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Friday the 13th: The Early Chapters - wallpaper

By neverdying

Now offering this Friday the 13th fan art as a wallpaper (1920x1080). Just click on the download button on the right and enjoy!

**This image may be available to buy. Contact me for more info.**

Please respect copyrights

This is a teaser for a fake Friday the 13th tv series. This is a re-imagination of the original story. I think a darker series like The Walking Dead could be interesting - here with a younger Jason.

Dedicated to my dear :iconsandra-cristhina: because I know she loves him so much! :fear: ;)

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It's funny. People always draw Jason with a Chainsaw, but he has NEVER used one in any of the movies. Not a complaint, just some trivia. :D (Big Grin) 
neverdying's avatar
I know, but many would like to see him with a chainsaw, I'm sure he would kill it! ;)
Screwtail115's avatar
Like, He would rev it up, then just Impale the victim with the spinning end, and then stick them to a wall.
...I'd watch it

SharkNight04's avatar
Amazing! LoveGreat job with Jason... Clap Nuu Woohooooo! :squee:  Where you get the stock image? 
You can answer me by note.Hi! 
neverdying's avatar
Thanks a lot! I bought the stock from Don't have the exact link but shouldn't be too hard to find I guess :)
Jdueler11's avatar
In my early years, I'd always imagine Jason's primary weapon to be a chainsaw.
neverdying's avatar
He should use chainsaws from time to time, everyone can use them, not just Leatherface :P
cjs0216's avatar
This is a great idea. It'd be nice to see character development for Jason, sort of see what kind of mental state seeing his Mom die, as well as the extreme isolation, put him in. The only nit pick I have is that he has his mask on, although I understand why you put it on him. Great piece.
neverdying's avatar
Thanks! Yeah I guess I could have put the potato sack from the sequel, but it maybe look too much like the killer in the Town That Dreaded Sundown. I think the iconic hockey mask was the way to go. :)
thedarkinght's avatar
I wood love to watch this if it was real
neverdying's avatar
WerewolfNightmare101's avatar
Great job with Jason and the background!

I would like to see another one with this, but instead of a Chainsaw.... he has his machete
neverdying's avatar
Thanks a lot, yeah maybe, but I always wanted Jason to borrow Leatherface's weapon of choice :P
NonnyFox's avatar
The house in the background reminded of the house in the background of original artwork for Alone in the Dark (horror movie from the early 80s) Sadly the DVD reissue doesn't have this far better cover art… This cover art takes me back to when I was a kid, saw it in a video rental store back then.
neverdying's avatar
oh yes, I agree the house does look similar! And yes, most of the dvds don't have their superiors VHS cover arts!
NonnyFox's avatar
Just saw this in friday the 13th film franchise site. I had to seek it out right away and comment on it. Just awesome, right up there with 80s horror movie promo posters and VHS horror movie sleeve art.
neverdying's avatar
Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know my work was featured on this site! Oh and thank you very much for your comment, means a lot! :)
NonnyFox's avatar
Of the horror movie icons Jason Voorhees has the coolness factor to me. I have most of the movies on DVD, two Friday the 13th books, the His Name was Jason two DVD documentary and a replica Jason Hockey mask from part 3.

Now that I think about it this is where Paramount should take the new Friday the 13th movie. Make it Friday the 13th 1 1/2 that could take place after part 1 and before part 2.
neverdying's avatar
:thumbsup: I own all of the Friday the 13th dvds (individual releases + the boxset) and some of the blu-ray editions as well. Also own His Name was Jason documentary and a jason mask replica from Freddy vs Jason. :)
NonnyFox's avatar
Oh yeah, I also have Freddy vs Jason, I was rooting for Jason.
neverdying's avatar
I was rooting for Jason too!
nightmarestrashcan's avatar
great work, i hope one day jason does use a chainsaw. it has alway been apart of his image even though its never been done, funny how stuff like that happens. anyways i really enjoy this. keep it up
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