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Last Strike

By neverdying
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So I’ve been working on this for a while. In fact it started back in 2013 as a failed attempt at sci-fi. Years later with the proper stocks, I now present you a clearer vision. Working from a different POV was fun and challenging. This image also serve as some kind of follow up to my artwork “First Strike”. Thanks for looking!

First Strike by neverdying

Dedicated to my friend :iconsandra-cristhina: because she prefer when I do sci-fi works ;) :hug:

Stocks Pexels (Deva Darshan, Thiago Japyassu, Oliver Sjöström, Mariusz Prusaczyk) Pixabay (StockSnap, PublicCo, WikiImages, ollivves) DepositPhotos

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ReyeD33's avatar
Powerful use of perspective to make an already action packed scene seem even more awesome :D
Great work mate :thumbsup:
Rowye's avatar
Ahhh this is awesome!! One of the most original works I've seen in a while, I love the perspective you chose here, must've been hard to make. :D
Wesley-Souza's avatar
Very interesting perspective :clap: great scene and details :love:
neverdying's avatar
Thanks Wesley, glad you like it :nod:
neverdying's avatar
pjenz's avatar
its really beautifully done, a bit different from what I am used to seeing from you, and I sooo love it! I love the perspective and the colors and the action, great job :heart:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
That's pretty awesome dude! that perspective is really unique, and the colors are gorgeous!
neverdying's avatar
Thanks a lot Erik! Unique idk, there's tons of games from that POV but I guess not so much in manips ;)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
haha, yeah, if you look across all media it's a different matter. But among manips it is unique for sure! Imo that's partly due to the fact that perspectives like this one are so challenging to pull off in a manip. Kudos!
theAllex's avatar
Let's talk that angle for a moment. This is what photomanipulation is really about, creating something unexpected from most ordinary stuff. So beautifully done, Dan!
neverdying's avatar
Thanks for the kind words my friend, much appreciated :thumbsup: :nod:
SilEnigmaArts's avatar
Mind boggling perspective but genius in the execution Dan.  Great work !! :clap::clap:
neverdying's avatar
Thank you Karla! :heart: The format and point of view sure is a bit unusual. Was experimenting ;)
panjoool's avatar
look so awesome Dan, you create a view from a perspective that is very rarely made and I like it, if I rotate it I like remembering my childhood when I play video games lol. Very impressive and creative:dance::clap:
neverdying's avatar
Thank you Panji, I'm glad you like it! And yes it does reminds of old video games :) :dance:
DraakeT's avatar
I like old Arcade style games art so is easy for me appreciate this. The only part i don't like is the bottom part because i don't know what is? Yes of course i can imagine it could be a sort of cockpit or a missile.....In any case it interrupt the vision of the beautiful scene on the middle-top....and for me its a sin!

About Top view/Aerial view.....i have a personal and well precise thought about this topic. Personally i think this topic is limited...closed!! I try to explain it!

Ok today i want create a work with this POV about Egypt. I get the sand + palms image ----->… // I add some pyramid… I could add also some camel or water pond (oasis) and also some clouds because there are many of these "bird view" images.....and the work would be finished and not because there aren't others images but because this specific POV don't offer the same freedom of a "side" view where virtually you can add infinite things.
To describe my thought much better i want show you this image ------>… say me how many elements you can add!!! but in this case we have also another issue..if you add elements here we will create only visual confusion......a mess!

About models of course we can't see detailed expressions or various type of detailed interactions..but we can see only their head ---->… or in alternative we can use something like this ------>… and in any case with a bit of creativity we can use similar images ---> Hoop Stock 4 - Y
always of course we must use the creativity to discover elements photographated from above --------->…
also using texture to simulate crack on the ground ----> Cracked Texture 
or to simulate mountains -------> Wood Texture
or to simulate forest -----> RPG Map Elements 57
or to simulate volcanoes or mountains -----> Round windows bark texture
or to simulate river or lakes abstract experimental - 004
or to simulate clouds Grunge texture .Stock 1. but in any case there are many images with clouds with the specific perspective useful for us Stock 4.
or to simulate some alien ground Texture - Earth - 1004 and adding some light to create some UFO with something like this ------> UFO we could create some alien battle...something similar to this -----> Crashdive
well in few words as i wrote to begin....very arcade style..adding explosion, laser etcc...all things very easy to be added in. Of course to build ufo, ship etcc... around there are tons and tons of elements and i show again this link for
practicality… Of course i know...........this require lot of experience and also creativity. Personally to build an UFO with this specific POV i could use a shape on the ground… :pat:
I could write for hours but i think its enough

Said all this, im not saying this type of POV is not interesting!!!! Im only saying as i wrote to the begin.... its limited and closed / few expandible! and for this reason im not fan about this. If in my last work i added 205 elements/details....i can't do the same in a work like this where i can add at few elements....yes i can add many special effects but the thing don't change!!! I simply love manipulate with many details in my dear regular pov. :D

