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I know the card read "10/6"... or it was supposed to, but I SWEAR the numerator looked like 70. Even considering it was written in script. Divide it out and that's a difference of ten. TEN. Or at least 60 shillings at the time. And then some wannabe was running around in a Disney costume sporting a "40/7"...(WHY!? Details, details, I know, but  this is severely irritating! I suppose it was inevitable.)

Numbers aside, not bad. Enjoyable, actually. It outlines the story of her second trip to "Underland" (?). Details from Carroll's works (including poetry as well) were incorporated as easter eggs, though it led to some questionable mixtures. I can only imagine the brainstorming process for this movie. "Oooh I've got it! Alice the champion slays the Jabberwocky!" Ummmm... ok. Let's throw a Bandersnatch in there while we're at it.

If it were not Burton's, I imagine it would fade into obscurity rather quickly, but maybe that's just me being hopeful- something tells me the sorority girls in the front row will make it last much, much longer.

Another classic, lost to Hollywood.


United States


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wild-yak Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2009
thanks for the favs!
NewRhythm Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009   Photographer
How'd you find me?!
How excited I am!!
((watches you back))

I am going to try to refresh my gallery. Everything sucks right now. Ready....GO!
neverbeentocuba Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Hey hey!! Oh, I dunno. I'm just an omniscient all-powerful Deviant Stalker with virtual x-ray vision and unbelievably uncanny location sensing abilities. (Or maybe I saw that Bethany was watching you and recognized your ID picture :D) I like your new one by the way. Hmm... perhaps tis something I shall have to add to my To Do list-- 'get ID' lol
NewRhythm Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009   Photographer
Lol, you are a sly one!!
I just realized that I have a link on my facebook, too, haha!
I'm glad you like my ID! It's been ages since I changed anything on here, so I decided to just do it and start fresh!
Put it on top priority!! Go go go!
Oh, and I read your journal about the juice box. It made me sad.
neverbeentocuba Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
Very nice. So far so good! I want to try to do the same, spruce things up a bit, be actively deviant... I mean, an active deviant...
Or maybe both. :mwahaha: :P
Yea, it was one of those days when you can see the world in a spec of dust. Or, in that case, a juice box haha.
I wonder... what size is a deviant ID supposed to be?
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Dracawyn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009  Professional Writer
Dracawyn Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009  Professional Writer
You guys are freaking amazing. Love isn't a strong enough word but the best my muddled brain can think to say right now is:
I love you.
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