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DragonForce Artwork

By neverdying
Back in 2006 I sold an artwork to DragonForce which became part of the cover of the Inhuman Rampage album. It was also used as a giant stage banner, onto their website and for other promotional tools. Here's a little souvenir that I got from them, a signed album from all band members. Good times!…

Original artwork
Dragonforce by neverdying

Another DragonForce artwork
Dragonforce III by neverdying

Other album covers
AEVA album concept by neverdyingReborn to ashes - new album by neverdyingSmelly Pedros - Album cover by neverdying

Album cover by Chie Kimoto, Daniel Bérard and Herman Li
© DragonForce
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© 2013 - 2021 neverdying
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Either way, any chance you could post THIS version in high resolution? This one seems different from the ones you can find online, there's white background on the countdown timer here, I like this one more personally.
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Sorry it's been more than 10 years since I made this, I only have the final album as pictured, DragonForce owns the files. Also they are the ones who put the countdown timer onto my art.
Oh well. Can you still post the raw files? Anything you have? It would be interesting to see.
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I cant belive it.. youre the one who made the IR album cover? that my favorite album ever. dude youre awesome.
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Hey thanks a lot! :)
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I saw this art a while ago, and now that I know you made it, I just want to say you did an awesome job! :D
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hehe thanks, I'm glad you like it :D
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that is frikkin awesome!
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Hey thanks a lot!
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Nice as always dear congratulations :P
neverdying's avatar
Thank you dear :P
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wow that's amazing :love::hug: 
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I know right? haha thanks dear :hug:
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Excellent job Dan, very professional !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Thank you very much Dani :dance:
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You mean studioforce?
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Studio will always be better
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:icontuxfellaplz:     Good Work!!! Nice PRESENTATION TOO!!
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