Aerial-photography today is exploded....thanks the use of DRONES... and there are people specialized in are infinite images and as I showed before we can also add or create something from zero using specific elements + texture!!
I don't know if with my engl i explained good. :D

of course using ancient could create some end level boss using a crab and stock relative crab (you know) are really common Crab 4
neverdying's avatar
Ah yes it does reminds of arcades and top view games. It's all about trying different things I guess, this is the first time I'm doing a POV from the top. For sure you won't see the same details than in a standard POV, but I don't think it's limited, you just work differently, working on details you wouldn't normally. There's still a good amount of photos used in this, but of course this is nothing compared to your work (in fact I don't think I have one work using as much stocks photos as you do lol). Aerial photography may be doing better now with drones for landscapes, but it still took me hours to find the right stocks for many other things/objects. Stock artists tend to take photos from face and sides of an object, rarely from the top, which is normal. Anyway it was a challenge for me, it's done and I can move on to the next! ;) Thanks for your input on this Luke! :thumbsup:
DraakeT's avatar
Limited  to say, we can use a limited number of images to describe a scene, due to the type of POV. This don't means the scene will be few interesting! I didn't said, a manip is good if you use 205 images :D I said i could not describe a scene like for example my last work, using the same number of resources to describe the relative scene as i want and i don't like this aspect and this is normal because it is a different style!!! and  this don't means i don't like this topic! i simply, im not fan about it, for this obvious limitation of this style.
We are of course free to add many special effects of each type.
Im talking about this extreme top view......because you know, to avoid this limitation genious people had introduced new POV.....i suppose you know Starcraft or Warcraft.
Personally i saw many images on those stock links, following also chains links of various authors and i saw also artists with galleries full of these specific images. the keywords to be used are differents: eagle view (because you know, there are people use eagles like drones...and this expand the variety of images), satellite view, bird view,…
space view....Nasa offer many images like this…

and yesterday in 20 minutes i discovered tons of images......thanks those stock links.
I had used the word infinite images....but of course there is nothing of infinite in this word :D but there are tons of images stock ready to be used with this type of POV. Rocks, lava, clouds and others ton of example are pratically "infinite". I showed only some little example by the use of few words we can create all type of ground we want.. Im writing all this, also for those people don't know all this and would like try this type of work. (in general, rarely i write informations only for the author, but above all for people with few experience. i do this only if the topic is enough interesting for me)
To conclude if in the future you will experiment other versions of this pov.....visually funny like this work, i will see them with pleasure. Also something about some galactic battle.
Rocks Texture by ALP-Stock Playground Sand texture by TheSilentNight
neverdying's avatar
Hehe I understand. And yes there is some resources available, I'm just saying that there's less stocks for this kind of POV than a more usual front POV. I used keywords like aerial, top view, bird eye, but didn't thought about eagle view! 

I do prefer a true top POV of a game like the original Grand Theft Auto, than an isometric POV like Starcraft, but that's just me I guess :D
DraakeT's avatar
This topic is really articulated!! haha
Yes for sure here on DA I don't know regular galleries full of images with this specific POV.
There is a question! Has sense, have tons of these specific images? and above all, all topics: prehistory, medieval, Japan... would be interesting in a pure top view?
If i want create a prehistoric topic with relative animals.....Could i use every type of animal? If i see this image in Iso ------>… my eyes recognize the type of beast.....but if we change it in Top view the things changes....and from distance, this same beast could be a beautiful rock!! 
check this other image -----> 2 by DraakeT What type of prehistoric beast is it? :D If you doing to your self the same question, this means that if i create a work like this, the work would be failed.....! It is a raptor but this view of course don't let us to see the details. For this reason my original question!! Would be usefull have 1000 galleries, with 1000 prehistoric images like this raptor? I don't know for you, but for me no! :D
Ok, now we exclude for a moment all types of create a primeval enviroment.....Would be able to recognize a primeval enviroment by a regular forest? The answer is no because the top view, like the previous raptor block details! The only way to create an illusion of primeval forest.....would be that to add on the scenario some fossil in the scene.....of course or with a top view Seymouria Fossil Amphibian by Rhabwar-Troll-stock .....or with a side view Carcharodontosaurus stock by Rhabwar-Troll-stock    but the videogame industry answer to us fully. They indeed use isometric view because the only able to give us complete details

To conclude we are limited in many ways and we can create only specific things. To create enviroments there is a great choose thanks above all textures or thanks the use of particular images...and only here on DA textures are an avalanche!
and so we can create so many things but little.... Sand + palms + pyramid + some broken jeep near an oasy + some human skeleton (+ some other extra fossil) + some treasure + some cloud and the image is done.
With this your show a topic where this top view take a great breath, indeed it's offer also visual action...thanks the details of naval battleships and military aircraft perfectly recognizable from the top.....of course with the action created by the various explosions etc...In this sense pixelsquid help......because you know, you can rotate images with the pointer of the mouse ------->…
Well with a bit a creativity people can create many some sea battle war......using various elements:
Sea mines:…
or sharks used like extra detail:

If you are lazy like a panda the user can create tons of works using a specific enviroment of nature like this personal quick creation Untitled-1 by DraakeT ------> using the sea from pexels ----->… + the eagle + boat both from pixelsquid!…

wow for me has been so boring create a thing like this buhhaha!!! You can imagine i hate, (in the regular view) create the model pasted on the background, so i could die to paste the eagle on a forest haha But there are people love do this and so its ok. Not all have the same tastes.

neverdying's avatar
LOL your replies are as long as your art :D

I agree with you 100%, we do see more details in isometric or in a regular POV, that's for sure. I just enjoy top view as well. And that beast is a beautiful rock indeed! ;) 

First time I hear about pixelsquid! Of course anyone can just drop pre cut items on a premade background, in any POV, that's just lazy.

And wow that last image, tons of potential!! :XD:
DraakeT's avatar

Also in photography someone like create this style
Dream by thefirebomb    Help yourself by thefirebomb
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These are very interesting and well made! :nod:
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