusing that poor thing all day! It is in my opinion one of the worst things you can ever add to a photo, because of its abuse, and how TERRILE it really is.

Lets be honest, you could have made you own. And to be more honest, you really should! I mean for one the element is just wrong, i mean the base of the flare is pink and sharp, yet the mountains in the same location are foggy and blurry, and washed out? The main hub of the element should either fit to your color scheme, or (if you want it to contrast) should be producing more glow, less sharp and fit in in with DOF you have set. Now as for the wonderful circles it creates...... Seriously just make you own, get creative mix mash, use Video Copilot's Lens Flare plug in for all i care.

To be honest i think it is a great peice, but ruined with the most uncreative and most boring eye sore elements in the world. You have shown great creativity in your design by blending elements into your own beautiful scene, but the lens flare needs to replaced, and modified to be more of an omniscient glow feel, to match the back part of your image.

BOSTL Out <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Is that "buzludja" monument?!

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Bad as hell. Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from THE THING.
Inspiring work, very good, says a story
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Your work has been featured here:… :)
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Reminds a Prometheus. Wonderful
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Once again! Stunning! I have featured this picture as well! <333 [link]
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Stunning work: You have been featured: [link]
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Congrats Bro you deserved :iconclaplaplz:
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Great photomanipulation and F/X :+fav:
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Thank much appreciated!
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Awesome manipulation and great light! :)
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Thanks man, I appreciate it :D
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Excellent work!! :)
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Very welcome!! :)
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