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Call of Duty

By neverdying
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Photo manip about the (maybe upcoming) movie, Call of Duty. The names and quote comes from Modern Warfare 2.

Credits by Vangel_PL… by night-fate-stock

© Daniel Bérard
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call of duty for life Call of Duty by neverdying  
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Hell of a job on this. :callofduty: 
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This is me...I know it.
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I used to play CoD back then it was fun not until the old infinity ward team got fired and replaced by devs who copy and pastes every idea based on other videogames. I'm sorry CoD you were a great game. #ripCoD
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Yeah me too, it's been a while since I played a CoD game.
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I'm really concerned about the franchise, because of activisions' greediness not only did they ruin our beloved video game franchises but they also ruined the fun in it. I'm hoping that the old infinity ward team would reunite once again and take back what's theirs.
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lance henriksen?
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these are the actors that voiced Modern Warfare 2. I needed names to put on the image lol
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hell i would see it
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yeah could be interesting
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Call of Duty.


R.Lee Ermey as Sandman.

Idris Elba as Truck.

Vincent D'onofrio as Fatbody.

Gary Oldman as Victor Reznov.

And Liam Neeson as Zakhaev.
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Great cast for sure!
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Directed by Michael Bay
motherfucking money!!
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Looks Pretty hardcore But i'm not sure if that gun is an m60 or an mg3 (maybe its not either of those two).
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DDDDDAAAAAAMMMMMM best art iv seen yet :D
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