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Skulduggery <33 It took only about 3-4 hours, which is a miracle. I'm never happy with my drawings and that's why they take about 7-20 hours and sometimes I draw one picture every day for years. :D But this is okay. :) Sorry, camera ruined the quality and the face looks longer than it is in the original drawing... (I want a damn skanner!)
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This drawing... It's the essence of awesomeness! Made my day!
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WOW... I cannot draw like THIS. How do u draw the fire?
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:O! i want to draw like that it's not fair :(
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AWESOME Picture :D I like how you've done the shading and the flame :)
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that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think ths is one of the best drawings of him yet!!!
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Thank you very much! You have no idea how much that means to me ^^
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No probz imma huge fan of Skulduggery and i was really disapointed that there were no really awesome draws of him then i saw yours so thankYOU!!!
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OH MY GOD, IS THAT SIRIUS BLACK IN YOUR ICON?!? :iconsiriusblackplz: Love him so much :love:
Like this drawin' too :)
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ME TOO <3333 :D And thx :*
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that is sick! have you read the new book?
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Thanks! You mean the Mortal Coil? It hasn't came up in my mother tongue just yet, but I couldn't wait so I read the English version. :D
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sweet im from Australia
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That is so awesome
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Thanks :D


I solennly swear I'm up to no good.
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Amazing :O I LOVE IT~
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