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Evil Dead

By neverdying
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It's been a while since I made a movie poster. This is a fan art poster about Evil Dead in a retro style. Have you seen the remake? It's not bad, but I still prefer the original.

Credits stocklove DepositPhotos CG Textures
All stocks photos except for the Evil Dead logo that is the proprety of FilmDistrict, Ghost House Pictures and TriStar Pictures.

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This pic made me sign up for this page! I would love to have it as a desktop wallpaper - looks amazing!
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Thanks for the comment! I guess the portrait format would be problematic for a landscape wallpaper though.
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 Linda- "Hey, Ash! I guessed the card right!"

"yeah..truly amazing"
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Absolutely amazing man!
awsomeartist01's avatar
I remember when I first watched this three years ago in 2013, it was bomb and is one of my favorite horror films.
coveredinspiders's avatar
Wow creepy poster, I love it!

My Evil Dead Drawing:…
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Thanks a lot! Great drawing btw!
"Book of the dead, pages bound in human flesh
Feasting the beast, rom the blood the words were said
I am unseen, dreamt the sacred passage aloud
Trapped in a dream, of the necronomicon

Seven Lords of an evil and fatal force
Levitate through the secret and ancient doors
Unbegun remenating bizarre
Swept away to the castle of Kantar

Seeking the tomb, tried to possess
Immortal sleep, visions of death
Drank of the blood, water of life
Splendorous son, show me the sign
You are dead
Blanketing fear, unknown to man
Demons appear, death they command

Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead, by, Dawn
Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead, by, Dawn
Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead, by, Dawn
Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead by Dawn, Dead, by, Dawn!"

-Lyrics from "Dead by Dawn" by Deicide… (I should also note that the song is based off the Evil Dead movies)
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Great song and great movie!
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"Why have you disturbed our sleep? Awakened from our ancient slumber?! You will die, like the other ones before you! One By One we will take You!!"
-Possessed Cheryl The Evil Dead 1981 :D :iconevildeadplz:
neverdying's avatar
My fav movie of the series!
angeliqueguy46's avatar
I hope to see the new tv show that's coming up :D
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I haven't watched it. I remember reading that it was made under the watchful eye of Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell.
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Yes it was, and it shows :)
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I'm curious as to what font did you use? Evil Dead Font?
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Thanks! No font, I used the Evil Dead remake logo.
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Oh okay. It looks amazing. It's too bad that font isn't somewhere on this earth. It's awesome. Ha ha.
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Actually I disagree. The remake is one of the best horror movies in a long time.
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I didn't say it was bad, it was actually one of the best remakes out there.
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thanks, much appreciated!
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